Suggestions Top 3 Famous Belly Dance Address In Saigon

Do you want to have an ant waist, have an attractive waist? Would you be introduced, learn about belly dance or Belly Dance? But you do not know Famous Belly Dance Address In Saigon

Collection of Famous Belly Dance Addresses in Saigon You Should Study The Most

Originating from Middle East countries, Belly Dance still has a great attraction for Vietnamese women. Belly dance helps you show your body contours during exercise thanks to the circular movement, wave or 8 figure, and gentle and continuous shaking movements will increase the natural slime between joints. , effectively reduce and prevent back pain and other cardiovascular diseases.

Learning Belly Dance is suitable for all members, regardless of age, job, fat or sick body, etc. can participate in this practice.

However, some of you wonder if you want to learn Belly Dance – Belly Dance but I don't know the famous Belly Dance Address HCMC? Where there are enthusiastic teachers, clean and spacious gym? This article will "roll up" 3 gyms capable of meeting your standards!

1. Belly Girls belly dance teaching center

With the mission of creating a healthy and rewarding playground for those who love belly dance. The girls gathered together to set up a dance training center as well as a professional choreographer for belly dancing and create a BellyGirl center called the famous Belly Dance Address in Saigon. well-known.

3 that girl is Ms. Hoa, Ms. Tam and Ms. Lan. Although before that, they studied fields of study, doing different jobs, but it was the passion of Belly Dance that linked and led them to the same house, to build, lead and maintain together. Belly Girls developed to this day.

Famous Belly Dance Address In Saigon

Teaching Belly Dance - professional belly dance in HCMC 2019

Up to the present time, the Belly Girls Belly Dance Teaching Center has reached the local grassroots 4, scattered in Ho Chi Minh City. This gives students the flexibility to choose the location that suits them.

  • 1 Establishments: Youth Cultural House, Pham Ngoc Thach 04, Bến Nghé Ward,1 District.
  • 2 Facility: Children's House in 5, Ngo Quyen 109 Ward, 11 Ward, 5 District.
  • 3 Establishments: 131 / 6 / 5C Tay Lan, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District.
  • 4 Establishment: Tran Trong Cung XNXX, Tân Thuận Đông Ward, 7 District.

As a place that focuses completely and intensively on Belly Dance - Belly Dance, so when coming to Belly Girls, students will be divided and studied at different levels from basic, advanced to performing. profession. No matter what level you are, you will always be supported by instructors with extensive musical knowledge, pedagogical experience and long-term performance.

SaigonDance - Professional Dancing School in Ho Chi Minh City

BellyGirl – Famous Belly Dance Learning Address in Saigon

Not only that, each practice room is focused on equipped with standard sound and light, always neatly arranged and cleaned to give students the most comfort during each lesson. That's why BellyGirl deserves to be the first address in the famous Belly Dance School chain in Saigon.

Contact information:

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2. Saigon Dance Center

The 2 address mentioned in this article lists Saigon Famous Belly Dance Addresses is the Saigon Dance Center.

Has precursor is Saigon Bellydance – The first belly dance club in Ho Chi Minh City, in 2008, the official name Saigon Dance was born. This is not only one of the professional belly dance training centers but also many other sports genres.

Saigon Dance brings together a large team of teachers with many different levels. Each teacher is trained based on individual strengths plus rigorous and hard training to build his own style. However, all have in common is the experience, hard work for students, for teaching and learning with Saigon Dance.

Professional BellyGirls belly dance teaching center

Summary of some of the Famous Belly Dance Addresses in Saigon

+ Mistake Of BellyDance Newcomer Belly Dance Should Avoid

With 2 addresses 94 - 96, Street 2, Do Thanh Residence, Ward 4, 3 District and 85 Pham Huy Thong, F17, Go vap district, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Dance has until 10 spacious gym. Each gym room is fully equipped with the necessary equipment such as speakers, sound, light, air conditioner, .. and design suitable gym space for the subjects. The classes of Saigon Dance are always lively from 6h30 morning and only really come down to music at 10hnight.

Suggestions Top 3 Famous Belly Dance Address In Saigon

Share Popular Belly Dance Addresses In Saigon

This is a great advantage because you can choose your preferred class schedule, so that it is suitable for your personal schedule without having to worry about running out of class or lack of classroom teachers.

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Contact information:

TopnList would like to add to you the list of schools specializing in belly dance, bellydance in Ho Chi Minh City here. Because many of the addresses referenced in this article are not close to where you live, so you can find out more addresses to buy appropriate belly.

3. Goldstar Dance Club

Goldstar Dance Club is also a pocket address for those who are looking to learn and sign up for Belly Dance classes.

Established since the year 2013, so far more than 6 years of operation. Goldstar Dance Club is also one of the professional Belly dance training addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with all levels from basic to advanced, guided and taught by highly qualified, experienced instructors.

List of Schools - Belly Dance classes - Belly Dance HCM

Service Center and List of Famous Belly Dance Addresses in Saigon

The gyms at the center are also beautifully designed, in harmony with the area of ​​​​two rooms over 2m70, equipped with quality sound and light systems, ensuring the training and rehearsal needs of both students and trainees. customer.

In addition, if you want to find a professional place to support choreographing musical performances, organizing events, etc., Goldstar Dance Club can completely take care of that.

Top 6 best dance center in the city. Ho Chi Minh

Top list of Famous Belly Dance Addresses in Saigon

The Goldstar Dance Club, in addition to the famous Belly Dance Address in Saigon, also offers partners choreographers in many different genres and styles with unique staging ideas, making the program always powerful. life and novelty.

Contact information:

  • Address: Floor 2, TTVH Quận 11, số 179 AB, Bình Thới, Phường 9, Quận 11
  • Phone: 0906 606 107

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Above are the famous Belly Dance Addresses in Saigon and professionally organized Bellydance classes for all subjects that Topnlist updated to the present time. Hope to help you supplement more information to choose for yourself the most appropriate study address. And if you know more famous Belly Dance Addresses in Saigon, please comment below to recommend to everyone.

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