Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Relaxing Weekend In Ho Chi Minh

You are looking for a relaxing weekend fishing place with your loved ones next to you. Let's find some suitable places on Topnlist.

1. Tri Rau fishing lake

With a cool and spacious space with large aquariums Tri Rau fishing area Many people choose to be a destination to relax, entertain on weekends. Around the lake are cool leaf-roofed houses nestled under green trees creating a cool, fresh setting that will create a sense of comfort when hiding in this. The fish in the lake are many and evenly distributed in the area of ​​the lake, so the chances for you to fish are very high, professional or not. Fishing can be brought home or thanks to the kitchen at the restaurant processing into attractive dishes for local use. With this atmosphere can bring you wonderful relaxing moments for the weekend or hot days of Saigon.

- Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Weekend Relaxing Fishing Lakes

Contact information:

Address: 2647 – 2712/2B Vuon Lai, An Phu Dong, District 12, HCMC

Phone: 0932 196 871

2. Vuon Khe fishing lake

An ideal fishing spot in Binh Tan will help you and your loved ones to have many interesting new experiences here. Come to Vuon Khe fishing restaurant you will be immersed in a charming space, close to nature, separate from the bustle and bustle in the city and have moments of peace with the sky, forget all worries and late bothering of life. When you fish here, you will be able to attach bait, drop the fish in the middle of the water waiting for the fish to bite and then burst into happiness when receiving the war and these will be moments you can not forget. If you are a follower of this elegant hobby, this will be a great opportunity for you to improve your skills and relax in life.

- Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Weekend Relaxing Fishing Lakes

Contact information:

Address: 845 / 1 National Highway 1A, Binh Hung Hoa, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 028 3767 2567 - 0939 520 668

3. Ho Cau Bamboo Village

Ho Cau Bamboo Village is the ideal fishing place not less than other fishing locations in Saigon. Ho Cau is invested near this year's 10 with impressive trees and miniatures. The system of vast fishing ponds, water connecting each other and connecting to the big canal so shrimp and fish are plentiful. Here you will enjoy the greenery covered from the entrance to the deep corners of the campus. The paths are planted with different types of bamboo such as chicken thigh architecture, giant umbrella, behind ivory ... bringing incredible green space even in the hot summer. It is also because of these cool bamboo walls that visitors cannot forget to take some pictures on the unique bamboo road to mark an interesting fishing trip. Aquarium with a variety of fish such as plaice, snakehead fish, catfish, carp, lentils ... Fish will be refreshed when you catch fish. Interesting is not it, let's enjoy the weekend relaxing moments together.

- Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Weekend Relaxing Fishing Lakes

Contact information:

Address: 642 Le Van Luong Street, 2 Hamlet, Nhon Duc, Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 0908 014 931

4. Ngoc Linh fishing lake

Along with a pleasant cool space in Binh Thanh district, then Ngoc Linh is one of the prized aquariums with beautiful location near the city center. Come to Ngoc Linh fishing lake You will be amazed at the simple peaceful scene here. The aquarium is surrounded by shady green coconut trees printed on the clear blue water, the breeze will bring us back to the peaceful childhood that the bustling life has faded memories of childhood. . For families who come here with their children, this is also called a useful recreational extracurricular activity, helping children relieve stress after class. Here, you can borrow or use your hand lever. The lake has interesting leaf huts, full of fishing support equipment such as fishing line, bucket and brass bait, hammock so you can relax waiting for the fish to bite. For those who love to fish overnight, you can also experience this interesting feeling at Ngoc Linh Lake. The current Ngoc Linh fishing lake is known by many people and is a familiar place for many young people to have fun and eat and drink on weekends.

- Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Weekend Relaxing Fishing Lakes

Contact information:

Address: 558 / 15 / 9 Bình Quới street, P. 28, Bình Thạnh, TP.HCM

Phone: 1900 0008

5. Dong Dieu fishing area

Famous for the kite field in 8 District, there is a large, cool fishing lake that is loved by many people and chosen as a destination and also one of the most attractive entertainment destinations that attract the most tourists in Saigon, as soon as Fishing in the lake, you can take it to the restaurant and enjoy it after playing for relaxing weekends. Coming here, you will enjoy open space with beautiful, clean, rustic and pristine scenery that makes people feel like they are in some quiet countryside even though they are still in Saigon. In addition, there are also fishing contests that make fishing more interesting. The number of weekend visitors is very large so please choose a fishing lake to relax.

- Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Weekend Relaxing Fishing Lakes

Contact information:

Address: 79 Tạ Quang Bửu, P.4, Q. 8, TP.HCM

Phone: 0937 522 225 - 0912 941 879 - 0941 886 968

6. Phu Ong recreational fishing lake

Along with spacious and airy space and full of fishing equipment promises to be a place that will bring many interesting things when you come here. This is an interesting relaxing place for you and your friends or relatives on the weekend and enjoy the delicious fresh fish meals and the friendliness and agility of the young staff. With a very rich, delicious and strange menu only available Phu Ong fishing lake, from seafood to rustic dishes, specialties from the North to the West ... will bring you a lot of interesting experiences. Fishing will be calculated in kilograms and will be processed into many delicious dishes very suitable mouth. This is one of the places that will help you have moments of relaxation and fun with your loved ones.

- Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Weekend Relaxing Fishing Lakes

Contact information:

Address: 493A, Vườn Lài, An Phú Đông, Q.12, TP.HCM

Phone: 0167 220 0688

6. Hoai Thuong fishing lake

Come to Hoai Thuong fishing lake You will be like returning to the childhood of those who live near the brackish waterfront. The cork trees are reminiscent of the pure childhood, sitting on the cork to eat fruits both sour and tart with spicy chili sauce to create an unforgettable taste. An average fruit tree produces seeds that are exhausting to the mouth or coconut water dust, which is both soft and fragrant, and many young people love making dishes. This place is quite close to nature and suitable for those who want to find a peaceful place.

- Top 07 Ho Chi Minh Weekend Relaxing Fishing Lakes

Contact information:

Address: C11 / 36 Long Vĩnh, 5 Ấp, Bình Hưng, Bình Chánh, TP.HCM

Phone: 0934 669 038 - 098 2222 910

If you are a fishing enthusiast, then these addresses are the ideal destination for you and your friends to enjoy the weekends, coming here not only to fish but also to enjoy. The dish is made from a delicious fresh fish you catch yourself.

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  1. I really like fishing, I've been to these lakes.
    I don't like fishing in the yao Loc canal, but it's terrible to see people fishing every day when I run câu

  2. Pleasure can return to childhood 🙂