Top 7 Best Places to Learn Automotive Interiors in Ho Chi Minh City

For many car owners in Ho Chi Minh City, besides design and engine, car interior is also a factor that needs to be focused. Therefore, they want to find a reliable showroom to take care of the interior of their beloved car.

The need to improve the quality of car interiors has increased, leading to job opportunities for many workers. If you are looking for a place car interior apprenticeship in Ho Chi Minh good, Topnlist Please refer to the list of addresses below.

1 Thanh Phong Auto

Thanh Phong Auto is one of the A prestigious automobile repair, maintenance and service training unit in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City. The center recruits talented young people who are passionate about the profession, regardless of qualifications and degrees. However, trainees need to identify the idea of ​​vocational training with a good attitude and moral discipline.

Thanh Phong Auto - The number 1 automotive interior vocational training unit.
Thanh Phong Auto – The number 1 automotive interior vocational training unit.

Thanh Phong Auto has a variety of courses for you to choose from, including: repair, maintenance, care, rescue, upgrade car interior from basic, intermediate to advanced. Various types of classes TU Express, study in shifts or part-time, the course lasts from 2 to 6 monthsQuality assurance of learning.

In 2021, Thanh Phong Auto signed the program cooperation with University of Science and Technology - Faculty of Traffic Engineering on professional automotive technical training. Therefore, the courses here are guaranteed to have practical and in-depth curriculums and learning routes.

- Top 7 Best Places to Learn Automotive Interiors in Ho Chi Minh City
Signing ceremony of cooperation with University of Science and Technology - Faculty of Traffic Engineering

Students are okay Provide full lesson plans, company's own documents. Teaching staff at Thanh Phong Auto are all good technicians or lecturers from Polytechnic University.

The program is always alternating between theory and intuitive practice easy to understand, easy to remember. Guaranteed Graduates are proficient in car interior care skills, can confidently apply to work at auto maintenance centers across the country.

Automotive interior course
Theory lesson at Thanh Phong Auto

Especially, established from 2013 until now, Thanh Phong Auto opened 2 garage facilities big car Full modern equipment. The center belongs to one of the leading units in car repair, maintenance and care services in Ho Chi Minh City. The list of products and services here is very rich, meeting the needs of many customers. Therefore, students will have the opportunity to practice and practice at the workshop with a variety of vehicles on the market.

- Top 7 Best Places to Learn Automotive Interiors in Ho Chi Minh City - Top 7 Best Places to Learn Automotive Interiors in Ho Chi Minh City

Contact information:

  • Hotline: 0934.222.763 -0845.273.186 Feet
  • Website:
  • Head office: 68B Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC.
  • Branch 1: 1260 Le Van Luong, Phuoc Kien Commune, Nha Be District, HCMC.

2 Saigon Auto Interior

Saigon Automotive Furniture is a unit with more than 10 years in interior care services with a large number of customers. In addition, the company also recruits students for automotive interior training courses. The students are taught meticulously, the job opportunities are wide open and develop in the future.

specializes in vocational training for automotive interiors
Saigon Automotive Furniture is a company with many years of training experience.

Here, the company's best technicians will teach live classes. Interspersed with theoretical hours are exercises on equipment in the garage. The output standards of the course will ensure that you master the knowledge of decoration, car parts, electrical systems, and assembling and disassembling accessories fluently.

For detailed course information, please contact: No. 3, Street 10, Trung Son residential area, Binh Chanh, HCMC.

3 Bcar Auto

Bcar Auto is the TOP address for automotive interior training in Ho Chi Minh City. Having many years of experience working in the field of car care, technicians from Bcar are all very professional and skilled despite their very young age. Understanding the great needs of many young people who want to learn car interior jobs, the company has opened many vocational training courses, helping them get good jobs with high salaries.

Prestigious car interior vocational training center
Bcar Auto is an auto repair center that gathers many skilled craftsmen.

If you have discipline and a serious learning attitude, the Bcar Auto door class team will wholeheartedly teach you from basic to advanced. The output standard ensures that you will have a solid theoretical knowledge, know how to handle different types of cars. In addition, the garage of Bcar Auto is very large, with enough comfortable equipment for you to practice.

For detailed information about the course, please contact: 246 Tran Phu, Ward 9, District 5, HCMC

4 VTMECO ​​Group

The constantly changing car models have made the car interior care service develop strongly. Along with that, interior worker training courses were opened to attract many students. VTMECO ​​also did not miss the trend when it opened specialized training courses in car interior customization and was highly appreciated by students.

Vocational training in car interior in HCM
VTMECO ​​Group is a company specializing in car care.

The center enrolls people who love cars and have a serious attitude and discipline. Students are trained by instructors with many years of experience in the profession. Professionally, learners will have basic knowledge and understanding of products, accessories and equipment on cars. In terms of skills, students can directly observe technicians practice and join together to learn and draw experience.

For more information about the course, please contact: No. 12, Street 4, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc City, TP. HCM.

5 One Tech Pro

If you want to find an address that offers a full range of auto interior courses, you can go to One Tech Pro. There are a full range of leather car seat locks, disassembling equipment in the car, changing car interior color, disassembling car floor mats, gluing insulation film, etc.

Students who register for the course can rest assured that the quality of teaching here is quite high. You will even be guided by professionals with 20 years of industry experience and pedagogical skills. After learning the theory, you can practice right on the cars prepared by the garage, the process is meticulously supervised, pointed out mistakes to learn from experience.

One Tech Pro commits that after the course, you can be accepted into many famous car maintenance centers or open your own shop.

Quality car interior vocational course in HCM
One Tech Pro with courses to sew leather seats, attractive car interiors.

For more information about the course, please contact:

  • Garage: No. 86/41 Tran Thai Tong, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, HCMC.
  • Store: No. 128, Pham Van Bach, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, HCMC.

6 Royal Cars

Hoang Kim Auto is one of the leading units in the field of car care in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. The company has a full range of skilled technicians in the field of car interior decoration, sound level, car lights, equipment installation.

Broader development leads to an increase in the demand for personnel recruitment. Therefore, the company has opened many automotive interior training courses and has been studied by many people. The basic training program will distill the most condensed knowledge, theory with practice. From there, students will quickly acquire knowledge, handle situations quickly and confidently work out.

Automotive interior vocational training in HCM
The automotive interior apprenticeship program at Hoang Kim intertwines theory and practice.

For more information about the course, please contact: No. 52-58, Street No. 1, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan District, HCMC.

7 Nice Car

Nice Car is a vocational training address, training car interior care skills according to European standards. Here, you will have access to the standard lesson plan, and at the same time, you will learn in-depth about car interior cleaning, car detailing, soundproofing, noise insulation, underbody coating process... Courses will have 80% practice time on real cars, with meticulous instructors, helping students to absorb faster and gain experience for the next time.

During the course of study, if there is an unexpected situation that has to be temporarily suspended, Nice Car has a policy to support you to reserve according to regulations.

Address to learn car interior vocational training in Ho Chi Minh City
Apprenticeship in car interior according to European standards at Nice Car.

For more information about the Nice Car course, please contact: 389 An Duong Vuong, Ward 10, District 6, HCMC.

Hopefully through this article, you have found the place The best car interior care training for myself. If you study hard and have a serious apprenticeship attitude, you will definitely become a skilled technician and confidently find yourself a stable job with a high salary.

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