Frequently asked questions about Braces

What are braces?

✅ Braces are also known as orthodontics. In braces, there are braces, which are methods of using brackets (usually made of metal or porcelain) to attach directly to the surface of the teeth with glue. In parallel, it will be combined with steel wire connecting the teeth together through brackets, thereby helping to create traction forces left, right, up, down at will so that the teeth gradually move into position. as desired.

Advantages of braces?

✅ Cost savings

Disadvantages of braces?

✅ Going to the doctor often, the aesthetic is not high

Advice when choosing dental braces?

✅ No matter what other method of braces you choose, it is important that you find out, choose a dental center near your home address, with a doctor working every day of the week so that when problems arise you can come and solve them. timely decision