Local Brand Sewing Workshop HCMC

DONY Fashion Sewing Workshop has been 12 years Processing experience for customers who are fashion brands, local brands famous and fastidious in the world. We are always confident in producing the best and quality products meet the standards of the Japanese, European market,… Therefore, it will not be too difficult for local brand garment factory products to conquer customers who are domestic fashion brand (Local Brand is a domestic fashion brand).

Address of the factory to receive cheap local brand t-shirts in Ho Chi Minh City

DONY is one of the Factory specializing in making Local Brand goods according to customer's order quantity. Our company address is located on Bau Cat 2 Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Here, it is known as the famous area for garment in SaigonSewing Workshop DONY is the address of the prestigious local brand, the owner of fashion shops, high-end fashion designer brands trusts to choose as a supplier to produce private-brand t-shirts, hats, shirts, jackets, ... for their business activities. .

Local Brand Sewing Factory Products HCMC – DONY

At DONY, any model of shirt, uniform pants worth a few hundred thousand or up to a few million Vietnamese dong - it can be a large or small local brand clothing order depending on the needs of the customer, but all are delivered by the team. workers operate the same chain system, the same technology, the same good product quality.

In addition to maintaining business operations and stable location, garment factory company local brand DONY also owns more embroidery workshops, t-shirt printing workshops, metal detectors and modern printing equipment and technology (digital printing, reflective decal printing, ...) in the garment industry to properly support, meet customers' requirements in the best possible way, help customers save time, effort and most importantly get cheap, quality local brand products, please contact us if you have any questions. looking for a garment factory, a factory to produce t-shirts and uniforms.

Products and services of DONY fashion garment company

Uniform products, local t-shirt sewing, local brand t-shirt printing, etc. at the local brand DONY garment factory are all produced by a standard sewing process, with strict quality supervision, we have a guarantee. Standard and high quality, cheap price. The customer is the one who makes the choice.

Sewing Workshop DONY Not only owns a team of experienced and skilled workers, directly producing for many local brands in the market, but also has a fastidious and meticulous QC team specializing in product control. Go to Japan, USA and Europe according to your requirements.

Local Brand T-shirt Factory Manufacturing Process

DONY fashion garment factory with a modern manufacturing and processing process, going through the following 9 steps:

  • Step 1: Design
  • Step 2: Materials
  • Step 3: Arabic
  • Step 4: Cut
  • Step 5: Print/embroidery
  • Step 6: Sew
  • Step 7: Buttons
  • Step 8: Check goods
  • Step 9: Packing

Local Brand T-shirt Factory Manufacturing Process

Thanks to true quality, owning a workforce and factories that process clothes and produce actual local brand t-shirts, fashion shop owners specializing in T-shirt printing uniforms, businesses in Vietnam are encouraged to come here. garment factory, factory of DONY brand shirt so that you can directly visit, view shirt samples, advise on choosing fabrics suitable for local brand style, design prestigious local brand t-shirts and even other brands. details such as seams, labels to save money, most effectively in the business of fashion uniforms.

The most fortunate thing is that the shop owners, fashion brands, etc. are our customers with good clothing business results, competitive in the vibrant fashion clothing market. Thousands of dresses, designer clothes are well received and appreciated by users.

Please contact the company, we have a free consultation for you when you need to sew laocal t-shirts or print branded t-shirts for sale and supply to the Vietnamese market. Even if you do not have a local brand t-shirt, do not hesitate to call for support immediately with the contact information below.

receive processing for uniform orders, local brand t-shirt printing

Notably, DONY specializes in manufacturing, processing for uniform orders, printing small local brand t-shirts from a few dozen units (small quantity) for customers in need. "We welcome all individuals and businesses who are engaged in the fashion clothing industry with the orientation to develop product lines that care about seams, designs, and materials that are safe for users' health.. "- Mr. Pham Quang Anh, director of DONY company shared.

Local Brand DONY Garment Factory's Production Area

Local brand DONY fashion clothing factory currently has the following production areas:

  • Sewing uniform clothes
  • Sewing fashion clothes
  • Garment for export
  • Sewing masks
  • Sewing protective clothing

Areas of operation and production of DONY

Why Partners Have Long-term Cooperation With DONY Garment Factory

  1. Many years of experience in providing specialized manufacturing services custom fashion for firms and shops on order private brand cheap, package
  2. Ability help develop exclusive products, keeping customer's business information and designs absolutely confidential.
  3. With us Transparency about surplus materials In the process of production, sewing and processing uniforms, shirts of good quality, local brand t-shirts of any quantity or any other fashion products ordered by customers as required.
  4. We provide services Totally free design, sewing samples, delivery nationwide.
  5. Just Pay after the local brand clothing and t-shirt products meet the requirements of the customer's order and you are supported 100% refund if the product is not as promised.
  6. Convenient factory location, easy access to the garment factory, the factory to check the goods, see the printing technology and design.
  7. Having a friendly incident handling policy: Risk causes usually come from 5 places: people, machines, materials, weather and laws. No matter where the error arises, at any service stage, we are responsible and have a solution to fix it completely for customers, for you free of charge (if the error arises from us).
  8. Package commitment contract / full invoice – Have a clear address license.

Contact information: DONY GARMENT CO., LTD

  • MST: 0313291251
  • Factory & Office Address:1F Quach Dieu, Hamlet 3, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC
  • Sewing workshop: 355/23 Tan Hoa Canal, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Embroidery printing workshop: 8 Steel Moi, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0906718123 (Mr Ho Long) – 0938842123 (Ms. My Linh)
  • E-mail: info@dony.vn
  • Website: dony.vn

DONY Provide diverse services according to small quantity orders, processing wholesale clothes: Supply complete package (design, fabric source, sewing – printing – embroidery – printing – packing – shipping) or Machining 1 part on request. Choose your local brand t-shirt factory DONY can be said to be a clothing processing address for quality and prestigious fashion brands in the garment industry.

Reasons to choose DONY as a Prestigious Local Brand Garment Factory Partner
✅ Years of experience ✅ Develop exclusive products
✅ Transparency about excess raw materials ✅ Completely free design, sample sewing, nationwide delivery
✅ 100% refund if the product is not as committed ✅ Package commitment contract

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