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Saffron type? Which saffron pistil brand is currently most popular and trusted by consumers in the Vietnamese market? Before coming to the article about Top reputable, best quality saffron pistil brands, let's find out about:

What is saffron pistil?

Saffron is a flower of saffron that lives in parts of Europe and mostly in the Middle East. In science, saffron saffron is called Crocus Sativus or with a more familiar name is saffron. Saffron is widely used and is known as a seasoning spice that adds color and smell to food. Saffron pistil is used after drying.

And although known as a spice, Saffron has just been introduced to Vietnam and is known and outstanding thanks to the beauty and health benefits. It is also considered a valuable herb that helps to improve the skin, prevent and prevent premature aging of the skin.

If you want to see more about saffron's effects and effects of saffron pistil, you can read more in the article: Top 10 Effects Of Saffron Saffron For Beauty and Health

And currently, Vietnam market is currently used and popular brands saffron most saffron? Check out the list below with us.

Top Brand Saffron Saffron Is Used Most Popular And Most Popular In Vietnam

Saffron Badiee Saffron

Saffron Badiee saffron pistil Women are known and trusted with many good and great uses for health, especially beauty.

Saffron Badiee Saffron Badiee Doan

Saffron Badiee Advantages:

  • High efficiency: Because Saffron Badiee is selected and selected, the content of good active ingredients contained in saffron pistil is very high. Therefore, despite the low content, maintaining for a short time can see the effect.
  • Health safety: Saffron has long been used as a spice in European and Middle Eastern kitchens, thus showing extreme safety for human health.
  • Convenient, easy to use: Saffron Badiee is boxed 1g very convenient to use, just helps preserve it well. Products in thick glass bottles avoid moisture and bacteria.
  • Brand, clear origin

How to tell if Saffron Badiee saffron pistil is fake:

  • Option 1: True Saffron, The characteristic scent faintly agrees with the smell of plants if one is not sensitive. And for sensitive people, the smell will be a little unpleasant. And the fake product will have no fragrance and the color will be fresh because it is dyed.
  • Option 2: Try it with water. Saffron takes longer to dissolve and the fiber is lighter in color.
  • Option 3: Real saffron products will be fully packed, plastic-sealed, sealed and show no signs of opening.

Saffron saffron is a lot of real sellers, fake sellers and TopnList suggest you can see how to distinguish fake saffron saffron through the following two articles:

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Saffron Bahraman

Saffron has many varieties and brands. In the gold of gold bran lower bran like that, which products are fully originated, what kind is the best price. Saffron Bahraman This is the type that Vietnam market is quite popular and trust.

Saffron Bahraman

Bahraman Company is one of the oldest companies producing saffron pistil, established in the years of 1970 and now they are one of the brands that have invested in methodical research and production. The most closed program in Iran.

Saffron Baharaman uses:

  • Effective chronic insomnia support
  • Helping the process of losing weight, reducing fat to regain shape faster
  • Reduce symptoms when menstrual period comes
  • Using saffron helps people awake, mentally comfortable

Saffron Salam

Saffron is a perennial plant and in the year it only gives flowers in the fall. In particular, this plant only adapts well and produces the best saffron fibers in the Mediterranean climate. Currently talking about the capital of the saffron pistil here is Iran, although other countries such as Greece, Kashmir and Morocco have problems, but the reserves in Iran account for 90% of the world.

Saffron Organic Negin (Saffron Salam)

Saffron Organic Negin (Saffron Salam) Why is the best:

  • Saffron Salam is grown completely organic
  • Saffron Negin is amputated to retain the best part
  • Strict process of cultivation and production
  • Produced by Gohar Saffron, Iran

Tips and ways, instructions for use saffron pistil in beauty you should know.

Saffron Saharkhiz

In Iran, when mentioning long-standing Saffron brands and brands, Saharkhiz cannot be ignored. Saharkhiz has continuously developed to provide the market with the best and highest quality saffron in the past year.

Saffron Saharkhiz

The secret to say to keep and develop the Saharkhiz brand until now is probably always the focus and product research and development, quality process management, and expertise of all employees.

Although Saffron Saharkhiz manufactured not entirely organic but using fertilizers and pesticides but within the scope, safety standards allow, right standards to produce the best products while protecting the health of people. consumption. Because Saffron Saharkhiz is a health promotion product.

Saffron Shyam

Saffron Shyam is naturally grown and grown as much as possible, so the product is completely natural, and because it is grown naturally, the yield is quite small and uneven in quality. . So the price of Saffron Shyam will be quite softer than other Organic lines, with clear standards in planting, sorting and packaging. Saffron Shyam is a product of Edman Saffron Company.

Saffron Shyam

Compared to his "hard-working" brothers in the saffron production and distribution industry, Edman Saffron Company was "born later" a little later, which was in 1995. But being born late, so choosing the right path and segment hit So Saffron Shyam is a very strong competitor in its segment.

Despite the heterogeneous quality of saffron pistil, so many people like and like Saffron Shyam. Because Saffron Shyam is identifying and shaping green products at affordable prices, health and safety are a top priority. Therefore get the trust of consumers in the country and the world.

Saffron Jahan

JaHan Saffron is another product from manufacturer Saharkhiz Saffron Company. Because of wanting to create a playground with a variety of types and product lines, JaHan Saffron was born to hit and segment the popular market.

Saffron Jahan

In line with quality and safety standards such as Saffron Saharkhiz, the saffron fibers taken will cover the whole body. Because in fact everyone aims at the high-end segment and the price is quite expensive that the affordable segment is difficult to buy. And most of the big guys will leave it open, so Saharkhiz Saffron Company has quickly created JaHan Saffron to jump into this highly affordable segment.

And now, JaHan Saffron is used by many women in Vietnam because of its affordable price, affordable price and high quality and safety.

Saffron Tashrifat 100% Iranian Saffron

Tashrifat 100% Iranian Saffron is a standard production product from Iran - the largest saffron capital in the world, and produces the highest quality saffron in the world.

Saffron Tashrifat 100% Iranian Saffron

  • Tashrifat 100% Iranian saffron contains many nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to help strengthen resistance, stabilize blood pressure, reduce blood fat, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, support immunity, prevent and treat diseases. Support cancer treatment., reduce the risk of common cold, Antioxidant effect...
  • Saffron has sedative effect, reduces stress, prevents depression, supports the treatment of insomnia, neurasthenia, and memory impairment in the elderly.
  • Saffron Tashrifat 100% Iranian Saffron has a positive effect on physiological enhancement

In short, though, TopnList has introduced products of the world-famous saffron brands that are popular in Vietnam. But one thing to note is that it is not as important as what you buy that you buy real saffron pistil, so it is wise to buy it.

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