Top 6 Address Prestige Auto Repair Garage In Tp. HCM

You are looking for one Address of prestigious and quality automobile repair garage in Ho Chi Minh City HCM? Owning a car is no longer a luxury as it used to be. Because now there are so many quality car brands, but the price is only a few hundred million to buy one is quite good already.

Introduce List of Prestige Auto Repair Garage Addresses In Ho Chi Minh City Reference

Bring her back, they must take care, beauty periodically to new and durable longer is extremely necessary. Periodic car maintenance will help us detect damage promptly to repair, replace parts, help drivers love to operate better, glide like new. This also poses a need for car owners to find a reputable car maintenance and repair facility and this is not easy.

1. Thanh Phong Auto – Address Reputable Garage Repair

Born in the year of 2013, Thanh Phong Auto has confirmed its important position in the field of automobile repair and maintenance. Thanks to a system of modern machinery and equipment that meet international standards. When coming to Thanh Phong Auto, you will be enthusiastic, repaired and maintained by a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians.

Top 6 Address Prestige Auto Repair Garage In Tp. HCM

Thanh Phong team - One of the prestigious car repair garage addresses in District 7 - Nha Be

Diverse services at prestigious car repair garage address Thanh Phong Auto are widely trusted as:

  • Repairing cars of all kinds from general to advanced.
  • Maintenance cars regularly.
  • Car rescue service - car insurance.
  • Copper paints part or the whole of a car.
  • General inspection of engines such as engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission belts, filters, engine oil.
  • Supply and replace genuine auto parts and accessories as required.
  • Receive deposit, buy and sell cars.

List the garage specialized in repairing prestigious cars in Ho Chi Minh City

Contact Information Address of Auto Repair Garage HCM City

  • CS1 Address: 793 / 57 / 3 Tran Xuan Soan, P. Tan Hung, Q. 7, Tp. HCM
  • CS2: 1260 Le Van Luong, Commune Phuoc Kien, Nha Be District, Tp. HCM
  • Phone: 0283 7755 429 - Fax: 0283 775 1046
  • Hotline: 0934 79 71 79 – 0913 11 93 93 – 0931 79 67 90 – 0931 79 77 90
  • Customer Care Center: 0934 222 763
  • Email:
  • Website:

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2. Gia Dinh car garage

Gia Dinh car garage is a reliable place chosen by many people to repair and maintain their cars. Gia Dinh auto garage with professional and enthusiastic staff will be ready to advise and guide you basic steps after which Gara employees will check and report back what needs fixing to customers.

Address reputable automobile repair garage in Saigon

Some outstanding services at Gia Dinh prestigious automobile repair garage address:

  • Check the vehicle's general technical status.
  • Car repair at home.
  • Changing oil, gear oil, motor oil for vehicles.
  • Supply of genuine quality equipment and spare parts.
  • Regular car maintenance service.
  • Repair, maintenance and overhaul of the whole vehicle.
  • Repairing machines, undercarriage, engines, gear boxes.

Where should I go to repair cars in Saigon?

You will not need to worry when bringing your beloved car to Gia Dinh car garage, here is full of equipment and modern machinery such as lifting equipment, modern error scanners, ... and extremely good customer service. You will be extremely satisfied when you come here.

Contact information

  • Address: Alley 342 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 6, Q. Tan Binh, Tp. HCM
  • Phone: 0932 746 748 - 0908 071 525 - 0933 310 254
  • Website:
  • Email:

3. Pioneer Car garage

If it comes to prestigious garages in the city. HCM can not help but mention the address Tien Phong reputable car repair garage. This is one of the leading prestigious addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM is trusted by many car owners.

Top 10 Workshop / Garage repair cars prestige and quality

Some services selected by many people at Tien Phong Auto Garage:

  • General inspection of cars.
  • Car repair.
  • Periodic maintenance for cars.
  • Caring for and beautifying cars.
  • Specializes in providing quality car accessories.
  • Selling insurance for cars.
  • Especially, there is a traffic rescue service 24 / 24.

Address garage / prestigious automobile repair workshop in HCMC

Pioneer Car garage There are staff Professional is always dedicated, enthusiastic, giving customers the most comfortable and satisfied feeling here. This will be a reliable place for many people to renovate everything for their cars.

Contact information

  • Address: 2A Phan Văn Trị, Phường 10, Quận Gò Vấp, Tp. HCM
  • Phone: 028 7776 6789 - 090 11 88 569
  • Website:

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4. Garage AUTO Huy Phong

Huy Phong Garage is known by many people as a place, a prestigious and quality garage repair center in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. With years of professional experience, Huy Phong Garage has built trust with customers thanks Good service quality, enthusiastic, enthusiastic staff, and reasonable implementation costs are committed to giving customers the best.

