Top 9 Habits Harming Health You Should Give Up

There are habits you often do every day that seem harmless but you did not know that they have negative effects on your health seriously. Let's find out what these habits are to give up to avoid harming your health.

1. Cover your head with a blanket when sleeping

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

This is probably the common habit of many people in the winter. These ideas are a normal habit that helps keep the body warm during sleep. However, behind that is the great harm to your health. When you put a blanket over your head to sleep, which means that your breathing space is narrowed, the organs are not provided with enough oxygen leading to poor functioning, causing shortness of breath, stuffy, dense. Especially the brain will be most affected, because the brain is a vulnerable part, causing fatigue, memory loss.

2. Get a receipt when withdrawing an ATM

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

Surely you will wonder if this action will affect your health. But it actually had a very bad influence on these receipts. According to the study, ATM receipt printers use a supposedly dangerous chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA). Accordingly, this chemical has a strong impact on your health, causing endocrine disorders, leading to the risk of cancer as well as the nervous system, cardiovascular system are strongly impacted. Besides, many sources also show that this chemical also has a great influence on hormonal suppression and leads to infertility as well as many other diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

3. Make a ponytail regularly

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

This is considered a popular habit for many women because with ponytail, you look younger and more active. However, this action has a lot of negative effects on your hair and health. Regular tightening and tightening the hair causes severe damage to hair, such as splitting, shedding and even baldness. In addition, tight hair tightens the blood so it cannot circulate well, causing problems such as headaches, ... Therefore, to best protect the hair, you should tie your hair low or chignon very loose, if in House can drop hair to help blood circulation better.

4. Rub eyes constantly with hands

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

Many people still know that rubbing your eyes repeatedly will cause serious eye damage, but this is still a habit that is hard to give up. However, give up this habit today. When foreign objects get into the eyes, repeated hand rubbing not only causes it to move deeper into the eye, but also facilitates the attack of bacteria that cause infection of this sensitive, heavier area. The retina causes permanent vision loss if not treated promptly. Moreover, with this action also makes eyelashes damaged, broken. So, if you feel your eyes are uncomfortable, gently rinsing them with water or blinks repeatedly is also a good solution, which works quite well.

5. Using electronic devices too much

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

With the strong development of information technology today, the use of computers and phones is inevitable to meet work needs or personal interests. However, this causes a lot of adverse health effects such as vision loss, thumb syndrome, depression, cervical spondylosis, cerebral ischemia, etc. With computers, phones, especially those who have eye problems such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, .. should arrange reasonable working time, have a relaxing space, rest between hours to limit minimize its effects.

6. Touch your face

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

Our hands often come into contact with many objects that contain many bacteria. And touching your face is the shortest way to get bacteria on your face, clog pores, breakouts, and spread quickly. So, give up the habit of putting your hands on your face, even against your chin, you should give up.

7. Brush your teeth right after eating

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

In foods and drinks that are very acidic, brushing your teeth immediately after eating will cause the acid to attach more to your teeth, causing sensitivity and damage to your enamel. So, brush your teeth right after eating about 30 minutes to make the acid in food completely saturated to protect your teeth as well as enamel better.

8. Frequent fast urination, defecation

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

Because of the nature of work, some people have a habit of abstaining from urination and defecation. However, regular "fasting" and maintaining it for a long time cause great harm and can lead to cancer. Because urine contains a number of substances that can stimulate cancer cells in the bladder, and in the stool, there are countless more harmful substances. So, if you have this habit, you should change it as soon as possible.

9. Hold on to sneezing

- Top 9 Health Habits You Should Give Up

Sneezing is a very natural reflex of the body, and the sneezing will cause compulsions to the body that cause intracranial pressure to increase many times. At that time, the blood circulation will be interrupted, blood vessels and nerve tissue will be compressed, leading to headaches, damage to blood vessels and hearing. Therefore, if your body feels like you want to sneeze, let this process take place naturally, avoiding any negative health effects.

In addition to 09 habits harmful to health TopnList introduced above, there are many other habits that affect our health every day from the smallest ones that we have not noticed but extremely harmful. So each of us begins to take the most concrete actions to begin to abandon those habits and habits that help us as well as our families to have a good health and dedication to the country.

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