What are the benefits of garden feng shui waterfall?

1./ The effect of feng shui

According to feng shui, the source of flowing water is the place to create strong vitality, good fortune, create prosperity for the owner in terms of health, money and career.

2./ Save and refresh space

With any space, a feng shui waterfall can be placed. When placing a feng shui waterfall will help make the location at the place more beautiful and unique.

3./ Aesthetics and art

In the living space of the house, it will often be very monotonous and boring because only with walls, windows, ... But when placing miniature waterfalls, it will create the aesthetics of the house very high and have a high character. unique art.

4./ Improve health

With busy work and life pressure, when you come home, you will hear the murmuring water, watching the fish swimming below will help you reduce stress and fatigue a lot. And with more trees, it will help filter the air to make your home cooler.