Top 10 Shop Portable Sales From USA, Japan, Korea, Thailand Prestige In Quy Nhon

As the society develops, the internet grows, everything grows, and the introduction and update of the trend are extremely fast. Therefore, it is an opportunity to create skills and playgrounds of many shops, Shop specializing in selling American notebook, Japanese, Korean Portable or all kinds from Thailand.

In terms of categories, it is very diverse such as: Genuine cosmetics, Perfumes, Makeup Creams, Sunscreens, Medicines, functional foods, etc. In general, a lot of things. And one more thing, have you heard of it? Quy Nhon coastal city? Surely, in this time, if anyone is interested in traveling, likes to explore new and untouched lands, he will surely hear about Quy Nhon isn't it?

By itself, this article will talk, an introduction to the list of the most prestigious and best-selling shops specializing in selling laptop goods from foreign countries in Quy Nhon.

1 American Market Handbags – Yolo Shop

Yolo Shop – You online Live Once

This is a shop specializing in selling items notebook from america. According to TopnList's research, this store was established in 2016, so far it has been 3 years old. Although only receiving orders, the evaluation and perception of customers who have purchased at the Shop are very good. Good feedback on product quality, good feedback on product consultants, etc.

Introduce some of the basic information about Yolo Shop – You online Live Once

Hand-carried goods in Vietnam currently have too many types of floating items, deliberately making profits from too many shop owners, but in fact the products are of unknown origin and just know that, introduced, they are labeled with different brands. stamps of foreign brands such as: USA, UK, France, Korea, Nhat, Ut, Canada,…. And users have a headache in choosing, wondering where to buy and the product they have bought too much.

Where to buy hand-carried American goods to Quy Nhon?

Top 05 Good Eye Drugs, Safe For Myopia

Because the Yolo Shop – You online Live Once always put themselves in the role of a consumer, and in fact have been, are and will be a consumer, so the obsession with buying fake and poor quality goods at sky-high prices is too great.

That's why it comes from my own needs as well as bringing back confidence to customers about real, quality sales addresses that Yolo Shop – You online Live Once decided to accept orders for all kinds of products such as cosmetics, drugs, other household items, etc. Only US domestic goods to Vietnam.(Because Yolo Shop – You online Live Once in the US, so don't sell other countries' goods at the shop)

Yolo Shop – You online Live Once With the motto of specializing in taking orders from US to Vietnam notebooks for the purpose of ensuring the quality of products, domestic products in the US and other issues related to preservation, Yolo Shop – You online Live Once Only shipping service is airmail. At the same time, it always solves the problem of time order and delivery of goods faster.

Thien Loc Store

05 The reason to choose to buy cosmetic notebook at Yolo Shop – You online Live Once

  • + Delivery time as committed before the purchase agreement;
  • + Only receive orders of products of American origin;
  • + Always update the latest prices of products (ie can increase or decrease);
  • + Enthusiastic consultant, with the motto to help customers buy the best product to use;
  • + Always want to bring to all customers the safest products for health.

Hunting for hand-carried goods: It is not easy to find good, suitable goods

Top 05 Address Binh Dinh Delicious Banh Xeo Restaurant in HCMC

Products Yolo Shop – You online Live Once Do not accept Order:

  • + All products and products for weight gain and weight loss medicines;
  • + All products about beer, wine, cigarettes, addictive substances, stimulants;
  • + All electronics products;
  • + 12 Group of goods banned from import by the state.

Refer to the policies at Yolo Shop – You online Live Once

  • + Delivery and payment policy
  • + Ordering policy
  • + Customer information privacy policy tin

Hand-carried American Goods My Market, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Quy Nhon - Cho Lon Electrical Appliance

Contact Informations Yolo Shop – You online Live Once:

2 Thai Supermarket Tan Duong

Top 3 Shop selling the most prestigious and quality cosmetics in Quy Nhon

One of the favored items in Vietnam market in general and Quy Nhon In particular, these are Thai products. From products on clothes, shoes, to Thai sweets are popular. And if you come with Thai Supermarket Tan Duong It's a place where you can find yourself all kinds of dishes, imported directly from Thailand. Tan Duong is considered to be one of the pioneer Thai supermarket in Quy Nhon and with the convenient decoration layout for you to search for something in need.

Tan Duong also updates, catches the trends and trends of hot, popular dishes from Thailand and will immediately enter the store to serve customers. And Thai products are the main, so if you look for items like Germany, France here, do not be surprised, because they also sell and supply these products.

