Top 6 Study Abroad Counseling Centers in Soc Trang

Are you currently living and working in Soc Trang and wishing to study abroad? So how to find the address of the study abroad center, study abroad consulting company in Soc Trang?

Below is an article to share contact information, some of the services of the list of companies, study abroad counseling centers in Soc Trang you can contact. TopnList recommends you contact at least 3 centers or more to receive advice, quotes and choose a place that suits your needs. Please see the article below to get contact information immediately.

1 Study abroad in MARANATHA

MARANATHA Study Abroad is a leading unit in the field of Korean study abroad consulting and Korean language training in Soc Trang and other provinces such as: Hai Phong, Hanoi, Thai Binh, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh , Nghe An.

Study abroad in MARANATHA in squirrel moon

Contact information:

  • Hotline: 0901.400.898 Ms.Thu
  • Email:

2 Study abroad consulting company EFS

Are you looking for a company or consulting service to study abroad in Soc Trang? Then next in the list of companies you can contact is EFS. EFS (Specializing in recruiting students to study in Canada, USA and Australia in Vietnam) is the admissions representative for over 250 prestigious international educational institutions, high schools, colleges and universities in Canada, the US and Australia.

EFS specializes in admissions for the following majors: business, economics, information technology, healthcare, restaurants, hotels, media - marketing

EFS is one of the PRESTIGE, long-term study abroad consulting units and specializes in student enrollment in Canada, the US, and Australia at high schools (grades 6 to 12), undergraduate and master's degrees in Soc Moon, Vietnam.

EFS study abroad consulting company - Specializes in recruiting students to study in Canada, USA and Australia in Vietnam

There are 6 types of study abroad that EFS specializes in supporting:

  • Long-term study abroad from secondary school to graduate school.
  • Working while studying.
  • Accompanied by relatives / whole family (including gay).
  • Apprenticeship – short-term study.
  • Cultural exchange.

Why should you choose EFS study abroad consultant?

  • More than 10 years of experience in specialized education consulting in Canada, USA and Australia.
  • Official admissions representative with special scholarships/policies of majors in economics, IT and hospitality.
  • Professional and fast procedures thanks to direct links with many educational institutions in the world and understanding the visa process of consulates in Vietnam.
  • All contracts are signed in Vietnam, tuition fees are paid directly to the school's account, the legality is 100% guaranteed (Say NO to RISK).
  • 1vs1 Consulting – Make an appointment to meet directly with the School Representative that the student is interested in.
  • Make a package of Visa documents & practice interviews with experts with many years of experience in studying abroad.
  • Free consulting service.
  • There is a policy to bring the whole family along during the study abroad period or register for a long-term work settlement.

EFS has supported thousands of students to study abroad successfully, with many students achieving scholarships from 60%-100%, supporting students throughout their study abroad period such as university application, reservation, transfer, etc. find accommodation, support to apply for a paid internship job after graduation.

EFS study abroad consulting company - Specialized in recruiting students to study in Canada, USA and Australia in Vietnam


  • The website is rarely updated, so it is necessary to contact directly to receive full support information.
  • Special scholarship/policy packages are not posted on the website but only presented to qualified candidates through the initial interview.

EFS focuses on serving customers in the following provinces: Bac Lieu, Soc Trang, Kien Giang, Tra Vinh, An Giang, Dong Nai, Gia Lai, Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Hanoi, and HCM.


  • Head office: 09 Street 75, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCM
  • Branch: 116 Nguyen Van Thu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Branch: 147 Doi Can, Doi Can Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0939 816 169
  • Website:

3 Study Abroad Counseling Center WONSCHOOL

Wonschool Study Abroad Counseling Center, under the Wonschool Education and Training System has been officially licensed and put into operation, we bring great news to students in the region. Southwest region in general and Soc Trang province in particular when you have a dream to set foot in a country with a developed economy and education to pursue your own academic career.

WONSCHOOL Study Abroad Counseling Center in Soc Trang

Benefits when contacting the WONSCHOOL Study Abroad Counseling Center:

  • Consulting and supporting students in terms of documents and legal documents during the process of selecting and registering schools abroad.
  • Support students - students throughout the process of applying for Visa, documents to study abroad.
  • Support students' families with bank loans, prove financial support for the Consulate or Embassy of the country they intend to study abroad.
  • Support students-students during the process of learning foreign languages ​​at the center while waiting for Visa with the most preferential fees.

Contact information:

4 Study Abroad HAVICO

HAVICO is an enterprise established in 2007 operating in the field of study abroad training, with the strategic market being Japan. Up to now, after more than 14 years, HAVICO is proud to be the leading Japanese study abroad enterprise in Hanoi in particular and the whole country in general, a place where more than 6.000 young people come to Japan to study and work.

Study Abroad HAVICO Soc Trang

The HAVICO study abroad certificates achieved:

  • Letter Tam was presented by former President Truong Tan Sang
  • TOP 100 trusted brands in the capital
  • TOP 100 excellent enterprises in 3 regions
  • Creative Labor Award from Vietnam General Confederation of Labor
  • .......

HAVICO is currently the enrollment representative in Vietnam of more than 300 leading Japanese language schools in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Chiba, Fukuoka... Along with that, HAVICO also cooperates with large corporations in Japan. such as Chiyoda Corporation, Matsuya restaurant system... HAVICO commits to signing part-time contracts in Japan for students from Vietnam.

