Top 6 Playgrounds for Children Favorite Da Nang

In the old days, children could experience many games such as shooting marbles, flying kites, eating mandarin umbrellas, etc., running and jumping all over the road. But nowadays, children have limited play space a lot – this is a huge disadvantage. Therefore, parents should spend free time leading their children to the amusement parks, so that the children can experience useful games and relax after stressful study hours. Today's Post, TopnList Please share the top 6 play places for your favorite children in Da Nang.

1. Helio Center amusement park

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

Helio Center is a children's favorite playground in Da Nang today. Helio Center is designed with a model combining education and entertainment for children from 2 - 9 years old.

Including 42 game area including:

Indoor area: including performance areas, costume games, art workshop, water table, train station, kitchen, etc.

• Outdoor area: including dinosaur garden games, childhood garden, preschool garden, green maze, fishing lake.

• Driving class: designed as a miniature city with enough transportation systems, children will be very interested in choosing their favorite car models and driving them.

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

This is a great place if you want your children to have fun and healthy entertainment when coming to this city. In addition, Helio Center is also one of the center for organizing various exhibitions, food fairs - and is also loved by many young people.


Location: Southeast Park Monument, 2 / 9 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.



Hotline: (0236) 3 630 666

Fare: Free entry, if participating in the game, the price ranges from 40.000 to 65.000 VND / person.

Open time: from 10h am to 22h daily.

2. Palace of children culture

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

Da Nang Children's Cultural Palace has a scale ofUMUMX floors including multi-functional areas with unique, youthful and dynamic design spaces with a colorful background, always attracting many tourists to take photos and check in. here.

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

The cultural palace includes entertainment areas, parks, classrooms, sports rooms, libraries and halls. This is not only a place for playing, living, studying of children but also a destination for many young people in Da Nang.

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang


Location: 2-9 street, Hai Chau district, Da Nang.



Open hour: 08h00 - 22h00

Phone number: 02363. 822643 - 02363. 868747

3. Tiniworld Amusement Park

Tiniworld is a play area for children from 2 - 12 years old, although it has just opened from 2016 but this is one of the most popular places for children to play in Da Nang. With a lot of game systems ranging from folk to modern types. Come here, the children will be involved in extracurricular activities that are highly educational.

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

Here, the fun activities are guaranteed absolute safety and regular upgrades to conform to modern trends.


Location: 2, 255-257 Hung Vuong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.

Website: https:

Business hours: 10h00 - 21h30 days of the week.

Fare: From 100.000 VND / person.

4. Indochina Playground

Indochina Da Nang is a fun place for children who love online games. Coming here, the children will be playing a lot of diverse games with many modern machines. On weekends, many families with young children come here for dinner and entertainment.

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang


Location: 3 Floor of Indochina Building, 74 Bach Dang, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

Business hours: 08h00 - 22h30 days of the week.

5. Fun4baby playground

Fun4Baby is a Da Nang play area for children of the age of 2 to 12 years old, this is an entertainment place with a new, creative and educational model to help the baby develop comprehensively. Therefore, Fun4Baby is always loved and selected by the children and parents of Danang.

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

Fun4Baby play area is designed and arranged:

• The 1 floor includes a baby stage, sports area, creative skills zone, vibrant castle, fun slides and foot-car.

• The 2 floor includes a library of books, sand worlds, adventurous cliffs, technology circles and music gardens.

Coming here, children can experience entertaining games, but at the same time, practice effective thinking and skills.


Location: 104 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Hải Châu district, Đà Nẵng.

Phone number: 0236 386 8633

Business hours: 08h00 - 22h00

Fare: From 50.000 VND.

6. Painting Museum 3D Art In Paradise

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

Art in Paradise is a 3D gallery revolving around 3D objects, using camouflage art - the art of painting on different surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings; so that the pictures on the plane become an illusion, creating the feeling that everything is lifelike.

- Top 6 Most Favorite Children's Playgrounds in Da Nang

Coming to Art in Paradise Danang, children are not only allowed to take photos but also to freely touch and create creative photos with their own “scenery”. This is an ideal place for children who love and explore art that parents should not miss when coming to Danang.


Location: Lot C2-10 Tran Nhan Tong, Son Tra District, Da Nang.


Phone number: 097 487 20 77

Fare: From 100.000 VND.


In addition to the locations mentioned by TopnList, the shopping centers in Da Nang have long been integrated with their own amusement parks, to meet the needs of customers who often take their children with them when shopping. . Therefore, VinCom Shopping Center, Coopmart Supermarket, Big C Supermarket, Lotte Supermarket are also fun places for children that are interested and enjoyed by many parents.

We hope that parents will always spend time with children to play, so that children can experience useful and relaxing games after stressful studying hours. Hopefully this article will be useful for you, wish you choose a fun place like that and have relaxing experiences with your children!

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