Top 9 Shop selling the most prestigious and quality cosmetics in Quy Nhon The cheapest place to import American goods to Quy Nhon


  • + Tang Bat Ho Import Export Factory, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
  • + Fanpage:
  • + Foody:
  • Top 07 The Most Effective Anti-Aging Serum

3 Minchu Shop

Minchu Shop must be said to be a familiar address for women, cosmetics believers in Quy Nhon, isn't it? Because Minchu Shop is mainly a place that specializes in selling cosmetic items, portable makeup from Korea is the main thing. Most of Minchu Shop's products are imported from famous and well-known brands in Vietnam such as The Skin Face, Innisfree, Kiehl's, LA Girl, etc.

And like all other cosmetic stores, Minchu Shop always wants to bring a reliable address among users, you can come here to choose, buy and get advice in the most profound way. All of the above is always focused on by Minchu Shop and wants to gradually improve and develop day by day.

The cheapest service to import American goods in Quy Nhon Types of items that can be shipped to the US in Quy Nhon

Minchu Shop contact information:

4 Dolly BoutiQue – Cosmetics

Dolly BoutiQue – Cosmetics is the name will also be mentioned in this list as well as in women or buy cosmetics in Quy Nhon. Dolly BoutiQue – Cosmetics is also one of the shops specializing in selling portable cosmetics in Quy Nhon. But Taij Dolly BoutiQue - Cosmetics will not have a product line of a fixed country, but they import most of the major cosmetic brands of countries such as Japan, Korea and the US, etc.

But it can be said that the products with the most stock are brands such as: Innisfree, Maybelline, The Body Shop, Shiseido, TRESemmé, ... And most of all to Dolly BoutiQue – Cosmetics You will be consulted by counselors, sharing your experiences and tips on buying and using cosmetics in the most reasonable way, so that your skin is most beautiful and makeup is the best.

Price list for sending goods to the US in Binh Dinh - Quy Nhon cheap FRIENDS IN QUINHON CITY AND PROVINCE WHEN BUYING PLEASE PLEASE

Contact information Dolly BoutiQue – Cosmetics:

  • + Address: 11 Ngo Quyen, City. Quy Nhon
  • + Phone: 0256.381.22.55 -0989.239.467 Feet
  • + Email:
  • + Fanpage:
  • + Website:

5 Konni39 Japanese Supermarket

Konni39 is a Japanese supermarket system and has many branches throughout the provinces and cities of Vietnam. And Konni3 Japanese Supermarket9 has opened a branch and is the 23's second store in Quy Nhon with the movement and trend of Japanese goods in general of people and in Quy Nhon in particular.

Send goods to the US in Quy Nhon - DHL international shipping

Because Konni39 Japanese Supermarket present throughout the country and won the trust of customers, so now, when coming to Quy Nhon, it is not difficult to win the tastes and beliefs of shoppers in this coastal city.

At Konni39 Japanese Supermarket you can find almost all the products from Japan that you need, from small and pretty decorative products, to home essentials, cosmetic products, personal items , milk, cereal powder….

System of Konni39 Japanese Supermarket with the commitment of reasonable price is also the attraction of this chain of stores.


Contact information:

  • Address: 18 Le Hong Phong – Quy Nhon City
  • Phone number: 037.694.9401
  • Website:

6 Sac Huong Cosmetics

If you are a Quy Nhon people but more specifically you are a beauty follower, you probably heard or familiar with the name. Sac Huong Cosmetics is that right? This is the familiar support of all women, love beauty, love beauty, right?

Sac Huong Cosmetics understand the trends, understand the psychology of users in Vietnam so have hit hard and put the product line Korean cosmetics about, with clear labels and origin. And to make a difference then Sac Huong Cosmetics Always grasp the trend of fashion trends from makeup and beauty in the market that share and send products to users in Quy Nhon, that's why I publish collections of cosmetic products at Sac Huong Cosmetics very diverse.

In addition Sac Huong Cosmetics also do not ignore the diversity for our shop about products with brands of Japan, America, ... Or European countries. Come to Sac Huong Cosmetics You will be able to choose, advice and buy products in a comfortable space with seats, lights, a team of knowledgeable consultants.

