Top 4 English Vocabulary of Cosmetic Tattooing

You are interested and want to find out information and knowledge about cosmetic spray industry. But most knowledge in this field is English; so the What is the English vocabulary for cosmetic tattoo spray? and which words are considered necessary to learn knowledge as well as easy listening comprehension so that when doing, to serve foreign customers you communicate best.

English vocabulary in cosmetic spray industry

English term specialized in cosmetic tattoo spray

Vietnamese Tiếng Anh
Ensure safety Safety insurance
Coloring technique Coloring techniques
Deep lips Dark lips
Lip border Lip border
Korean eyebrow embroidery Korean eyebrows embroidery
Pink lips Ruddy lips
Tattoo sprayer Tattoo sprayer
Thick eyebrows Thick eyebrows
Lip fullness Full lips
Sculpture Sculpture
Combine tattoo spray with canopy eyebrow powder Combine tattoo spray with canopy powder
Eyelid tattoo Eyelid tattoo
Natural eyebrows Natural eyebrows
Tattoo sprayer Tattoo spraying machine
Thin eyebrows Thin eyebrows
Epidermis epidermis
Tattoo spray technology Tattoo spraying technology
Sculpting eyebrows 3D 3D eyebrows sculpture
3D Crystal Lip Spray (Collagen) 3D Crystal Lip Spray (Collagen)
Lip tattoo Lip tattoo
Nano needle Nano needle
Tattooed eyebrows Eyebrows tattoo
Spray cosmetic tattooing Inkjet tTattoo
Tattoo ink Tattoo incl

- Top 4 English Vocabulary for Cosmetic Tattooing Industry

What is English cosmetic tattoo spray job?

First with Simple concept then Cosmetic tattooing profession is a mechanic using a machine with a tiny needle to create a spray coat to bring the desired ink color onto the skin; Usually this method will apply to two positions: the eyebrows and the lips. Spray cosmetic tattooing aims to create a beautiful color, shape for the eyebrows, lips to overcome the situation such as dark, blurry, dull, unbalanced shape. Spray cosmetic tattooing make the face more complete and more beautiful

Why Should I Choose Cosmetic Tattooing

Fees for Cosmetic Tattoo Spray Fit All Pockets
Time To Learn Cosmetic Tattooing Average From 3 To 6 Months, 1 Year Courses Available
Income From Cosmetic Tattooing
Cosmetic tattooing technician just came out Experienced cosmetologist tattooing technician
From 8 to 10 million From 10 to 15 million
The number of skilled workers is scarce and preferred to recruit in famous centers

Request of Cosmetic tattooing profession For you it is the passion and love for the job because this is the job that has to be repeated one movement over and over again.

- Top 4 English Vocabulary for Cosmetic Tattooing Industry

What is English tattoo sprayer

English tattoo sprayer leaves tattooist transliterated / tə'tuː.ɪst /.

It is an English way of calling tattoo sprayer, so what is a tattoo sprayer? Tattoo sprayer is someone who has learned and trained through cosmetic tattoo spraying classes. They are the ones who directly conduct eyebrow, eyelid or lip spray services to customers in need.

Basic Steps of Cosmetic Tattoo Spray

Assess the status of the lips, eyelids or eyebrows of customers and advise the methods and techniques of cosmetic tattoo spray suitable for customers
Measure, adjust, draw the eyebrows, lips, eyelids on the face of the customer, overall assessment of the design, the shape is suitable, in harmony with the customer face yet?
Prepare equipment: Tattoo ink, tattoo sprayer, tattoo injector, jars containing tattoo ink
Mix ink -> check if the ink color is standard chuẩn
Advancing tattoo spray
End of tattoo spray, review the overall for reasonable editing and advise customers on how to care after tattooing

English Vocabulary Used By Tattoo Sprayers

Vietnamese Tiếng Anh
Phun tattoo each Lip tattoo
Coloring technique Coloring techniques
Eyebrow tattooing Eyebrow tattoo
Ink tattoo Tattoo ink
Eyelid tattoo Eyelid tattoo
Natural eyebrows Natural eyebrows
Ensure safety Safety insurance
Tinting Tinge
Sculpture Sculpture
Dead cells Dead skins
Do numb each Numbing cream
Sculpting eyebrows 3D 3D eyebrows sculpture

What is English lip tattoo spray

Lip tattoo: spay lip tatto

- Top 4 English Vocabulary for Cosmetic Tattooing Industry

What is lip spray?

Lip tattooing is a method of tattooing machine that attaches a needle to affect and put ink into the skin, namely putting ink into the lip packaging layer. To create lip contour, clear lip shape and bright lip color in the most natural way. Depending on the method, procedure, and lip condition, lip tattooing can take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes.

Lip Care After Lip Tattoo Spray

Do not use stimulants Alcohol, tobacco
Do not eat seafood shrimp crab squid
Do not eat other types Red meat, chicken, sticky rice and vegetables, chili
You should abide by, abstain from, and do not eat these foods for a while to help your lips color up

Common English sentence patterns in lip tattoo spray

Vietnamese Tiếng Anh
The person who sprayed my lips was a famous doctor The one who sprayed my lip tattoo was a famous doctor
She used to spray lip tattoo in Thailand She used to spray lip tattoo in Thailand
Lip tattoo spray is now a secret of beauty for women Lip tattoo spray is now a secret of beauty for women

What is tattoo?

Vietnamese tattoo means tattoo. And Tattoo is also an art form or more understandable that is tattoo art, it differs from aesthetic tattoo spray in that, professionals, art tattoo artists will create tattoos on the body as a a work of art in one color or many different colors, similar to an artist drawing a picture on paper.

- Top 4 English Vocabulary for Cosmetic Tattooing Industry

Time Exists Tattoo Art On The Skin

Tattoo spray tattoo (permanent existence) This is a form of art tattoo artists using tattoo machines to put ink into the skin, thereby creating the works and shapes that we want. This process is quite time-consuming and will cause pain for the tattooed person
Tattoo sticker (lasts a few days on skin) à Tattoo stickers, which are available on stickers.
Draw Henna Tattoo (store on skin for 1 to 3 weeks) Derived from the tattoo tradition in India. Material for drawing henna Tattoo is also very easy to find quite safe, easy to adapt to the skin. Just paint, wait, you will have a "tattoo" like that.

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