Study abroad service at HAVICO

  • Study abroad in Japan
  • Study in South Korea
  • Study in Germany

Contact information:

5 Study Abroad in Viet Phuong

Viet Phuong Study Abroad (VPEdu) is one of the most prestigious study abroad consulting companies in Vietnam. The company has become a reliable consulting address, a place to incubate and nurture the dream of studying abroad of many Vietnamese students. With the motto "Viet Phuong elevates knowledge", we will always be a companion with students - students on every journey of studying abroad, helping you access advanced education, open a new future. brighter future for the generation of young Vietnamese intellectuals.

Studying abroad in Viet Phuong at Soc Trang

Services at Viet Phuong Study Abroad:

  • Advice on choosing a major, choosing a school that is suitable for your study ability and family financial condition
  • Free translation & processing of visa documents
  • Free English entrance test
  • Give air tickets to students who get visas
  • Free registration of dormitory, support to find a house on demand in Singapore
  • Support pick up and drop off at both ends of the airport
  • Instructions on the procedure for paying tuition fees/buying foreign currencies through the office's partner banking system with the lowest fee schedule
  • A pre-flight guide with full information on local laws
  • Support in procedures for parents/relatives to visit international students
  • Support international students during the process of living & studying in the host country
Table of tuition fees to study in Australia for each level of study, parents and students can refer to
Chuong Trinh Cost (AUD)
High school $ 11,000 - $ 35,000
English courses About $350-$390/week (depending on course length)
Vocational Education and Training Certificates I – IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) around $6,000 – $25,000
Pre University $21,000- $30,000
Bachelor degree $ 25,000 - $ 33,000
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma $17,000-$34,000
Postgraduate Master's Degree $ 30,000- $ 37,000
Ph.D $ 17,000 - $ 36,000

Contact information:

6 Study abroad in Kokono

Over 10 years of establishment and development, Kokono Study Abroad Consulting Company successfully operates in the field of study abroad consulting in Japan and Korea; Training Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

With a team of dynamic, enthusiastic, professional managers and a team of experienced consultants, Kokono is really a bridge connecting the dreams of international students across the country. Kokono Study Abroad Counseling Center wishes to help Vietnamese young people approach and keep pace with the civilizations of advanced countries such as Japan and Korea through education, learning and knowledge sharing.

Study abroad Kokono Soc Trang

Studying abroad in Kokono brings:

  • Counseling helps you to choose the most suitable educational environment for your profession and your family's finances.
  • Make sure to apply for a successful Visa as soon as possible.
  • Provide you with the most optimal service package.
  • Always support students throughout the process of studying and working in your country, as well as in Vietnam.

Contact information:

  • Hotline: 0913 828 222 - 0989 212 668
  • Email:

7 Soc Trang Study Abroad Center

Contact information:

So here is a list of some of the information Study abroad consulting center, study abroad consulting company in Soc Trang. Although this may not be an exhaustive list, it is not possible to list all of them, but it can certainly help you with the fastest contact needs. If anyone knows any other centers, please add information, rate and leave a comment below.

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  1. The Universities with the Most Vietnamese Students in Korea

    1. Konkuk . University

    Konkuk University is one of the universities with the most Vietnamese students in Korea. According to statistics, there are more than 2 Vietnamese international students enrolled in the school in the two admission periods from June 6 to December 2016.

    Konkuk University was established in 1946 in Seoul, South Korea. In addition to the headquarters in Seoul, the school also has another campus in Chungju-si city, Chungcheongbuk-do province.

    2. Sun Moon University

    Sun Moon University is located in Asan City – Cheonan, Chungcheongnam Province, an hour's drive from Seoul. This is the gathering place of large corporations such as Hyundai, Samsung, LG, Oh Chang…

    Sun Moon has about 10.000 students, the highest number of international students in Korea (1.009 students from 79 countries around the world). This is also one of the universities with the most Vietnamese students in Korea.

    3. Wonkwang University

    Wonkwang University is a university located in Iksan, South Korea. The university was opened in 1967, and in 1971 it reached university level.

    Wonkwang University was established as the cultural and intellectual center of Jeonbuk Province. Currently, the school has 17.000 students studying. In which, the number of Vietnamese international students is 850 students.

    4. Korea University

    Korea University was founded in 1905 and is famous as the oldest university in Korea. Renowned faculty, outstanding students and internationally recognized research programs. All of these have contributed to forming the reputation of Korea University.

    5. Ansan University

    Ansan University is a school that attracts many Vietnamese students to study. The school is located in Ansan city - the city known as the capital of Vietnamese people in Korea. The neighborhoods in Ansan are full of Vietnamese cafes, restaurants or homestays.

  2. The most popular universities in the US that Vietnam goes to study abroad

    University Location World Ranking
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, Massachusetts the 1st
    Stanford University Stanford, California 2nd
    Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts 3rd
    California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Pasadena, California 4th
    University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois 9th
    Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey 13rd
    Cornell University Ithaca, New York 14th
    Yale University New Haven, Connecticut 15th
    Columbia University Upper Manhattan, New York City 16th
    University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19th
  3. List of states in the US with the largest number of international students

    California-Hollywood Capital

    Notable Universities:

    Stanford University
    California University of Technology (Caltech)
    University of California – San Diego
    University of California – Beckerly
    Colleges of Contra Costa
    Golden West College
    National University
    Glendale community college


    Notable Universities:

    Texas Tech University
    Alamo Colleges District
    University of North Texas
    Southern Methodist University
    Lamar University


    Notable Universities:

    Shoreline Community College
    Washington State University
    City University of Seattle
    Eastern Washington University
    Gonzaga University


    Notable Universities:

    Harvard University
    University of MIT
    Western New England University
    Suffolk University
    Northeastern University
    Clark university
    University of Mississippi