American Grocery - Specializes in ordering all kinds of American goods prestigious US websites such as: Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy, JomaShopma Prestigious Quy Nhon hand-carried American goods import website

Contact information:

  • + Address: 11 Pham Hong Thai - Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh
  • + Phone: 0935.999.428 or 09.888.202.48
  • + Fanpage:

7 HANI cosmetic

So was the introduction session HANI cosmetic already. HANI cosmetic in the top of specialty cosmetic shops in Quy Nhon as well as some of the other shops on this list. HANI cosmetic many sisters Buy cosmetics in Quy Nhon Compared to a world of cosmetics that are collected into a room dedicated to women, beauty lovers, specifically cosmetics.

Come to HANI cosmetic You'll get everything from lipsticks, makeup palettes, makeup brushes, toners, makeup removers, and more.

Hani Cosmetic is one of the Korean cosmetic shops in Quy Nhon

Attraction at HANI cosmetic Another is to hit the segment of affordable and affordable goods for students, so this place always attracts customers and with a very young and very young age.

Because of such a customer segment, along with the ability to capture news and trends very quickly, HANI cosmetic It is always the favorite address for many young people who do not need to think about makeup, beauty trends this month, buy this or this year. Because the HANI cosmetic worried about that for you.

Thai goods in Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh 100 genuine products Quy Nhon cosmetic shop - With quality and price criteria

Contact information for HANI cosmetics:

  • + Address: 38 Trần Phú, TP. Quy Nhon
  • + Phone: 0975 812 139 – 0905 77 6191
  • + Fanpage:
  • + Instagram:

8 ANN - Store

ANN - Store is one of the top stores that import foreign products and goods from cosmetics to consumer goods from countries such as Korea, Thailand, and Japan to Quy Nhon. ANN - Store is unique for a long time because the service for hand-carried and imported goods in Quy Nhon has not been developed.

Top 9 most prestigious cosmetic shops in Quy Nhon

Because of being a pioneer, so about the style of decoration and decoration of ANN - Store It is also one of the points that need to be mentioned. The design is very pretty, super cute will make you want to come right away, take a photo check in right away.

ANN - Store extremely diverse in its products to provide shoppers, from confectionery, Korean drinks, to Thai snacks. ANN - Store also provides genuine cosmetics and creams from Japan and Korea that you can easily find here.

Dolly BoutiQue is a Korean cosmetics retailer

Come to Ann Store You seem to be lost in a paradise of eating, full of Korean and Thai candies, including spicy noodles that have rained the most sought-after young people on the market.

Contact Informations ANN - Store:

  • + Facebook:
  • + Address: 26 Phan Dinh Phung Quy Nhon 820000 VND
  • + Phone number: 093 533 20 33

9 SampleRoom

Transported by air, the goods reach the recipient's hand

Nothing will be said if said SampleRoom inferior in prestige compared to other shops but SampleRoom again belongs to the top reputation of the store cosmetic products in Quy Nhon half.

SampleRoom offers a variety of products and products such as: powder, white cream, lipstick, sunscreen, etc. So SampleRoom will bring you many options when you come here to buy cosmetics.

Famous brand imitation clothes, bags and shoes

SampleRoom contact information:

  • + Phone: 076.577.996
  • + Address: 84 Tôn Đức Thắng, TP. Quy Nhon
  • + Fanpage:

10 Grass Cosmetic Shop

Co Cosmetic Shop with a different motto that is: "not guaranteeing you the cheapest price, but giving you the best quality, enthusiastic and fast service".

And with this motto of mine, during the time of opening up to now, Co Cosmetic Shop has always done quite exactly what it has committed and affirmed. Most of the customers who specialize in buying cosmetics at Co Cosmetic Shop do not save praise for the shop.

in Binh Dinh - Delivery to recipients in the US Japan is a country where cosmetics are loved by many women Specializes in ordering all kinds of American goods

Contact information of Grass Cosmetic Shop:

  • Address: 364 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Quy Nhon
  • Phone: 0935.812.687 (odd) – 079563379 (scholarship)
  • Fanpage:

Above is a list of stores and shops specializing in selling high-quality cosmetic products, genuine hand-carried goods from the US, UK, Ut, Korea, Japan, .... Staying in Quy Nhon you can refer to TopnList. And the list above is for the purpose of sharing, introduction and reference, not for evaluation purposes for the purpose of ranking to drown, slander any shop at all.

And these are the addresses that are highly appreciated by buyers in Quy Nhon for imported products. You can refer to share more information, opinions and shops in Quy Nhon We specialize in selling portable products like this one by commenting below for more ideas.

This shared list will definitely add more options for you to stay Quy Nhon as well as tourists who need to buy things, buy products at Quy Nhon in particular.

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