Top 06 Tarot Production Process, Print The Complete Tarot Deck

Print tarot cards is it difficult? How many steps does a tarot production process take? Is this a question you often ask yourself?

Well, this is about friends who have learned and loved tarot. But for the unknown What is a tarot how can one think of owning one for themselves? tarot set is it ok? So, in addition to being passionate and buying the original tarot decks currently on the market, do you want to have a tarot deck created by yourself?

Surely there is, isn't it because it makes its own mark and features in Vietnam tarot community right? Actually, it is not difficult to print tarot cards, but to have a tarot deck, to have a complete tarot production process is difficult. But it's okay, it's easy when we learn and until we succeed, along with TopnList Enter the world of tarot card production processes, print tarot cards...

Steps in Producing Tarot Cards, Printing Tarot Cards

1 A. Up Design Tarot Design Ideas

The idea of ​​printing tarot sets is the first problem you need to solve

The idea of ​​printing tarot sets is the first problem you need to solve

With any product, not just the Tarot, so does the printing of the tarot, we need to have an idea, come up with a specific idea about the product, the problem we need to create, it solves the problem. What, what does it say, here is the tarot deck, what does it say, what does it mean?

How to get ideas to print tarot cards or to actualize and produce tarot cards? It's quite simple, but it will also give you a headache, because the idea is all around us, all the problems that we think about how to solve, think about the transmission that is the idea.

More specifically, you can look at things and events of nature, people, trees, colors, animals, materials, etc. From there, personalize a personal hobby of yours so that it can be turned into a unique idea, personalize your idea and condense it into the tarot deck you want to make.

Once we have an idea, we have identified the problem of transmission, then we need to dig deeper, going deeper into it is not only the details and the source of the roots, the more details, the easier your idea. go and will make a difference, asserting themselves in their own characteristics, not in sync with, not synonymous with previous ideas.

You should synthesize all the problems you learn and research into a copy system, store it in a notebook, a file on your computer, but make sure it can retrieve any elements, good answers relate to each other's questions ie from 1 to 2 and from A to B that's it, the idea is seamless, the breakdown of specifics will make your system easier.

The most beautiful tarot decks in the world are you drawing

What are the most beautiful tarot decks in the world that you can paint?

To make it easier to learn and to standardize things, you can follow and choose a orientation, a tarot style that will be printed in the future. You should go and start from the most basic standard, which is style Rider-Waite Tarot such as.

2 B. Expression Of Ideas In Tarot

Set Of Hand Drawn Tarot

A personal hand-drawn tarot deck TopnList thinks it will be better than a printed tarot card, but the point is to personalize it for you more than many people like, and at the same time if you want a drawing tarot deck If your hand is called "visible", then obviously you must have a bit of a super drawing skill. Here, in the form of this hand-drawn tarot set, by default you all draw well kaka

Vietnam's first hand-painted Tarot set is yours

Vietnam's first hand-painted Tarot set is yours

1 Stage: Select the drawing color and outline background

78 tarot card that is 78 picture scaled down to one size of the card. Therefore, you want to be consistent and you think what kind of painting color, what kind of sketch background is suitable for you, suitable for your style and ideas to create a tarot, then choose them. Do not say too much and in detail about this part because each person has a unique hobby, so it is personal so you can freely choose the materials and materials that you like. Because it's just a simple pencil, A4 papers can also be done without any fuss.

2 Stage: Outline ideas on the selected material base

As mentioned in the beginning, to do hand-drawing a tarot set, you must know how to draw and be a good painter, or like you are an artist, with your creativity, the idea is already up. While concurrently with certain logics of each tarot card meaning, the 78 tarot cards are 78 different pictures but they are all identical in meaning, circuit, core and situation. When this is the same, there is a thorough and deep chain between the "plot - ideas" sent by you, readers can easily feel the problem. Otherwise, the discontinuity will lead you astray in this matter.

Complete the tarot if you have ideas and determination

Complete the tarot if you have ideas and determination

3 Stage: Complete the drawing and publish the tarot

This is an equally elaborate step. If the idea is difficult 10, drawing is difficult 9, then this stage is 8 but not suitable. Because when you have completed the hand-drawn tarot set to the publishing stage, at this stage you have meticulously checked every detail of the drawing and drawing on each card.

Because for Tarot, all the details and textures on the card tell the problem, say the meaning. Therefore, at this stage it is necessary to carefully consider, finalize and summarize the details, meanings, lack, sufficient, and excess to complete and move on to publishing the hand-drawn tarot set. And even if it's hand drawn to publish, you need to print out the tarot

Digital Tarot Set

This form does not necessarily mean that you are a good painter, a person who knows how to draw and also do not need to be too proficient in software in the early stages, because I am sure after completing the tarot set, you will be "holy" draw that computer software.

Are digital tarot decks you make?

Are digital tarot decks you make?

With digital software, you do not need to spend too much time on editing damage when drafting or finishing editing, because all details and textures on the computer are simplified more to You can promote your ideas to the maximum extent possible, making your work much simpler.

Here I do not talk much about the software as well as how it works and manuals, because this is an article about sharing the steps of producing and printing tarot cards, so you can find out the problem. This is best for graphic websites.

With the digital software tarot, the completion is much easier than you might imagine, because it takes less time to scan, export, and print, because on the editing software after saving the file That's it and you're done printing your tarot.

3 C. Select Print Paper

There are many tarot printing paper options for you

There are many tarot printing paper options for you

This part is quite similar but also different from how you choose the background material to draw the sketch, but when it comes to choosing the printing paper, you have completed the most difficult step. . And about the choice of printing paper, there are only a few issues to pay attention to: Quantitative printing paper, choosing the size according to international standards or breaking the way,,…. Although tarot paper is equally important to create the quality of the tarot deck, in my opinion, choosing a printing paper depends only on what you want, how you want it.

4 D. Where To Print Tarot Cards

Choosing a reputable and quality printer will raise your tarot range greatly. And the problem you create tarot sets to do, enough to hire large printing houses, large printing workshop to mass production yet? Or do you just want to paint, do it for your friends, to make your mark and to develop later? When you answer these questions, I think the problem of choosing where to print doesn't matter to you anymore.

5 E. Tarot Print Process

A standard tarot printing process will include the following:

  • – Check if the print file is complete, complete and correct
  • – Conduct a test print of the sample to check the quality of paper and ink quality
  • – Start batch printing with desired quantity
  • – Check all prints for scratches, uneven colors anywhere
  • – Carrying out packing and plastic wrapping of tarot cards

6 F. Important Notes to Remember When Printing Tarot Cards

When printing tarot cards or printing any set of products, there is a need for the most general notes:

  • – Always follow the product printing process closely, if you are working with that printing company for the first time and you are publishing for the first time, because following closely you will experience in a more standardized workflow.
  • – Always put quality first in the printing process, never be greedy for paper, cheap in color and choose worse prints.
  • – Finally, in the final step of checking and finishing the product, it is necessary to peel it off to check again, compared with the original parameters, indexes and materials that have been conventionally correct or not.

Ps: Printing tarot cards is not difficult, it's like printing all other normal formulas, the hardest problem in printing tarot cards is how you come up with ideas, outline and perfect it. TopnList is very clear that one day there will be a standard Vietnamese tarot deck.

Maybe I haven't updated about tarot sets in time, for example, there may be a Vietnamese tarot set, but I don't know, if anyone knows about any, please refer to the below. By commenting let me know what you know.

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