Top 6 Funny Entertainment Channels On Social Networks

Here are some extremely interesting humor channels for you to choose to entertain after the days, stressful and exhausting working hours will make you laugh.

List of Top 6 Popular Funny Fun Channels Followed Many On Social Networks

1. Yeah1 TV – Funny Entertainment Channel

Yeah1 TV Fun Entertainment Channel

Youtube channel address:


Yeah1 TV is 1 in the entertainment channel that summarizes many leading categories in Vietnam today. Yeah1 TV is famous as an alcoholic thanks to the brand Thich An Pho because of the presence of Pho Biet and Ngoc Thao.

With many successful debut MVs, they are received and shared by many viewers on many other social media channels. Up to the present time, the site has been registered with 3,7 million and this number is increasing.

2. BB&BG – Funny Entertainment Channel

BB&BG Funny Entertainment Channel

Youtube channel address:


As a comedy entertainment channel that brings joy to viewers, in 2009, thanks to the Teen model playground, 11 future beautiful and handsome members of BB&BG met, got to know each other, became friends, and then in 2012, they met each other. decided to form the comedy group BB&BG (Happy House).

At the time of debut, because the video quality was still limited and the strengths of each member were fully revealed, few people noticed and cared. After many years of constant innovation, BB&BG is loved by many viewers as the choice. BB&BG currently has 264 million views and over 1,8 million followers.

Although the group has stopped working at this point because each member of the group is pursuing their own path, there are still many people who come to watch BB&BG's videos to find laughter after stressful working hours.

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3. DAMtv – Funny Entertainment Channel

DAMtv Funny Entertainment Channel

Youtube channel address:


Was born in 2011 and is one of the comedy channels that are regularly accessed by young Vietnamese to watch new clips. Ekip has about 10 members such as Huynh Lap, Le Nhan, Thu Le, Hong Tu ... who have similar interests in cinema.

Channel DAMtv currently owns more than 142 million views and more than 1,6 million views. With the outstanding MVs that make up the names of DAMtv such as Kaleidoscope, Chầu Hoan Crab, bride ofUMUM 1800 ... With the careful, careful and meticulous investment of the group, it has been recorded with increasing number of views. higher..

Just like BB&BG, DAMtv channel has stopped working, but the channel's hotness has never ended, everyday there are still many people who come back to watch old videos to find laughter.

4. FAPtv – Funny Entertainment Channel

FAPtv Fun Entertainment Channel

Youtube channel address:


FAPtv is a name that many people see and know after the released comedy MVs. Released on February 14, 2, FAPtv has the participation of director Vien Glacial and two main actors, Thai Vu (Rapper Black Bi) and actor - model Ribi Sachi.

FAP stands for Funny Action Program ". Thanks to the interaction and positive response of viewers, in the last month of 10, FAPtv was honored to receive the Youtube Play Button. This is a great source of motivation, the meticulousness about the quality of the episodes of the group going forward.

Up to the present time Faptv has reached a record number of 10 million registered, and has thousands of thousands of millions, to millions of views every day. This number is increasing day by day, because Faptv constantly updates weekly videos that bring viewers laughter.

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5. Addicted Noodles - Funny Entertainment Channel

Sticky Noodles With Fun Entertainment Channels

Youtube channel address:

Addiction Mi Go is a comedy channel that has made many young people "addicted" by the way to build reasonable and interesting short comedy skits with the combination of beautiful hot girl actors and a series of attractive names. with young people.

With many views from the MV launched with hundreds of shares on many channels of social networks. The works of the group often reflect the nature of society in a simple way but no less humorous.

Currently, Ghien Mi Go is hitting the milestone of 5,7 million followers on youtobe, and this number is increasing because Ghien Mi Go continuously updates many new videos with better and better content and quality.

6. Duy Khiem Ngo – Funny Entertainment Channel

Duy Humorous Funny Entertainment Channel

Youtube channel address:


With the ability to transform familiar movies into a completely attractive "super comedy" such as: Cung Tam Che, Quang Trau Princess, Angry Hot Girl... Currently on his youtube channel has reached more than 22 million views. watch and more than 444 followers.

Success comes to Duy Khiem thanks to the ingenious and creative talent in creating his products, always coming up with new ideas and talents of different voices. In the homemade clips, he not only voiced with teeny lines but also showed his talent in singing and making music.

After the comedy that was released the audience responded and loved very high.

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They are the most talented young people who have created entertainment channels that attract millions of views and follow well, bring lots of laughter to everyone and receive a lot of love from the fans. .

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