Top 5 Address See Tarot Cards In Ho Chi Minh City Always Attract Crowd Seekers

See Tarot is a form of viewing cards imported from Western countries into our country and developed strongly in recent years. The viewing of the Tarot is no longer merely a spontaneous viewing of an individual but has become a high-end consulting service.

List of Addresses To See Tarot Cards Tarot Extremely, Very Standard in HCMC

The problems that you encounter in life, the work of not knowing how to solve will be Reader-based cards. Tarot cards give advice, answer questions as well as help you see clearly the problem you are facing, thereby making decisions for yourself.

So in Ho Chi Minh City, which Tarot reading sites attract the most people? Let's find out those addresses with Topnlist.

1 Wichita – Tarot Cafe

Wichita is one of the first Tarot viewing venues organized specifically for the first tarot in Ho Chi Minh City, and is very famous. Many people who watch tarot share truthfully "Wherever you go, look and see what kind of thing, you have to come to Wichita twice a year”. Why is it receiving so much favor?

The cafe sees the best quality tarot cards today

Seagrass Accurately In HCMC

Everything has its reasons. The gathering of the Reader team here is quite thorough because readers need to have years of experience watching actual tarot cards at least 3 years.. Another very "plus" for Wichita is that they only specialize in receiving tarot guests, not serving cafe and beverage customers, so the atmosphere here is very pleasing to the viewers.

When to see tarot cards now Wichita, you do not need to make an appointment in advance, there are always 02-03 readers/shift ready to welcome you to spread the cards in the morning. working time 9h30 am to 8h00 evening. And the number of readers / shifts will increase on holidays or weekends to best meet the needs of customers.

The resort Wichita still online tarot watch service meet the needs for customers who are far away or unable to watch directly at the shop.

Wichita Address to see the tarot boss in Saigon

See Tarot Cafe In Saigon

With price of 170.000đ / 30 minutes See the post and unlimited questions when coming to watch live at the shop and 250.000đ / 30 minutes when watching online. Đặc biệt, when viewing the article here, In 05 the first minute if you feel that this reader is not suitable, you have the right to request to change to another reader without any charge.

Wichita's Contact Information:

Have you ever seen a tarot in Wichita Tarot? If you have watched, you can leave a review of the tarot viewing service in Wichita, review the Wichita tarot below. By commenting to share more information for everyone. Or Click here to enter the topic to see, comment together with the community.

2 Zenchi Tarot Cafe

Also one of the most popular tarot viewing addresses today, Zenchi Tarot Cafe provides a comfortable reading space where viewers and readers can freely chat, talk and listen, thereby helping you solve the troubles in your heart and have the best solution.

Update top tarot viewing addresses in Saigon

See where exactly tarot?

At Zenchi, with the concept of a good, experienced reader is an important factor determining the success of a spread, so you will not come across elaborate presentations or rituals in spread and Simply talking and listening through the tool are mystical Tarot cards.

You can request to change Reader in 10 the first minute if you feel that it is not suitable for free. This is also a place to see articles without having to book a schedule first, you just come and will be warmly welcomed.

Where should I go to see where the tarot is best

Is online tarot fortune telling correct?

Only with 150.000đ / 30 minutes viewing postWith unlimited questions for experienced and professional readers, you will find answers to your questions.

Zenchi Tarot Contact Information:

  • Open time: 9h00 - 20h30 daily
  • Location: 637 Tran Hung Dao – Ward 1 – District 5 – Ho Chi Minh City(Currently ZenChi only accepts online tarot cards, no longer see them at a specific address)
  • Facebook:

You watched tarot, fortune telling tarot and when did you like tarot when you didn't know? And obviously you are looking to buy and own yourself a deck of tarot cards, with the best price but do not know where to buy? Which address to buy? So TopnList recommends you to see the article about Top 04 Shop Tarot Shop Genuine Original Price In HCMC

3 Monkey in Black (MIB)

Share information about addresses to watch modern tarot

Monkey in Black (MIB) Although the business is primarily a cafe, however, it is here regularly organize tarot festivals every Saturday night with reading time from 7h16 to 00h21. Readers here review is very enthusiastic, professional and experienced.

When you need to see tarot cards, you can go to the registration link of the shop to register yourself for a viewing post here. With 60.000Đd for a problem and combo 3đ problem is 150.000đ Unlimited questions and time to ask.

Besides the Tarot Festival, on every weekly 3 night, There is also a free Tarot card viewing service. To get a very simple article view, you just need to order 1 cake and 1 water to be distributed immediately 1 article view. Time to start viewing material at 19h00 and starting to distribute votes from 18h30 With a limited number of votes, so if you need it, hurry up.

