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Need sewing uniforms increasing, leading to the appearance of many uniform printing and embroidery services on the market. However, not all units work professionally, ensuring the criteria of fabric, shape, seam... Especially, if you choose to have an intermediary service (not directly produce), the cost will be much higher.

To save you time searching, Topnlist have compiled the Prestigious and quality clothing uniform factory. Let's refer.

Sewing Factory Uniforms Beautiful, Durable, Good Price

1 DONY Sewing Workshop

DONY Sewing Workshop is a famous brand in the field of uniforms in Vietnam. Possessing long-term experience in the garment industry, coming to DONY, you will receive dedicated advice, thorough design support and a clear commitment to the output of the product.

The strength of DONY is to wear uniforms of all kinds from: office uniform, school uniforms, school uniforms, hotel uniforms, spa uniforms, labor protective gear, jacket uniform, hat uniform, mask uniform... meet the diverse needs of sewing uniforms of organizations and businesses.

DONY accepts a variety of uniforms
DONY accepts a variety of uniforms.
Quality Policy
DONY's quality policy.

Why should you choose DONY when there is a need to sew uniforms?

  • Transparent quotation, package with competitive price.
  • Ensure the criteria of fabric quality, seam, shape, size number as well as durability of the product.
  • Sharp embroidered print.
  • Confidentiality of information about designs and orders.
  • All orders have contracts with clear commitments.
  • Customers can check the product before paying.

In particular, with the experience of completing thousands of large and small orders at home and abroad, DONY is quite professional in working online - wherever you are, you can still easily exchange and monitor.

Quote for sewing detailed uniforms of Dony garment factory
Quote for sewing detailed uniforms of Dony garment factory

>>> Note: DONY only accepts the minimum quantity of 50 uniform products.

Contact information for DONY Sewing Workshop:

  • Sample Workshop & Office: 1F Quach Dieu, Hamlet 3, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, City. HCM.
  • Garment factory: 355/23 Tan Hoa Canal, Tan Phu District, City. HCM.
  • Embroidery printing workshop: 8 Steel Moi, Tan Binh District, City. HCM.
  • Phone: 0938.842.123 – 0906.718.123
  • Website: –

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2 Viet Uni's Uniform

As one of the brands wear uniforms prestige in the Central region, Viet Uni is also a name you should refer to. Viet Uni Uniform is quite strong in design and production, so even though it has not appeared on the market for a long time, it is still favored and appreciated by many customers.

Viet Uni's Uniform
Viet Uni's Uniform

Some strengths of Viet Uni Uniforms:

  • Transparent and competitive prices.
  • Modern embroidery printing equipment.
  • Commitment to quality from the needle thread and refund if the product does not meet the requirements.

Contact Informations

  • Address: 09/2 Co Giang, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.

3 ModaViet Uniforms

ModaViet Uniforms famous for its ability to sew a variety of products from office uniforms, restaurant uniforms - hotel uniforms, medical uniforms, coat uniforms, etc. Not only that, customer care and after-sales policies at This is also very good, so it is trusted by many units.

ModaViet Uniforms
ModaViet Uniforms

Strengths of ModaViet:

  • Free consultation and design support.
  • Team of highly skilled workers, divided by expertise.
  • The modern and closed garment process should have maximum control over product quality.

Contact Informations

  • Address: No. 14 Alley 90 Yen Lac Street, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

4 Ha Thanh Uniform

Also a prestigious name in Hanoi, Ha Thanh Uniform are chosen by customers for their professionalism, quality products and affordable prices. Besides, this unit also ensures the criteria of fashion and trends in uniform design.

Ha Thanh Uniform
Ha Thanh Uniform

Some other highlights of Ha Thanh Uniform:

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated team of consultants.
  • All orders have a contractual commitment.
  • Capable of sewing uniforms and clothes in many areas (offices, schools, hospitals, workwear, T-shirts...).

Contact Informations

  • Address: No. 25 Ho Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

5 Starlight Uniform

If you are looking for a garment factory in the Mekong Delta, then Starlight Uniform is the first suggestion for you. This unit has strengths in products of T-shirts, clean room pants, workwear uniforms, worker uniforms, hospital uniforms, ... with the following commitments:

Starlight Uniform
Starlight Uniform
  • Free consultation and design on request, unlimited number of times.
  • The criteria of fabric, seam, fabric durability and size are clearly guaranteed.
  • Delivery policy.

Contact Informations

  • Address: 205 Xuan Thuy Street, Hong Phat Residential Area, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho.

6 School Uniforms

School Uniforms is a name quite familiar to many organizations and businesses in the South Central region. This garment factory specializes in products: company uniforms, restaurant - hotel uniforms, group uniforms, family uniforms and business gifts (cups, cups, raincoats, water bottles,...).

School Uniforms
School Uniforms

Reasons to choose Uniforms nDuo:

  • Affordable prices and regular promotions.
  • Fast order completion time.
  • After-sales service is quite good.

Contact Informations

  • Address: 22 Ly Phuc Man, Vinh Phuoc Ward, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

7 Gia Minh Uniform

Although it has only been established for 5 years, but Gia Minh Uniform has become a familiar address of many organizations and businesses in the Central Highlands. The most prominent service at Gia Minh is the processing of T-shirts and aprons. In addition, if there is a need to sew uniform pants of all kinds, Gia Minh still accepts applications with a clear commitment to quality.

Gia Minh Uniform
Gia Minh Uniform

Some special features of Gia Minh Uniform:

  • Creative and innovative uniform design.
  • High quality embroidery printing.
  • Prices are quite competitive.

Contact Informations

  • Address: 193 Nguyen Van Cu, Tan Lap Ward, City. Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak.

8 My Chi Uniforms

My Chi Uniforms is a garment factory specializing in providing uniform items: T-shirts, shirt, kitchen coats, aprons, protective clothing and uniforms of all kinds in Binh Duong. This garment factory has received the attention of many businesses in the region thanks to its professional consulting team and quality products.

My Chi Uniforms
My Chi Uniforms

Not only that, My Chi uniform also left an impression thanks to:

  • Have a clear contract of employment.
  • Regularly offer attractive promotional packages.
  • Team of enthusiastic, dedicated consultants, creative design support.

Contact Informations

  • Address: E3-6 Royal KDC, Tan Dinh Ward, TX. Ben Cat, Binh Duong.

9 Heroic Uniforms

Closing the list is Heroic Uniforms – one of the prestigious garment factories in the Southeast. This unit has the strength in sewing all kinds of uniform clothing such as: T-shirts, office wear, workwear, school wear, protective gear, ... bringing many options to customers.

Heroic Uniforms
Heroic Uniforms

Reasons to choose Anh Tu Uniform:

  • The production process is closed, ensuring the quality criteria of the product.
  • Transparent and public quotation.
  • Owning large factories, enough production capacity for orders of several thousand products.

Contact Informations

  • Address: Quarter 2 (Next to Amata Industrial Park), Long Binh Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai.

Above are the Prestigious clothing uniform factory that you can refer to. Each unit will have its own strengths, but they all guarantee product quality, completion schedule, and commitment to bring the most satisfaction to customers.

Hope the sharing of Topnlist will be useful. Hope you get your desired uniforms soon!

✅ DONY Sewing Workshop ✅ 0938.842.123
✅ Viet Uni ✅ ModaViet
✅ Ha Thanh ✅ Starlight
✅ nDuong uniforms ✅ Gia Minh
✅ My Chi ✅ Mr. Tu

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