Top 06 Bad Habits You Need To Give Up If You Don't Want To Kill Your Skin

There are habits that seem to be harmless, but your skin has a lot of bad problems. Let's Topnlist Check out the top 10 10 bad habits if you continue to maintain will be the cause of killing your skin to give up.

1 Wash Your Face Too Much

- Top 06 Bad Habits You Need To Give Up If You Don't Want To Kill Your Skin

Washing your face is an important step to help remove dirt, oil, makeup and help unclog pores, thereby preventing the formation of acne. However, overuse of washing your face too many times a day, especially when used together with facial cleansers, makes the skin dry and tight, loses its natural oils, and can even cause skin irritation . Therefore, the advice for you is to wash your face thoroughly 2-3 times a day depending on your daily activities with a cleanser that is suitable for your skin.

2. Use cleanser and exfoliate 2 in 1

- Top 06 Bad Habits You Need To Give Up If You Don't Want To Kill Your Skin

The busier life makes your time to take care of your skin less and less. And the fact that cosmetic companies launch 2-in-1, 3-in-1 products helps women save a lot of time for their beauty. The use of 2-in-1 exfoliating cleansers brings many benefits because just doing a single operation has two uses. However, this is what you are slowly killing your skin. Because we often wash our face with cleanser 1-2 times a day, and if using a product with exfoliation means that your skin is often affected, it will gradually lose the layer. protective horns, the skin becomes thin, red, irritated, easily sunburned and even tanned. Therefore, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments when using these cosmetics to suit your skin, skin condition as well as your living conditions and environment, and often these products will not be suitable for you. use 2 times/day.

3. Apply Masks Too Many Times a Week Using Nutritious Rich Fruits

- Top 06 Bad Habits You Need To Give Up If You Don't Want To Kill Your Skin

The use of natural formulas derived from fruits to mask helps to increase moisture, make the skin bright, smooth and especially very safe. However, anything that uses too much will backfire, too much masking, will cause serious skin problems such as irritation, redness, peeling, sunburn or acne.
It is also worth noting that fruits often contain a lot of nutrients. However, many nutrients that the skin can not absorb, due to various reasons such as too large molecular size, pH, unsuitable environment for osmosis, active concentration is not high enough to generate exerts a biological effect on the skin. Therefore, the main effect of the fruit mask is exfoliating, making the skin smooth, white and moisturized for softer skin.

4. Face Wash, Rose Water Expensive

- Top 06 Bad Habits You Need To Give Up If You Don't Want To Kill Your Skin

Many women still believe that using an expensive cleanser and rose water will help your skin be more beautiful. However, this concept is not necessarily true. Because the main function of the cleanser is to clean the skin, remove the dirt, make up layer of a long day. Like rose water, pH balances your skin after washing your face and neutralizes the charge of the remaining active electrolytes on the skin. So, all you need to do is choose a suitable cleanser for your skin as well as a special toner for that cleanser, at this time it will promote the best use. mine. If you do not use it properly, it will cause the skin to become dry, irritated or simply in an unbalanced state, which can lead to more skin disorders.

5. Use a whitening cream that contains corticosteroids

- Top 06 Bad Habits You Need To Give Up If You Don't Want To Kill Your Skin

Girls who want to have a fair skin quickly often use products containing whitening products containing corticosteroids without knowing the extremely harmful effects that the skin faces. Corticoid will make the skin white, smooth, smooth skin due to the effect of water retention causing swelling, anti-inflammatory, strong immunosuppression so it can smooth the skin smooth. And when used for a long time, the skin will become their slave, unable to stop being unusable. Because once you stop using it, your face will darken, become rough, allergic and may be acne or melasma. Long-term use leads to skin atrophy, vasodilation, thin red skin, easy to irritate, gradually formed resistant melasma on the entire face skin. So, choose for yourself a product with ingredients that are safe for your skin, not for a moment of haste but for your skin to pay.

6. Does not moisturize the skin

- Top 06 Bad Habits You Need To Give Up If You Don't Want To Kill Your Skin

A common misconception that many people have is that oily skin is excess moisture, and does not use moisturizers for the skin. In essence, moisture indicates the water content on the skin, while oily skin indicates the oil, oil and water content that are completely different and different. Oily skin is sometimes caused by dehydrated, often stressed, dry skin that makes the skin produce oil to counteract that loss of water, resulting in oily skin. Therefore, oily skin also needs moisturization to compensate for the lost water, similar to dry skin, helping to balance the moisture and oilyness on the skin so that sebaceous glands no longer need to overdo it. . And depending on the skin, skin condition as well as the daily environment to choose for themselves the most appropriate moisturizer.

Not too much is good, Be an intelligent beauty who knows how to take care of her skin always healthy

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