Top 05 PILATES Addresses Many People Study In Ho Chi Minh City

Where to Learn Pilates? Pilates Specialist School? – PILATES is currently a subject that many people practice enthusiastically and is appreciated more than daily exercise because it brings a lot of benefits to learners such as: reducing stress, strengthening focus, help strengthen both body and mind, bring a slim and balanced body to the practitioner, increase height for puberty, etc. The benefits that Pilates brings are great for health we. Come here TopnList will introduce you to 05 Pilates teaching center Prestige and quality in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. SAIGON DANCE Center – Pilates Teaching Address

Saigondacen pilates teaching center leading in Ho Chi Minh City

Come to Saigon Dance You will come to the gym with spacious and airy. Each gym room is fully equipped with the necessary equipment such as speakers, sound, lighting, air conditioners, .. and design the gym to suit the learn Pilates.

Textbooks and Pilates teaching method The center is divided by grade level from beginner to senior.

Some steps for learners to start approaching Pilates dance:

- Basic part: Each student at the beginning learn Pilates will be taught by coaches how to warm up, warm the body, how to breathe for each movement, the basic movements, diet, rest ... for each person's physical condition.

- Start dividing exercises into groups to help students become familiar with, easily catch up with each other and regularly exchange exercises for each other.

- Finally, increase the training intensity when the students have mastered it. Too simple to Start learning pilates from today right?

Pilates school images

The cost of Pilates dance class in the center is quite low, only 1200k / 24 sessions. Very easy for those who want to study this subject.

- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City

Dong Tac Learn Pilates Effective


94 – 96 Street 2, Do Thanh Residence, Ward 4, District 3, HCM.

Pham Huy Thong 85, Phường 17, Quận Gò Vấp, HCM.


Top 07 Quality Prestige Eyebrow Spraying Establishment In HCMC


- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City

Coming to the center, students will have access to a variety of modern machines, tools and equipment imported from Europe. The coaches at the center are trained abroad, have high professional qualifications, are equipped with pedagogical skills ... with a sense of responsibility and high enthusiasm.

The method of teaching Pilates at the center is completely different from the existing fitness centers in Ho Chi Minh. A class will not be crowded with students with the purpose of creating the best conditions for learning and practicing. The center also has individual coaches for every student from the beginner level.

When studying at Pilates Center, students will have many options:

REFORMER PILATES: Help people practice losing weight fast, toning, supple, effective muscle development.

CADILLAC PILATES: Helps strengthen muscles, increase endurance, improve spinal diseases.

EQUIPMENTS PILATES:  Practiced on carpets, combined with many different tools such as springs, sticks, balls ...

MAT PILATES:  Is an intensive exercise on the abdomen, waist and buttocks.

Some incentives when studying at the center
SUMMER PROMOTION: GIVE GIFTS FOR JOINING THE PACKAGE OF THE MONTHLY 2.680.000 50% discount on mini courses EQUIPMENT Pilates Pilates gold hour Express weight loss training package with Pilates 50% discount happy birthday POUR VOUS


- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City


XNOCXB Tran Quoc Toan, P84, Q8.

Tel: (08) 3820 8320 (21,22,23) – 0933 565 697

3. BODYFIT Fitness Center

- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City

Coming to the Center, students will be exposed to the modern gym system, equipment and machinery imported from abroad, ensuring students the best experience in Pilates dance.

With a team of experienced coaches who will consult enthusiastically and best on nutrition, Pilates exercises are suitable for each practitioner's condition. The goal of the Center is to bring the most relaxing and comfortable moments for students to the Gym Bodyfit system.

The practice method at the Center is not too heavy for beginners, it takes time to get used to it. The exercises are usually simple slow movements that are easy to perform to help the body move smoothly, soft and healthy lines with very lively music.

The center also offers very professional and effective service packages, students can choose short-term or long-term training depending on the time suitable for their learning.

- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City


145 / 24-26 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Phường 1, Quận 3, HCM

Tel: 0901 700 722 – (028)38 333 387

74 Đường Số 14, KDC Him Lam, Tân Hưng Ward, Q7 HCM

Tel: 0901 700 711 – 028 22 535 999


- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City

Body Shape The gym and fitness center have been designed exclusively for students. Coming to the center, members will have many options such as many classes, different teaching styles, highly qualified coaches, equipment imported from abroad, adaptive attitude.

The center's lecturers are experts in Pilates dance. Qualified experience in both practice and training in various fields of training. The main focus of the Center is to provide the best practice experience to ensure that students always receive the best benefits.

The training method at the Center is very clear, there will be separate Pilates training programs for each student and set out the training methods for each student, each condition of the students. There is also a diet suitable for each student.

- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City


Quoc Huong Import Export Factory, P. Thien, Q49, HCM

Tel: 02837446557


- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City

Newlife Gym Club was established and put into operation nearly 10 year and is aiming to become one of the leading professional companies in providing the most modern fitness training services, especially in China. Tam has extensive experience in managing, training and providing professional personal coaches.

The coaching staff at GYM NEWLIFE is well-trained through domestic and international schools and selected from people with long experience working with Pilates. Come to Gym Newlife, students will be fully consulted about the training regime, diet, nutrition for each person.

