Top Prestigious and Quality Garment Factory Uniforms Jackets and Windbreakers

The demand for sewing uniforms, jackets and windbreakers at schools, companies, organizations... is increasing. Seizing that opportunity, a series of service providers sewing uniforms was born with the promise to bring quality products, good prices.

But in reality, not all units can do this. To help you save time searching when there is a need to sew uniforms for jackets and windbreakers - Topnlist totaled 8 Prestigious, quality sewing factory most below. Let's refer.

Nice, Cheap, Durable Uniforms & Coats Workshop

1 DONY Sewing Workshop

Sewing Workshop DONY is one of the leading prestigious uniform printing and embroidery units in Vietnam with more than 30 years of experience. Various sewing workshops uniform: jacket, windbreaker, T-shirt, shirt, trousers, dress skirt, hat, labor protection...

DONY gathers a team of professional, experienced staff with modern equipment and smooth coordination in the service process. Thanks to that, the uniforms that the factory brings to customers are guaranteed to be the right model, on schedule, beautiful in shape and seam.

DONY accepts a variety of uniforms
DONY accepts a variety of uniforms.
Quality Policy
DONY's quality policy.
Quote for sewing detailed uniforms of Dony garment factory
Quote for sewing detailed uniforms of Dony garment factory

Reasons to order jackets and windbreakers at DONY:

  • Get free custom design on request, sew and send samples nationwide within 3-5 days.
  • Capable of meeting all orders large and small: minimum 50, maximum unlimited.
  • Fabrics are carefully selected: soft, absorbent, durable, meeting quality standards.
  • DONY does the package without intermediaries, so the price is very competitive, helping customers save up to 20% of the cost.
  • 100% refund if the product is not the right design, wrong color, wrong material, wrong seam, print...
beautiful coat uniform factory
Model of jacket, windbreaker at DONY
the company accepts to sew uniforms, coats, jackets, windbreakers
Durable, good material - cheap price

Contact information:

  • Sample workshop – Office: 1F Quach Dieu, Hamlet 3, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCM.
  • Garment factory: 355/23 Kenh Tan Hoa Street, Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM.
  • Embroidery printing workshop: No. 8 Steel Moi, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM.
  • Hotline: 0938.842.123 – 0906.718.123.
  • Website: –

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2 Mulan Uniforms

With the motto of making a difference for uniforms of businesses, organizations… Mulan Uniforms Constantly creating and updating color palettes and fabrics to bring diverse and impressive jackets and windbreakers to suit individual needs.

Using the company's services, customers also get free design consultation, sewing samples, logo printing and embroidery and delivery.

Mulan Uniforms
Mulan Uniforms

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 627 Vu Tong Phan, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

3 Nha Trang Uniforms

Nha Trang uniform is a famous garment printing unit of jackets and windbreakers in Khanh Hoa and the south central region. Coming to the company, customers are supported to design according to requirements, advise on choosing the right size, color, and material for the organization. At the same time, make sure that the uniform is made in the right pattern, on time, and the seams are beautiful.

Nha Trang Uniforms
Nha Trang Uniforms

Contact information:

  • Address: 4 B3 Street, Vinh Diem Trung, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa.

4 GT Bao An Garment Co., Ltd

GT Bao An has more than 5 years of experience in the field of sewing uniforms, is a reliable address for your reference. The company accepts to sew a variety of jackets, windbreakers: sleeveless tops, long sleeves, single layer, two layers, three layers... on many fabrics (on request).

Owning a team of skilled workers, modern embroidery printing techniques, GT Bao An is committed to bringing the most beautiful, durable and convenient products.

GT Bao An
GT Bao An

Contact information:

  • Address: 941 Ngo Quyen, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang.

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5 Starlight Trading Company

Star Light specializes in sewing uniforms, jackets, windbreakers for schools, companies, restaurants, hotels, factories... With carefully selected input materials and a closed production process, the company's products are homogenous. Best and high quality in form, seam, material. The price here is also very competitive because the unit does the package, without intermediaries.

Starlight Trading Company
Starlight Trading Company

Contact information:

  • Address: 205 Xuan Thuy Street, Hong Phat Residential Area, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

6 Print Shirt Dak Lak

Print Dak Lak shirt is a familiar name to many customers in the Central Highlands when there is a need to print jackets and windbreakers for uniforms. The unit brings products with youthful, trendy and standing designs.

The company's fabric warehouse is also very diverse for customers to choose from: umbrella, khaki, nearly, micro, tricot ... Especially, Dak Lak shirt printing is a rare unit ready to print from 1 product.

Print Shirt Dak Lak
Print Shirt Dak Lak

Contact information:

  • Address: 117 Ly Thuong Kiet, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak.

7 Hai Nguyen Vina Fashion Company

If you are looking for a prestigious address for sewing jackets and windbreakers for schools, groups, businesses... in Dong Nai, you can refer to them. Hai Nguyen Vina. The company received a lot of good feedback from customers because of its beautiful products - durable - comfortable to wear, dedicated advice. Ordering uniforms at Hai Nguyen Vina, you also get free design, shipping support, warranty policies and other incentives from the unit.

Hai Nguyen Vina
Hai Nguyen Vina

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 23, Lot A13, Quarter 11, Tan Phong Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai.

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8 Quy Phuoc Uniform Company

More than 8 years of uniform processing experience, Quy Phuoc has affirmed its reputation in the hearts of customers with trendy and high-quality products. Sewing jackets and windbreakers here, you are free to choose the fabric and color. In particular, the company also has the ability to mix many colors, combine many types of fabrics to bring the most suitable clothes according to the requirements of customers.

Quy Phuoc Uniform Company
Quy Phuoc Uniform Company

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 1214, Sheet No. 1 TDH1, An Phu Residential Area, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, City. Di An, Binh Duong.

So, Topnlist shared top garment factory for jackets and windbreakers quality reputation. Hope you will choose the right address and own the uniform products with your own characteristics.

✅ DONY Sewing Workshop ✅ Mulan uniform
✅ GT Bao An ✅ Nha Trang uniform
✅ Starlight ✅ Print Dak Lak shirt
✅ Hai Nguyen Vina ✅ Quy Phuoc uniform

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