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About Dony Uniform Sewing Unit

- About Dony Uniform Sewing Unit

Uniforms are considered a tool to help erase all distances between members in an organization, union, company, etc., showing the community and solidarity of the members. At the same time, uniforms are also a way of distinguishing between episodes…

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Ninja Sasori

ninja sasori

Character bio: Who is Sasori? Character introduction Sasori (サソリ), or Red Sha Sasori, is an S-rank traitor ninja from the Sand Village Puppet Control Team and a member of the Akatsuki organization, where he paired up with Orochimaru and later…

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Yamanaka Sai

Character bio: Who is Yamanaka Sai?

Sai (サイ), also known as Don Sai (首領(ドン)・サイ), is the 13th generation leader or current leader of the Eight Treasures Marines and a member of the Chinjao clan. Sai is Chinjao's grandson, Boo's brother and Baby 5's husband. Sai…

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Jinbe Knight of the Sea


Jinbe Used to be the second captain of the Sun Pirates and was also a member of the Shichibukai - Seven Fears. During the battle with Marine Headquarters, Jinbei gave up this title to ally with Whitebeard. Character bio:…

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Cat thief Nami

Character bio: Who is Nami?

Nami, also known by the nickname "Cat Thief", is the Pilot of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is the fifth member of the crew and the third to join. She currently has a bounty of 66.000.000 Beli. Her previous wanted level…

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