TOP 7 Famous English Teaching Centers in Quy Nhon

Learning English is now a popular need of all ages and subjects. There are many purposes practice english different: improve English communication, prepare for international certification exams, learn grammar, .... So where is the place to meet all the urgent needs of learners? Let's Topnlist research Top 7 Famous English Teaching Centers in Quy Nhon for more reputable and quality English learning addresses.

Prestigious and Effective English Teaching Center in Quy Nhon

1. AMES English Center

AMES is a famous English teaching center in Quy Nhon, famous for applying artificial intelligence technology to teaching. Specializing in English training courses from 4 years old to ielts, toeic certificate exam course,…. Trained with native language teachers, forming the habit of communicating in English in daily life.

Advantages of AMES English:

  • Lessons are flexible, depending on the student's schedule.
  • Practice American standard pronunciation AI
  • Facilities and equipment are invested in a large and high-class, modern way to serve teaching and learning.
English Teaching Center in Quy Nhon AMES
Instructions on how to apply for admission at Ames.

Contact information:

  • 322 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ngo May, Binh Dinh, Quy Nhon City.

2. Ocean Edu International English Center System

Ocean Edu English Teaching Center has more than 13 years of teaching experience in Vietnamese educational schools, has a branch established in Quy Nhon.

Here, students can cultivate and improve their English skills naturally and come to the most proficient.

Advantages of Ocean Edu:

  • Team of 100% foreign teachers directly teach.
  • Diverse training courses from basic to IELTS preparation, Toeic, ...
  • The system of curriculum and training methods meets international standards.
Quy Nhon Ocean Edu Prestigious English Teaching Center
Counselors at Ocean Edu are always ready to answer any questions for parents.

Contact information:

  • 4th floor An Phu Thinh Plaza, No. 52A Tang Bat Ho Quy Nhon City, Quy Nhon.

3. International English Center (IALC)

International English famous in Quy Nhon as an English teaching center that trains by visual method. With a team of teachers who are international students, lecturers graduated from prestigious universities in the world such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, ...

Advantages of IALC:

  • Applying information technology in teaching, enhancing students' initiative.
  • A team of professional teachers, through well-trained schools.
  • Students can study and practice Cambridge certificates at the same time.
IALC . International English Center
Overview of a lesson of children at International English Center - IALC.

Contact information:

  • 107 Tang Bat Ho, Le Loi Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh.

4. Newway International Language Center

Another famous English training center in Quy Nhon is Newway International Language Center.
Newway there are more than 20 training programs with hundreds of courses from basic to international exam preparation

Advantages of Newway:

  • Participate in picnics after each course to improve students' morale.
  • Equipped with modern facilities and classrooms.
  • Learning through visualization, movies, music.
Newway - Effective English Teaching Center in Quy Nhon
Admission process at Newway.

Contact information:

  • 99 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.

5. Allan English – Quy Nhon Communication English Teaching Center

At Allan EnglishStudents are trained in a modern standard reflexive English program by native teachers. Integrate soft skills into teaching.

Advantages of Allan English:

  • The learning environment is friendly, spacious, creating a comfortable feeling for students.
  • Perfect 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing after completing the course.
  • Develop students' communication confidence.
  • A team of highly specialized teachers with excellent pedagogical ability and enthusiasm.
Allan English Communication Center
Children confidently speak English in front of the class at Allan English.

Contact information:

  • Thanh Nien Street, Lot 1, An Phu urban area, Quy Nhon

6. Wise English Center

English WISE is an effective, reputable and affordable English teaching center in Quy Nhon.
At WISE, students will develop their English thinking and reflexes, master speaking and conversing skills with foreigners after the courses.

Advantages of WISE:

  • There is an effective learning path for beginners to approach English.
  • Improve communication skills, confidently express yourself.
  • The special curriculum applies brain science and linguistic thinking.
Wise English - Famous English Teaching Center in Quy Nhon
System of modern facilities, fully equipped at English Wise.

Contact information:

  • 42 Mai Xuan Thuong, Tran Hung Dao, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh

7. Quy Nhon English Center HACIC

HACIC English Center is a training center authorized by the British Council and IIG Vietnam to coordinate in organizing international certification exams in the region. The center always has training courses from basic to advanced suitable for all ages and learners.

Advantages of HACIC:

  • Center for preparation and organization of prestigious and professional international certification exams.
  • Many classes are opened alternately, creating conditions for students to study while working.
  • Professional training environment with a team of foreign and Vietnamese teachers.
English Teaching Center for the Loss of Origin HACIC
A lesson at HACIC of an English teaching class for people who have lost their roots.

Contact information:

  • Binh Dinh Province Branch, No. 91 Le Loi Street, Quy Nhon City

Above is the Top 7 English teaching center in Quy Nhon. Summarize the reviews that students have been feeling at these addresses. Hope the information of the article will help your search and learning process.

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