The cafe looks at the tarot 24 / 7

Although not a professional tarot viewing address, the level of professionalism as well as the experience of reading readers here are the plus points of the shop.

Contact information:

  • Location: 698 Su Van Hanh – Ward 12 – District 10 – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Facebook:

Watch tarot, should you believe in tarot? This is a question of many people but when it comes to TopnList's perspective, when going to fortune telling, fortune telling in any way, we will have our own views on a problem, thing, incident, main issue. So believe it or not it's up to you. And you can also see a small article about this problem that is Should You Believe In Tarot Fortune?

4 Morgana Tarot Coffee

Should go see where tarot fortune telling

As a cafe and also the address to watch tarot by Reader team of Tarot Club and Life. 

With 170.000Đđ / 30đ minutes see the lesson and 30.000đ per nextUMUMUM minutes. Readers will be able to resolve concerns and concerns as well as give directions and solutions to the problems you are facing. Besides, Morgana Tarot Coffee There is also a service to watch tarot cards online for those who are far away but in need.

The trend of tarot fortune telling is crowned

Contact information:

  • Open time: From 10:00 to 21:00 every day
  • Location: 12/29 Lu Gia – Ward 15 – District 11 – Ho Chi Minh City 
  • Facebook:

5 Watching Time With Tarot

Should we believe in tarot?

Elastic band Tarot is one of the most popular places to watch tarot cards today. The space of the bar is uniquely designed in the Bohemian style, bringing a mystical look very suitable for watching tarot activities. Here is the main 3 reader working with strong experience and qualifications that will help you give the best solution to the problem you are having.

The fee for viewing tarot here ranges from 150.000 VND to 170.000 VND / 30 minutes View post depending on Reader. You can ask Reader. And a note for you that is if the time of viewing your article is over 10 minutes will be counted as 2 rate of view so be prepared with problems and questions to avoid overtime.

Is tarot divination really accurate?

Contact information:

  • For the best service, you should book your appointment in advance Hotline 0937 165 948 .
  • Open time: From 10:00 to 22:00 every day
  • Location: 140/12 Vo Thi Sau – Ward 8 – District 3 – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Facebook:

Above are the tarot viewing addresses that are very popular with the tarot-loving community in general and those who need to find a way to resolve the problems and problems in the life of trust and appreciation. Hopefully the locations that Topnlist introduces above will help you find a good and comfortable tarot viewing address.

If you are interested in learning and learning about tarot, you can refer to the article 05 Introduction A Tarot Reading Guide in Vietnamese. Or after you have chosen the tarot viewing address and do not know how to ask questions, then suggest to you 04 Note When Asking Questions In Tarot Need Compliance. And is the public information portal of Vietnam tarot community You can go there to find other knowledge as well as interact with people in the tarot world in Vietnam.

✅ Wichita - Tarot ⭐ 783 Tran Xuan Soan
✅ Zenchi Tarot ⭐ Watch online
✅ Monkey in Black (MIB) ⭐ 698 Venerable Van Hanh
✅ Morgana Tarot Coffee ⭐ 12/29 Lu Gia
✅ Elastic Band Time ⭐ 140/12 Vo Thi Sau

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  1. Want to see the standard tarot should need to learn, read and learn about tarot before you guys

  2. Perhaps this article is the answer of someone's question on the webtretho forum. This question I found posted a long time ago, everyone can see more below. The content of that question, if anyone is interested in the same question, the tarot webtrue for this article answered quite well. Instant introduction to the address, location and viewing service, see that tarot.

    Any mother know where to read tarot cards in Ho Chi Minh City?

    Hi… hello young mothers. The situation is that I am in a bad mood right now, so I want to find some advice, I don't like going to see card fortune-telling or palmistry because those are only 50/50... but I went to Hong Kong before. then stop by

    The coofee "forgot the name" in it is a bit dark… the interior design is very strange in a classic and mysterious style. and I met a strangely dressed person "like Egypt with a little Indian..." sitting in a room and drawing cards to read fortune-telling for others, I was very curious and also wanted to try so I boldly sat down. while watching when that woman talked about things like love, friends, work… I also had to scream in my heart a very good OMG how does that person know all about my past…? The more I look at it, the more I feel a little impatient and scared "because I watch it in a very standard space of mystery ..." to see fortune-telling, you have to pay, but it's okay, moms. and I'm an ordinary person, my friends say ki bo but for some reason, when I finished watching it, I felt like I had dropped a heavy stone, so I gave that person 500 yuan. and since then I know but that card is a Tarot card when I returned to Vietnam, it has been two years since I got it and now I really want to read Tarot cards but I don't know where to look in Ho Chi Minh City, I know there are many in Hanoi but I don't have time to go that far… hixhix Hope young mothers can help me… thank you very much ^^

  3. Did you see the article "Reading Tarot cards in Saigon, superstition or movement?" In the youth newspaper, it's quite good, so please share it with the whole family

    Never considered to be rich...

