Garment Factory for Uniforms, Dresses, Hats, Masks, Workwear In Ha Giang

The demand for uniform printing is increasing in Ha Giang, leading to the birth of processing workshops and uniform companies. However, in reality, not all units have good quality, reputable and affordable uniform printing services. So, to help businesses and organizations in Ha Giang have more good suggestions when in need – TopnList would like to send to the list of the most prestigious uniform printing factories in Ha Giang today.

The list of addresses for uniform machines in Ha Giang province is prestigious and cheap

1 DONY Sewing Workshop

With more than 30 years of experience in the profession - DONY we have become a supplier of uniforms trusted by many companies, factories, organizations, teams... nationwide in general and Ha Giang in particular. The factory accepts to print all kinds of uniforms: from clothes, dress skirt, face mask, hat come labor protective gear.

Address for printing uniforms in Ha Giang province
Dony accepts to print all kinds of uniforms: from clothes, dresses, masks, hats to workwear.

Good product quality, affordable prices and professional attitude are the motto that DONY is aiming for - these are also the factors that make up the brand of the garment factory.

Thanks to a team of skilled workers, experienced in processing Japanese exports, the uniform products made are standard in shape, the seams are beautiful and clean. Enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable fashion consultants help customers choose the most suitable uniforms.

- Sewing Workshop for Uniforms, Dresses, Hats, Masks, Workwear in Ha Giang

Besides, DONY garment factory also has many other advantages:

  • Public and transparent printing quotation. The factory does not go through intermediaries, customers will receive a preferential price at the factory, optimizing up to 20% of the cost.
  • Free design, sew samples and send nationwide.
  • Diverse uniform models, suitable for customers to choose.
  • Receive uniforms in large quantities (unlimited but minimum from 50 products or more).
  • Guaranteed door-to-door and on-time delivery across 63 provinces (including Ha Giang).
  • Good product warranty and return policy. If the uniform is not of good quality, DONY will refund 100%.

Minus point: The factory website only shows basic uniforms, so customers need to contact to receive exclusive designs from DONY.

- Sewing Workshop for Uniforms, Dresses, Hats, Masks, Workwear in Ha Giang

Contact information:

- Sewing Workshop for Uniforms, Dresses, Hats, Masks, Workwear in Ha Giang

2 Phuong Thao Sewing Workshop

Phuong Thao Garment Factory is a famous uniform supplier in Ha Giang. Currently, the factory is processing and printing uniforms for companies, schools, groups, etc., at the request of customers.

Coming to Phuong Thao, you can be assured of product quality because the uniforms are sewn by experienced workers and undergo strict inspection before delivery. The factory also offers preferential policies for customers.

  • Location: 2 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh Khai Ward, Ha Giang.

3 Duc Hiep Uniform Sewing Workshop

Duc Hiep Garment Factory has strengths in designing and sewing school uniforms, class groups, companies, hotels and restaurants. In addition to the available samples, the factory also supports customers in creating product design ideas and logos according to their needs.

Prestigious uniform factory in Ha Giang
Duc Hiep Uniform Sewing Workshop

Reasons to order uniforms at Duc Hiep:

  • The seam is precise, sturdy, the fabric is cool, and the color is durable.
  • Many beautiful designs, suitable for all ages.
  • Good price.
  • The factory already has uniform samples, logos of schools in the area, so customers will be more convenient when ordering (with orders to sew school uniforms).

Address: 357 Tran Phu (opposite the Ha Giang City Police Department), Ha Giang.

4 Mai Loan Uniform Sewing Workshop

Operating with the motto of prestige first - product quality first, Mai Loan garment factory deserves to be one of the leading school uniform suppliers in Ha Giang.

Address specializing in sewing school uniforms in Ha Giang
Address specializing in sewing school uniforms in Ha Giang


  • Closed sewing and printing process, skilled workers, ensure sewing products on schedule.
  • Good quality: cool fabric, stretchy easy to operate; beautiful form; The stitching is delicate, sure.
  • The cost of sewing uniforms here is also more competitive than some other units.

Address: Group 1, Vi Xuyen Town, Vi Xuyen District, Ha Giang.

5 Hong Ha Uniform Sewing Workshop

As one of the largest and most prestigious garment factories in Ha Giang - Hong Ha Uniforms has been favored by many customers when in need.
Currently, the factory is providing all kinds of uniforms: uniforms for restaurants - hotels, companies, spas, class uniforms, uniform hats, work protection...

Advantages when ordering uniforms at Hong Ha:

  • Customers are supported enthusiastically and professionally from a to z: ideation, design, sewing samples, size consulting, garment processing, delivery.
  • The seam is sure, meticulous, the print is sharp.
  • High quality fabric, safe, cool.
  • Competitive price.

Address: 19 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh Khai Ward, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang.

Address to sew uniforms for hotels, restaurants, and reputable restaurants in Ha Giang
Address to sew uniforms for hotels, restaurants, and reputable restaurants in Ha Giang

6 Hung Anh Uniform Sewing Workshop

The next prestigious address worth referring to in Ha Giang is Hung Anh garment factory. Products at the factory are made of sweat-absorbent, stretchy, non-ruffled fabric. Various uniform designs, impressive design. In addition, Hung Anh garment factory also scores with customers thanks to enthusiastic advice, transparent quotation, fast delivery.

  • Address: No. 29 Alley 2, Pham Van Dong Street, Ha Giang.

7 Yellow Bee Uniform Sewing Workshop

In Ha Giang, you can also go to garment factories in neighboring provinces like Yen Bai to order and print uniforms. And Ong Vang garment factory is the address that provides quality and prestigious uniforms in this area.

A prestigious address for sewing uniforms in Ha Giang
Yellow Bee Uniform Sewing Workshop

Reasons to choose Ong Vang garment factory:

  •  Modern equipment, skilled workers - ensure beautiful standard products in terms of seam, shape, fabric.
  • Diverse uniform models for customer groups: companies, schools, spas, restaurants, teams...
  • Returns if the product does not meet the requirements.

Address: Dong Tam Ward, City. Yen Bai, Yen Bai.

Here is the top Prestigious uniform printing factory in Ha GiangDONY want to share. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose a reputable address to order and print beautiful and quality uniforms.

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