The training method at the Center is very professional
Beginners will be taught how to get used to PIlates, warm-up movements, breathing... The first exercises are always simple, easy to practice to help the body get used to it. As students begin to grasp and become more proficient, there will be harder dances, faster movements, more flexibility, and a higher frequency operation.


Some advantages of Newlife Gym Club bring to the center
Scientific, effective and safe Utilities proactive in work and life Class service but economical Caring and thoughtful after-sales.


- Top 05 places to teach PILATES that many people study in Ho Chi Minh City


398 Le Van Luong, Ward: Tan Hung, District 7, City: HCM

Nguyen Quy Duc Import Export Factory, An Phu Ward, 44 District, Ho Chi Minh City

As you all know, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are many prestigious and quality Pilates teaching centers, with a team of good, high-responsibility coaches that bring the most efficiency to students. Above, Topnlist has introduced Top 05 Pilates teaching center which is widely attended. Wish you can choose for themselves a quality center to study. And from here, you also answer yourself the question of where to learn pilates, right?

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  1. Girl Likes Learning To Dance

    Top 06 Health Benefits When Practicing With Pilates Bring Your Body

    Top 1: Create a link between the muscles and the mind, control the muscles effectively, thereby helping you understand your body better.

    Top 2: Lumbar muscle training, support the spine and balance in all activities. A strong abdominal area can also help improve gym performance such as squat or deadlift, or yoga balancing movements.

    Top 3: Stretches, strengthens joints. Improve your athletic performance, reduce your risk of injury, or simply increase the flexibility of your daily activities.

    Top 4: Adjust posture and deformations of the spine formed by wrong posture (sitting, jumping, running, heavy calf). This prevents and improves back pain, spinal degeneration, or herniated disc. Pilates is a good exercise for rehabilitation for people with back pain, and a reason for my sister's condition to improve quickly.

    Top 5: Like any other physical activity, Pilates has the effect of burning energy, though not as effective as cardio (running, cycling ...) or lifting weights. In addition, Pilates also improves endurance and muscle growth. But if your main goal is to improve your physique, you should combine them with other types of heavier exercises.

    Top 6: Teaching proper breathing, increasing blood circulation and metabolism, helping to eliminate toxins.

  2. Top 07 issues to keep in mind before you join and practice true pilates


    For people who don't know how, but to me is the water that I need to discuss the most? Because why? Without water you will definitely be short of, lose feeling and make yourself feel tired very quickly. But if you drink and drink too much water, you will feel so tired.
    Bring water to compensate for water loss during and after exercise. The goal of the class is to help you practice Pilates best. So, don't be afraid to sweat on the training ground in return for a commensurate result. You will really need water.


    Comfortable wear makes it easy to track and correct postures
    As with any exercise method, you need to have a reasonable preparation. Because, you absolutely can be "threatened" by seasoned members, or feel uncomfortable in a new environment. Sportswear neat, flexible, easy to move is the best choice.
    However, it is more convenient to choose clothes that are snug, avoiding baggy and easy to get caught in devices. Tight-fitting clothing makes it easy for instructors to observe all body movements.
    For women, be sure to wear a supportive sports bra but not too tight. This makes you more comfortable in moving positions. You should also be careful not to wear jewelry when practicing to avoid being entangled.
    Avoid wearing tight shirts and leggings as they can interfere with the movement of your body, causing you to create abnormal movement patterns. If you still like them, choose a slightly larger size than usual.


    You can go barefoot when doing Pilates. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing socks, choose a pair of colorful and stylish non-slip spikes for you. Conventional sport socks will not provide the amount of friction you need to maintain balance.

    Think about hygiene reasons to buy yourself a pair of socks. Although the equipment is cleaned after every shift, but it is inevitable errors. When the floor is full of bacteria and fungi, make sure you are always protected with clean socks and good socks.

    Carpet practice

    The Pilates mat is thicker than the yoga mat to provide better support when performing the movements. You need to pay close attention to this issue too, do not ignore and waste useful information and importance like this home.
    In addition to the water and outfits mentioned above if you have a yoga / Pilates mat, you should bring it to the classroom. Note that the Pilates mat will be slightly thicker than the Yoga mat. The Yoga mat focuses on a balanced set of poses while the Pilates mat will help you practice twisting, rolling, lying on your side and putting more pressure on the large skeletal structure points of the body.

    Do not be afraid to talk to the instructor

    You and your instructor will talk a lot during the session. In the first few sessions, we will talk about things like the central region of the muscles, how to activate the pelvic region and relaxation, regulating breathing, muscles, posture, coordination, why. You have to practice this exercise and how it helps you, common mistakes and the best way to avoid,…

    Come to class early or on time and keep quiet

    For comfort, relaxation and concentration, you should come to Pilates class early from 15-30 minutes. Keep silent and turn off your mobile phone during class time. Some practitioners may experience pain or difficulty and need quiet space. If you want to chit-chat, "save" it after class to avoid distracting others.

    A positive attitude

    Above all, the best thing you can bring to your first class is a positive and enthusiastic attitude. To access this subject, you need to be patient, persistent, increase the intensity and control of the body's activities to lose weight effectively. It's much simpler and more interesting when you smile and don't get too stressed out. Give it a try? You will be surprised at yourself.

    • In fact, go to practice. Going to study any subject requires attention. Pay attention to all the different issues, right? Any other issues to keep in mind? More specifically, you should share a bunch of famous pilates places in your area

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