    Tarot reading service on To Hien Thanh Street (District 10, HCMC), not on weekends, but people visit continuously. A 9X youngster welcomed guests, said: “To ensure privacy for viewers, each reader (viewer) will only watch for one guest. Friends traveling with you will be waiting outside.”

    The price of the card is 150 thousand VND / 30 minutes, every 10 minutes will be charged 20.000 VND.

    Tarot room is arranged with 3 small tables in 3 corners with 3 readers. Sitting across from readers, customers answer questions about what they are doing and topics they want to see. They were told in advance that they would never consider death or never get rich ...

    With very smooth, mature movements, the reader spreads the Tarot deck into a semi-arc on the table, asking the guest to draw 8 cards. Reader answers the meaning of the cards to the audience, the guest needs to ask more questions to draw more cards.

    The staff here said the service is open from 9am to 20pm daily with about 30 readers taking turns.

    “We don't need to book an appointment on weekdays, but on weekends there are a lot of visitors. Online viewing is also available here. Customers transfer money and book an appointment and readers check it out via facetime, zalo, viber…”, the staff said.

    There are also Tarot lessons, evening lessons for 2 million / 12 sessions.

    M. Cafe on Le Van Sy Street (District 3) also has a Tarot reading service at 19pm every Tuesday night. “First 3 customers will be considered for free. The next 10 guests are surcharged 10 VND/person. One evening only for 20.000 guests. The readers are rented by the shop and charge 20 VND/session", the shop's staff said.

    Ms. Huong Lan (29 years old, Phu Nhuan district) worried about some family matters, introduced by friends, went to a cafe to try and read Tarot cards. “There are many things that are not convenient to discuss with loved ones. Tarot viewers don't know who they are, so it's easier to share, feel more relieved and also have more options to solve," Lan said.
    See Tarot cards in Saigon, superstition or movement? – Photo 2.

    Tarot as well as psychologists can help customers relieve themselves – Photo: DIEU NGUYEN

    Abandon going to watch fulltime

    Being a web data analytics expert with a stable income, Ngo Quoc Cuong (31 years old) suddenly quit and considered Tarot.

    “When I learned about Tarot, I was attracted and followed this profession. At first, I taught myself through books and online. When the time came to grasp the meaning of the cards, I began to watch them for customers", Mr. Cuong received to see or make an appointment at a convenient place for customers, priced at 200.000 VND / time.

    According to Mr. Cuong, considering Tarot right and wrong is due to the cooperation and interaction of customers with viewers, "like a psychologist can't fully support you if you don't cooperate or hide information".

    Having worked in this profession for 5 years, Mr. Cuong affirmed his life is more meaningful: “Many people have mental instability. Tarot as well as psychologists can help them relieve and regain balance, sometimes Tarot also has solutions to help them solve difficult problems.

    According to Ms. Truong Thi Bich Phuong - a psychology lecturer, considering Tarot cards is not really a trend of young people but only reflects a growing psychological need of them. 78 cards seem to have become an instant solution for some young people clinging to a deadlock, unable to find a solution to their problem and afraid that if they decide on their own, they will be derailed.

    Of course not superstitious, but if not alert, viewers can still become dependent on what the cards say, so much so that every "talk" is rushed to watch without actively taking the initiative. I find a solution.

    But if Tarot tarot reading is a relaxing way before finding a solution to the problem, it could be a way to relieve negative emotions or temporary psychological pressure. Consider the card to have more options when it comes to solving problems your way.
    fullsizerender (3) (1)

    Tarot viewers rely on 78 cards to explain the meaning – Photo: DIEU NGUYEN

    From the 15th century, the first Tarot called Trionfi, then Tarocchi, Tarock, was a deck of cards used in many parts of Europe as a game. Since the late 18th century, Tarot has been used in mysticism and fortune telling to predict the future or to understand the spirit and the soul.

    Tarot has 78 cards, the images on each deck are different, created by the designer but still related to the original deck. Each card has a different meaning for each question asked by the questioner. Attached to the Tarot is a handbook - a dictionary that deciphers the images.

    Tarot is based on an overarching philosophy, applying science to solve human problems that science does not recognize. Viewers interact with images, based on abstraction plus imagination and regular practice to reach the level of "clairvoyance" - feeling things and applying them to reality.

