Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning

Smart dining table - surely a phrase that is both familiar and strange to everyone, isn't it? Because the dining table is something everyone knows and understands, every home has it, and smart is the feature and utility of the dining table. For example: folding, using many different functions, saving and optimizing area….

Because this article shares with you about Smart ways to clean the dining table What is the smart dining table in the world? Why it is necessary to clean will be shared more at the end of the article.

1 How to clean a wooden table smartly

Wooden dining tables are very easy to damage if not taken care of properly. Therefore, you must know how to clean and handle stains in a timely manner. Only in this way can we always maintain the durability and beauty of the wooden dining table.

- Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning
How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

Remove stains and plaque on the tabletop 

Yellow stains often appear on the dining table, causing discomfort to users. However, with just a few ingredients available at home, we can get rid of all stubborn stains:

Remove stains with strong tea Every house has tea to drink, so make use of it by leaving a cup of tea. In concentrated tea, there is a very good antiseptic, so homeowners should use it to clean stains on wooden tables. Let the tea cup cool completely, then use a clean towel dipped in tea and gently wipe the surface of stains and plaque. Wipe again 1 to 2 times and then wipe dry with a clean damp cloth. After each cleaning, the dining table set will regain its inherent clean and shiny appearance.
Use fresh cow's milk to remove odors and plaque Fresh cow's milk is also an easy-to-buy and easy-to-find ingredient. First, use a clean towel to soak the cow's milk; Then wipe the surface of the table and chairs a few times gently. After only a few times you will see the wooden table top disappears stubborn stains. In addition, the smell of new paint, the smell of grease will disappear when wiping with cow's milk.
Wipe stains with vinegar In the kitchen cabinets of most families, there is this easy-to-find ingredient. Vinegar has good deodorizing properties. Take vinegar mixed with water in the ratio 1:2; ie 1 vinegar, 2 water. Then use a clean cloth dipped in the mixed vinegar solution and wipe it on the table. Continue to wipe a few times, the wooden dining table will look more beautiful and shiny.

Periodic maintenance of wooden dining tables

To limit cracks, you need to pay attention to temperature and external agents acting on the table surface. If the wooden table is cracked, prepare ingredients at home to seal the crack.

Homeowners can use a mixture of waxes mixed and then applied to small cracks; After drying it will become normal again. As for large cracks, use sawdust in combination with glue to seal the cracks. This method is also quite easy to do and is useful in dealing with unsightly cracks for the dining table.

Ideally, every 6 to 8 months, people can buy polish (varnish) to re-polish the entire surface. Note that you should only lightly sweep a thin layer for even and should not be too thick. Glossy paint works to make the dining table always shiny and durable.

- Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning
How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

For a more specific and detailed reference on how to clean the most specialized wooden dining table, you can refer to the following article. Instructions to clean wooden dining tables always keep their beauty over time.

2 How to clean smart dining table with stone surface

Modern stone countertops with a luxurious look are very popular today. are very popular because of their luxurious appearance and very easy to clean and sanitize. But stone dining tables are often affected by food and drink that are scattered, not regularly cleaned, .. making them increasingly degraded. Let's discover some smart cleaning and maintenance tips for stone countertops.

- Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning
How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

Clean common stains on stone countertops

Wipe clean with a damp cloth

The dining table is the place where you often come into contact and where eating takes place every day. Therefore, we should take care of hygiene to ensure the safety of our family's health.

If these stains just appear on the table, just use a soft cloth moistened with clean water or ordinary cleaning solution to wipe a few times. Then wipe with clean water and dry towel in the last step.

Use dishwashing liquid Mix 300ml of water with 1/2 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Then pour into a spray bottle and shake well to dissolve. Then use a spray bottle to spray directly on the surface of the dining table and the areas that need cleaning. Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water and then wipe the sprayed area several times. Then the table will be clean and shiny.
- Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning

How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

Clean dry stains

This is considered the top of the most stubborn and difficult stains to clean, especially on stone countertops. If we do not know how to handle it, it can cause scratches that make the dining table unsightly. Here are some tips to effectively clean dry stains.

- Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning
How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows
Use toothpaste and baking soda This is considered a popular and easy way to do it. You just need to mix baking soda with toothpaste in a ratio of 1:1; which means 1 part toothpaste plus 1 part baking soda. Then take the mixture and apply it directly to the surface of the stain, wait 5-10 minutes for the stain to soften. Finally, use a soft damp cloth to wipe it again. You will no longer feel uncomfortable with hard stains because the tabletop will be shiny like new in no time.
Use alcohol over 50 degrees to clean Alcohol and high concentrations of alcohol both work to remove dry stains and stubborn plaque. You just need to spray alcohol on the towel and then quickly wipe the stain to dry. Next, wipe it with a damp cloth a few times, stains and plaque will quickly disappear and the stone table will soon return to its original beauty.
- Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning

How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

3 How to clean a smart stainless steel dining table

Today, many families turn to stainless steel smart dining tables because it is compact and easy to clean, with just a few tips, you can clean them easily.

- Top 10 Secrets of Super Smart Dining Table Cleaning
How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

Use soft cloth and clean water

This is the simplest and easiest way to polish your stainless steel dining table. Just use a soft cloth moistened with clean water; Then wipe the surface of the dining table until it is clean. This is also quite safe and helps keep the table looking like new without spending any money.

Brighten surfaces with vinegar and olive oil

Vinegar has a good cleaning effect, and olive oil has the function of polishing stainless steel countertops. You just need to apply vinegar to the surface, wipe it with a clean cloth and wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in a little olive oil. Thus, the stainless steel tabletop has become much more shiny and aesthetic.

Specialized stainless steel polishing solution

If you want to be quick, you can buy a specialized stainless steel polishing solution. These types of solutions can easily remove stubborn stains, even treating long-standing rust stains.

In addition, it also works to remove scratches on stainless steel countertops. Note to follow the instructions for use on the package and let the stainless steel countertop dry before use.

To put it simply, a smart dining table is a dining table model that integrates many other convenient functions. In addition to the main space used to place food and drinks, we can also change the size depending on the needs. With just a few simple pulls or folds, we have a beautiful dining table.

- What is the concept of a smart dining table?
How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

If your kitchen does not have too much space to accommodate a fixed table, you can choose a smart dining table model. Moreover, this dining table model is similar to traditional dining table models, so it is also quite easy in the process of cleaning and cleaning.

In fact, if you want something durable and long-lasting, you should clean and maintain it regularly. In particular, the smart dining table is an item that comes into contact with grease, food and drinks every day. Therefore, you must know how to handle it as soon as a stain appears.

When you clean it properly, the dining table will always be as shiny as new. Then the product will always keep its original beauty and not be damaged and degraded quickly. A glossy, clean and tidy dining table will make the dining room space more luxurious and decent.

- Why should the dining table be smart?
How to clean and maintain smart dining tables that not everyone knows

In addition, a clean dining table also helps protect our own health. When the dining table is cleaned thoroughly, it will limit the accumulation of harmful bacteria; Help your family have a safe and clean living space. The dishes presented on the table will also taste much better.

In particular, regular maintenance and cleaning of the dining table will contribute to minimizing unnecessary costs. When the dining table is well maintained, you will not have to spend money to hire someone to repair and maintain after a period of use. That means you have saved a lot of costs incurred in the process of using the product.

Through the above article, surely you have added some knowledge about smart dining table cleaning, right? There are also many other cleaning and table cleaning tips that you can refer to or be advised by that's it. Contact phone number now 089 882 9779 for advice as well as reference the Smart dining table product sample with a variety of models, prices and high quality.

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