TOP 7 Famous Spa Beauty Centers in Can Tho

Today, "Owning beauty" is an advantage that women choose to equip themselves with. Therefore, the demand for women's beauty care spa is increasing day by day. So the important thing is, which Spa guarantees the prestige and quality for you to rest assured to entrust your skin?

And Topnlist Find out the Top 7 Prestigious Spa Beauty Centers in Can Tho to have more beauty choices for yourself.

Famous Spa Beauty Center in Can Tho

1 Beauty Institute Ngoc Dung

Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon operating for more than 20 years in the beauty industry, accompanying and honoring the beauty of millions of Vietnamese women.

Ngoc Dung understands the thoughts and aspirations of customers and brings the most practical values, affirming the aesthetic brand in the process of construction and development.

Why should you trust Ngoc Dung Spa Beauty Center?

  • Pioneering the application of modern aesthetic technology to the cosmetic process.
  • The team of technicians and experts are trained through many courses and are regularly sent to study abroad.
  • Modern and luxurious facilities and equipment.
Prestige Spa Beauty Center in Can Tho - Ngoc Dung
Ngoc Dung beauty salon with a team of leading beauty care experts in Vietnam.

Contact information:

  • 234B, Tran Hung Dao, An Nghiep Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

2 Thu Minh Spa

From the very first day of its establishment, Thu Minh beauty salon defining the mission: "Specializing in the field of beauty, bringing natural beauty to Vietnamese women".

Thu Minh constantly adds advanced technologies and modern equipment to the system of spa facilities, completely satisfying the needs of customers.

Why should you choose Thu Minh beauty salon?

  • Using famous cosmetics, outstanding advanced technology into the cosmetic process.
  • There are many powerful applications in treatment and Skin Care Advanced.
  • Exquisite design, spacious space, fully equipped, modern machinery.
  • The care team is enthusiastic, caring and experienced.
Thu Minh - Uu Tin Spa Beauty Center in Can Tho -
Advanced skin care and treatment route with modern facilities in Thu Minh.

Contact information:

  • 120 – 122 30/4 Street, An Phu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City

3 Life Spa

In Can Tho, when it comes to famous spa salons, it is impossible not to mention Life Spa. Life Spa invested in luxurious space, modern machinery and equipment with aesthetic processes from the United States and Sweden.

Especially at this Spa Beauty Center, customers will be taken care of with natural, health-friendly ingredients such as: ginkgo baths, smooth coffee baths, pink and white herbs, etc.

Why choose Life Spa?

  • Life Spa regularly has many special promotions for customers.
  • Using ingredients and processes from nature, friendly to health and skin.
  • A comfortable, fresh space creates a feeling of relaxation and peace for customers.
Famous Spa Beauty Center
Life Spa always tries to bring the best experience when using the service here.

Contact information:

  • Address: 94 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

4 Kay Spa

Kay Spa is a supplier beauty spa services reputation with more than 30 branches. The center has invested in many high-tech equipment, famous for its acne treatment technology, which is trusted and chosen by many customers when visiting.

In addition, Kay Spa also has a cheap whitening process that is transferred from Korea with technology, bringing a valuable experience to customers.

Why choose Kay Spa?

  • Careful, dedicated, professional, well-trained staff.
  • There is a free consultation and examination process for customers.
  • Modern, quality imported beauty technology.
  • Luxurious, spacious beauty space creates a comfortable feeling for customers.
Kay Spa - Prestigious Spa Beauty Center In Can Tho
The staff is attentive, enthusiastic and well-trained.

Contact information:

  • 178 Tran Hung Dao, An Nghiep ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city.

5 Lotus Spa & Clinic

Lotus Spa & Clinic is a prestigious beauty address thanks to carefully selected natural and high-tech beauty methods.

Why should you choose Sen Spa & Clinic?

  • Technology system and equipment are transferred from Europe with quality and professionalism.
  • The staff is highly professional, enthusiastic, attentive and rigorously trained.
  • Diverse, full range of beauty services: facial, body care, needle roller, Acne treatment, melasma, slimming with R-Lipo Premium technology, …
Spa Beauty Center - Sen Spa & Clinic
Relax with Sen Spa & Clinic.

Contact information:

  • 69 Mau Than, An Hoa Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

6 East Asia Beauty Salon Can Tho

Dong A Beauty Salon is a large-scale spa beauty center in Can Tho, licensed by the Ministry of Health with safe high-tech aesthetic procedures.

Dong A is invested in cosmetic facilities and equipment with a large amount of capital, is one of the leading beauty salons in Can Tho and neighboring provinces.

Why should you choose Dong A beauty salon?

  • Equipped with advanced operating room system standard of the Ministry of Health.
  • The medical staff is highly qualified and professional. Attentive and enthusiastic care.
  • Diverse beauty services, quality, prestige.
  • Quality service, 5-star facilities.
East Asia Beauty Salon Can Tho
Dong A beauty salon with modern facilities and advanced equipment.

Contact information:

  • No. 28, Ly Tu Trong Street, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

7 Lona Home Spa

For many years in a row, Lona Home Spa Is one prestigious spa address trusted and chosen by customers in Can Tho.
Lona Home is very responsive in updating new beauty trends, applying modern technology, giving customers an effective and safe beauty method experience.

Why choose Lona Home Spa?

  • There are beauty treatments updated with modern technology from the US and Korea.
  • Spacious, impressive, separate space, blending in with nature helps customers feel comfortable.
  • Friendly staff to advise and serve.
Beauty Salon Lona Home Spa
Lona Spa – A prestigious spa address not to be missed in Can Tho.

Contact information:

  • T2 Dinh Cong Trang, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho

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Above is the Top 7 Prestigious Spa Beauty Center In Can Tho help you feel secure in choosing a reputable and quality beauty facility. Hopefully, the above article is somewhat useful for your beauty process.

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