  4. What does tarot look like now? What does it look like to the whole family.
    and watching tarot like normal fortune telling? Since I don't know anything about tarot, I want to ask specific questions too.

  5. Watching tarot is one of the ways to relieve your stresses and feelings. I don't know about you guys but I'm tired, if anything, I'll find a tarot.
    At first, I didn't know what a tarot was, so I went to the wichita to see it. Later, I also went around all the addresses in Saigon but then came to Wichita. I don't know why but chatting with friends here is quite okie and appropriate.
    After that, I gradually got to know and know about tarot, so I started buying tarot sets to see how to look at, and about ostrich types.
    And growing old later, when there is a small job, I turn over at home, spread my heart.
    If there is a problem that needs support and advice, then I go to the shop to see

  6. Is there any other Wichita fan like me? Every time I visit Wichita, I'm in a bad mood, but luckily, wichita is full of professional readers, so all my problems have been solved very easily. Moreover the reader also gives me better advice and new directions to be able to choose

  7. Every time I meet and talk to the reader at wichita, I feel like my life is really bright. The future is unknown, but the reader really analyzes his problem very well, hearing goosebumps always sounds right. Everything maybe I already know but when listening to the reader analyzing and giving directions from the drawing result, I still feel relieved.

  8. Admittedly, some of the readers here are young, but watching the article is great. I also went to many different places to see, but there are no places that make me feel relieved after watching like in wichita.

  9. Yes, the reader at wichita saw the good post everyone. I also went to a few shops in Saigon but I still like watching in wichita. Probably because I talked to the readers here more suitable.

  10. Are the male and female readers in wichita?

  11. Independence flexible

    Everyone has experienced other addresses yet, at this wichita address with me is a bit far.

  12. Recently, many sites have switched to online viewing, Zenny last time and now Wichita. I'd rather watch it off

  13. Doan Thi Thien Trang

    I need it, but the article is very detailed, thank you for the thoughtful writer.

  14. Lots of comments praising wichita right? Be sure to check it out once

  15. Is there a good place to watch tarot in Binh Thanh district?

  16. Does Wichita have female readers, everyone? I have some personal issues that I want to hear advice from female readers.

  17. MIB is also very good to see tarot, if you want to see the experience, come here ok, the atmosphere is very crowded.

  18. Can anyone tell me if this tarot card can be viewed together? Plus there's an extra fee?

  19. Tarot is so good, but now I'm new. I was just introduced to you and went to wichita yesterday, everyone. Think it's not good, but you can't believe it

  20. Tarot is so good, but now I'm new. I was just introduced to you and went to wichita yesterday, everyone. Think it's not good, but you can't believe it

    • It's a bit late, but it's not too late. Congratulations on finding a tool to help you clear your mind and untangle your heart. I have been following for 3 years now. I will watch it once every quarter and then slowly contemplate it

  21. I have all gone to these addresses, but I find them the most suitable for wichita. Now that I'm moving back to District 7, I'm going through a bit far, walking from the apartment gate to the shop is a bit tiring, but every time I watch it, I can get rid of a big mess so it's worth it.

    • That's right, I got rid of the trouble in my heart, so I came from Go Vap and had to arrange to run over at the weekend, if only Wichita was still in Phu Nhuan, it would help a lot

    • That's right, I got rid of the trouble in my heart, so I came from Go Vap and had to arrange to run over at the weekend, if only Wichita was still in Phu Nhuan, it would help a lot

  22. If I want to watch online on wichita, can I book 2 viewers together?

  23. I'm in 10th grade, can I go see the tarot?

    • Personally, the Tarot is analytical, bringing spiritual values ​​and encouragement to everyone, but I'm a student under 18 years old, I'm just afraid that I haven't thought through all the issues thoroughly. Misunderstanding of the reader's analysis is also a bit embarrassing. But if you accept the analysis with a positive spirit and open mind, you can also read the tarot.

  24. It's so sad that Zenchi can't watch it anymore

  25. It's so sad that Zenchi can't watch it anymore

  26. I was introduced by a friend to see the fat reader in Wichita to see and untangle a lot of thoughts but I have never seen tarot before, I'm afraid of not going away, no wonder if the atmosphere of watching tarot is the same as watching traditional fortune-telling. no? I used to go to a traditional fortune-telling, but when I came in, I was afraid of the space, so I went home

  27. Does Wichita still have a branch in Phu Nhuan, is it too far to go to District 7?

  28. I didn't book in advance, but I'm free to go at that time, everyone

  29. Which of these shops is still open? Through this terrible epidemic, don't know if any shops are still available