Frequently asked questions about Yen Sao

What Is Bird's Nest?

✅ Bird's nest, or swiftlet's nest (or rather, the nest made in a cave/cave), Chinese: 燕窩), is the name of a famous food-pharmaceutical made of swiftlet's nests.

How Many Kinds Of Bird's Nests Are There?

✅ Bird's nest has 3 types: white bird's nest Aerodramus fuciphagus (Swallow's nest) and black bird's nest Aerodramus maximus (black nest); Bird's nest blood pink (Swallow Blood).

What are the ingredients in bird's nest?

Bird's nest contains a number of proteins and amino acids such as amide, humin, arginine, cystine, histidine, and lysine.

Provinces with many natural bird's nests in Vietnam?

✅ In Vietnam, the localities with natural bird's nest are some islands of some South Central provinces such as Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa...