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Cardiovascular disease is a disease that involves the overactivity of the heart and weakens the heart's ability to work. Thereby causing disruption or not providing enough oxygen to the organs in the body, seriously affecting the ability to operate and destroy directly to each part of the body. If untreated, cardiovascular disease can seriously affect people's lives.

If you want to find the address to diagnose and treat the most reputable cardiovascular disease in Danang, please refer to the following article of Topnlist ok

1. Cardiovascular Center – Da Nang Hospital

- Top 3 Best Cardiology Hospital in Da Nang

Danang Hospital was established before 1945, is a first-class hospital under the Department of Health of Danang City. With Team of good doctors, many years of experience with facilities are constantly improving, Da Nang hospital always proud of being a quality disease, the most prestigious healthcare service in the city.

Every year, the hospital receives thousands of patients in the areas of Da Nang City along with the provinces in the Central - Central Highlands for examination.

Cardiovascular center was developed from the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery - Danang Hospital and came into operation from the beginning of this 2019 year. center including floating floors and floor basements with a scale of hospital bedsThis is the place to screen, diagnose and treat heart diseases for patients in Danang and the Central and Central Highlands regions.

With the scale of investment in facilities, equipment of modern ultrasound system of the world , and Highly specialized human resources now available, Cardiology Center rated as a leading medical facility in the Central region in the field of treatment and intervention for cardiovascular diseases.

- Top 3 Best Cardiology Hospital in Da Nang

This is also the place to coordinate with the world's leading experts in the field to organize intensive training programs on cardiology, online consultation to timely intervene and save critically ill patients.

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Location: 138 – 140 Hai Phong, Hai Chau District, City. Danang


Hotline: 023.6382.1118

2. Department of Cardiology - Da Nang C Hospital

- Top 3 Best Cardiology Hospital in Da Nang

Hospital C Danang is a first-class hospital under the Ministry of Health located in the center of Danang City. In recent years, the hospital has been invested by the State and built modern facilities and equipment. At the same time, receive professional support from leading experts as well as foreign experts to improve their skills in medical examination and treatment..

Cardiovascular's internal medicine Hospital C Danang Scale of 80 beds and 12 rooms of treatment with the following functions:

+ Examining and diagnosing cardiovascular diseases.

+ Non-invasive cardiovascular exploration.

+ Medical treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, coronary diseases / cardiac arrhythmia / valvular heart failure, heart failure, stroke.

+ Cardiovascular intervention and cardiovascular treatment procedures such as: emergency emergency pacemaker procedure, permanent pacemaker surgery, pacemaker defibrillation with an electric shock device,...

- Top 3 Best Cardiology Hospital in Da Nang

With experienced professional staff, good investment facilities, this place has become one of the prestigious hospitals, attracting a large number of patients in the city and neighboring provinces to visit.

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Location: Hai Phong Import Export Factory, Thach Thang, Hai Chau District, TP. Danang


Hotline: 023.6382.1480 - 023.6383.2643

3. Cardiovascular Unit - Hoan My Danang Hospital

- Top 3 Best Cardiology Hospital in Da Nang

Hoan My Danang Hospital was founded in 2002, a member of Hoan My Medical Group. With a mission to bring the Central people high quality health care at a reasonable cost, Hoan My Danang Hospital becoming a trusted address of the people of Da Nang and neighboring provinces.

With staff dedicated staff, modern medical equipment - advanced technology, medical examination area – comfortable rooms and international standard treatment departments, Hoan My Hospital Access to examination and treatment for thousands of patients every year.

Cardiovascular Unit At Hoan My Danang Hospital include:

+ Cardiothoracic Surgery Department,

+ Department of Cardiology

+ Cardiovascular intervention area.

With team of good and experienced doctors, many years working in the Cardiology department of major hospitals together with advanced equipment and technology, Cardiology Unit – Hoan My Da Nang Hospital Commit to provide comprehensive medical examination and treatment services for cardiovascular diseases:

- Top 3 Best Cardiology Hospital in Da Nang

+ Prevention, screening, disease detection.

+ Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular function.

Besides that, the unit is constantly improving the medical examination and treatment processes and perfecting the most advanced cardiac surgery techniques to help patients best protect cardiovascular health. To date, ĐThanks to Cardiology - Hoan My Danang Hospital performed more than 10.000 heart surgery and cardiovascular intervention cases, especially cases of congenital heart disease and coronary disease.

Besides, to strengthen screening and early detection of cardiovascular diseases, Hoan My Danang Hospital still implementing the Cardiovascular Exam Package with the support policy on the most costly detectable and timely treatment for patients.

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Video introduction Cardiovascular Unit - Hoan My Danang Hospital:

Contact Informations

Location: 291 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Thanh Khe District, TP. Danang



Phone: 023.6365.0676


In order to have a healthy heart, you need a healthy and scientific diet. Please keep the above addresses so that when you suspect that you have cardiovascular disease or have emergency cases, you will choose the most prestigious and quality address for treatment. Hopefully this article will bring you some useful information, Topnlist Wish you and your family always healthy! 

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