Top Prestigious and Quality Headwear Garment Factory

Choosing a unit to sew uniforms and hats is not simple because the number of workshops receiving this item is limited. Moreover, each factory has different quality, price and commitment, so it is difficult to compare.

For easier selection, refer to TOP 8 Prestigious hat and uniform sewing factory nationally below. The article summarizes the most detailed reviews for each unit.

Prestigious, Quality, Good Price Uniform Garment Factory

1 DONY Uniform Sewing Workshop

Uniform sewing factory DONY existed and developed for many years, from a small unit to become one of the largest garment factories in Ho Chi Minh City. Such achievements are all thanks to prestige - quality - price that the factory brings to customers.

Present, DONY Accept sewing most types of uniforms: hat, dress skirt, clothes, face mask… multi-industry from 50 pieces or more. Large contracts - "huge quantity" are completed quickly thanks to a closed professional process with a team of skilled workers and modern machinery.

hat and uniform sewing factory
DONY uniform sewing factory

Separate array uniform hats, DONY have shipped thousands of hats of all kinds: cap, beanie hat, calorie hat… for businesses/organizations. Why is the factory trusted by many customers? order uniforms and hats so?

  • The product is delivered with guaranteed quality, uniformity in size, material... and high stability over many contracts.
  • Fast delivery time (both large and small contracts). There is no delay due to being proactive in all stages from production to distribution.
  • The hat design is beautiful, diverse, and suitable for the majority of people's tastes, but still creates its own mark for the business. In particular, the factory still supports the design of new hat samples completely free of charge, with sample sewing.
  • Competitive prices due to no intermediaries, saving up to 20% of costs.
  • Good after-sales policy, high commitment to quality - 100% refund of the order price if not guaranteed.

If you are not in HCM, do not hesitate to order because DONY supports delivery policy throughout 63 provinces - carefully checked before payment.

commitment to the quality of headwear uniforms at DONY
Committed to the quality of headwear uniforms at DONY
Quote for sewing detailed uniforms of Dony garment factory
Quote for sewing detailed uniforms of Dony garment factory

Contact information:

  • Sample Workshop – Office: 1F Quach Dieu, Hamlet 3, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC.
  • Garment factory: 355/23 Kenh Tan Hoa Street, Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM.
  • Embroidery printing workshop: No. 8 Steel Moi, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM.
  • Hotline: 0938.842.123 -0906.718.123 Feet.
  • Website: -

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2 Four Seasons Uniform Sewing Workshop

Four Seasons Uniform Sewing Workshop trusted by customers in Hanoi in particular and the North in general sewing uniform hats. The unit specializes in manufacturing the following types of hats:

  • Event hats.
  • Hats for students, students.
  • Hats for clubs, groups, companies.
  • Travel hat.
  • ...

Unit has production capacity more than 10.000 products/day – easily meet all orders, large and small, ensuring quality and schedule according to the contract.

sewing fashion hats and uniforms
Four Seasons Uniform Sewing Workshop

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 33 Alley 102, Khuat Duy Tien, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

3 Vanda Uniforms

In TOP Da Nang hats and uniforms sewing factory quality, Vanda is a name worth referencing for many businesses and organizations. The unit specializes in sewing caps, half hats from khaki material, which absorbs sweat well. Thanks to a team of skilled workers, the uniform hats produced by Vanda all have a beautiful, sturdy shape, delicate seams, and high durability.

Currently, Vanda accepts sewing quantities of 5 or more pieces and has a 10% discount on covid price.

beautiful hat uniform pattern
Vanda Uniforms

Contact information:

  • Address: 179/34 Nguyen Van Linh, Nam Duong, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

4 Can Tho T-shirt

Can Tho T-shirt is a unit specializing in receiving sewing T-shirt uniform, shirt , and hats for businesses and organizations. Regarding the production of hats, the unit is highly appreciated by:

  • The closed production process ensures the following factors: cheap - beautiful - quality.
  • Sewing progress is fast, completing the right order even earlier than the contract.
  • Advice on choosing models, sizes, materials enthusiastically.
  • The unit offers many generous incentives for loyal customers.
prices for uniforms and hats
Can Tho T-shirt

Contact information:

  • Address: 11T/1 KDC 30 Nguyen Van Linh, An Khanh, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho.

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5 Agarwood Uniforms

Agarwood Uniforms – The workshop is aimed at businesses/organizations who are looking for a good price uniform printing factory in Nha Trang. The unit focuses on processing all kinds of hats: event hats, travel hats, advertising hats, corporate hats.

Products of Agarwood Uniforms have quite good quality, uniformity and high stability:

  • Beautiful form.
  • Standard size.
  • Well-sewn seams – no excess fabric, excess thread.
  • Printed logo embroidered sharp, durable color.
sewing cheap hats and uniforms
Agarwood Uniforms

Contact information:

  • Address: 274/46 Street 23/10, Ngoc Hiep, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

6 Foci Trading Service Co., Ltd

Foci Trading Service Co., Ltd business in many fields, including the production of caps for company uniforms. In the Central Highlands provinces, the unit is trusted by many businesses and organizations.

Talking about quality, the cap sewn by Foci has a beautiful form, cool and comfortable to wear. Talking about design, Foci regularly updates models, diversifying choices and following market trends. More specifically, very few units accept small quantity orders (from 5 pieces or more) like Foci. The price is therefore also higher than the average in the market.

sewing beautiful fashion hats and uniforms
Foci Trading Service Co., Ltd

Contact information:

  • Address: 147 Ly Thai To, Tan Loi, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak.

7 My Chi Uniforms

Although the scale is not large, the company My Chi Uniforms still receive the trust of many businesses and organizations in Binh Duong province. The unit specializes in sewing and processing all kinds of uniforms, including hats.

Here, customers are consulted to choose the design and materials suitable to the image and activities of the business/organization. Production unit with professional closed process should have low price, guaranteed quality. The after-sales policy is quite good, committed to refund if the contract is wrong.

beautiful hat uniform
My Chi Uniforms

Contact information:

  • Address: Tan Dinh, Ben Cat, Binh Duong.

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8 Anh Tu Garment Company Limited

In Dong Nai, the name Anh Tu become a familiar address for businesses and organizations whenever there is a need to print uniforms. The unit receives uniforms, hats and hats of various professions: chefs, waiters, receptionists, students...

Every month, Anh Tu Garment Co., Ltd is capable of producing 20 thousand products. All orders large and small are committed to quality and on time thanks to the closed chain sewing model.

fashion hat and uniform sewing factory
Anh Tu Garment Company Limited

Contact information:

  • Address: 28 AMATA Industrial Park, Long Binh Ward, Dong Nai.

Recently, it's TOP hat and uniform sewing factory reputation, quality nationwide. Wish you choose a suitable unit and own a beautiful and attractive uniform!

✅ DONY ✅ Four Seasons
Vanda ✅ ✅ Can Tho T-shirt
✅ Agarwood incense ✅ Foci
✅ My Chi ✅ Mr. Tu

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