List of Car garages in Ho Chi Minh City - Carmudi Car Blog

Some main services at Gara auto Huy Phong:

  • Car rescue service 24 / 24.
  • Provide genuine spare parts and accessories of cars.
  • Specialize in maintenance of cars.
  • Repair and overhaul of cars.
  • Regular car maintenance.
  • Paint and repair all kinds of cars.

Where do I want to repair and make copper cars? Addresses, services, garage specializing in making co-reputation and quality in Ho Chi Minh City.

Contact information

  • Address: 55 Đường 270 Cao Lỗ, Phường 4 Quận 8, TP.HCM
  • Phone: 096 688 1117
  • Email:
  • Website:

5. Auto Institute Garage

With car owners in the city. HCM then Auto Institute is a very familiar address, when you need a car service, immediately come to Auto Institute Highly experienced staff Check the car and advise the best services, necessary for your vehicle. Especially, the Auto Institute is open every day of the week to serve you.

Auto Garage Institute of prestigious automobile repair address

Some outstanding services at the prestigious Auto Repair garage address of the Auto Institute:

  • Copper paints part or the whole of a car.
  • Specializing in supplying and replacing genuine car accessories according to customer requirements.
  • General inspection of engines such as engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission belts, filters, engine oil.
  • Car repair from the smallest parts such as lights, whistles, windscreen wipers to power steering systems, air conditioning systems ...
  • Undercarriage repairs, periodically check the brakes, accelerator, steering wheel, tires, pipes, exhaust pipes, nuts and internal problems.

General address garage care, upgrade the most prestigious car

Contact information

  • Address: 10, Đường Số 66, Thảo Điền Ward, Quận 2, Tp. HCM
  • Phone: 0909 878 369 - 1900 966 949
  • Website:
  • Email:

6. Phat Tai garage

Phat garage Tai is the last address that we would like to introduce in the top 5 address of prestigious automobile repair garage in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. This is considered to be Address reputable automobile repair garage with many services for quality cars. Phat Tai garage thanks to a team of professional, experienced technicians in car machinery, Good care, reasonable performance costs has gradually asserted its position in the field of car repair and maintenance business.

Phat Tai Dai garage is only for repairing prestigious cars

The outstanding services at Phat Tai prestigious automobile repair garage address are selected by many car owners:

  • Car repair and maintenance.
  • Copper paints part or the whole of a car.
  • Beauty car interior, leather, felt.
  • Cleaning, cleaning indoor units, deodorizing of car air conditioners.
  • Car wash, undercarriage, car vacuum cleaner.
  • Wash and maintain the engine compartment.
  • Change lubricants, motor cars.
  • Film insulation 3M, Vkool, ... genuine quality.
  • Nano coating, Nano glass...

How to become a good repair mechanic ... Hiep Cuong Auto Garage is one of the most prestigious professional addresses.

Contact Information Address of Auto Repair Garage In Saigon

  • Address: 568 National Highway 13, Hiệp Bình Phước, Thủ Đức Dist, Tp. HCM
  • Phone: 0283 896 7474 - Fax: 0283 7269 513
  • Email:

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Above is a list of top 6 addresses of reputable garage repair in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM that we would recommend to readers. Make sure to visit these addresses will make you extremely satisfied.

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  1. My family is in 7 district, at the time I went to fix a car in Thanh Phong
    The staff is enthusiastic, the technical skill is also high. Sometimes when the car broke down in the distance, I also called for rescue services by their side to bring the car to the garage in the 7 district to repair it, but it was also close to home again, after finishing the repair to get more convenient

  2. Thank you for sharing, but now the addresses that I find the most prestigious places are also very good 🙂

  3. Thanks, I'm trying to find some reputable car repair places in my friends' house, but here they are, thank you very much 🙂

  4. Now repairing cars is not the same as before, there used to be less competition to repair okei, but nowadays, it is difficult to find many reputable car repair services.
    Sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? But that's the reality
    Anyone who has a car in Ho Chi Minh City can understand and absorb this problem, probably

  5. How does Vote 5 post, share too useful

  6. Tien Phong Auto and Thanh Phong Auto ok, I've been to these two places several times, and I'm satisfied, especially in Thanh Phong, the boss is quite enthusiastic.

  7. Thanh Phong Auto District 7 service ok, I usually maintain and repair cars here. Although a bit far, but the quality is ok, so choose

  8. Thanh Phong branch in District 7 has moved to 68B Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, please update it again.
    This epidemic is also free disinfecting car spray, the service is ok.

  9. Thanh Phong Auto's side cleans and disinfects the car ok, do it quickly, return the car on time

  10. Thanh Phong is my favorite place to go to, Mr. Phong, the owner of this place, talks calmly and amicably
    The staff is welcoming, there is quite a professional disinfection