Antibacterial Cloth Mask: Can It Be Used After 30 Washes?


With the serious Covid-19 epidemic situation and the scarcity of medical masks, the Ministry of Health has advised users to use antibacterial cloth masks. However, consumers are still too confused about the news Antibacterial cloth masks can be washed up to 30 times. Is that correct or not?

- Antibacterial Cloth Mask: Can It Be Used After 30 Washes?

1 Do antibacterial cloth masks have the same effect as medical masks?

After many days of fighting with the epidemic, Vietnam has successfully applied the policy of wearing masks to limit the spread of the disease in the community. According to the decision of the Ministry of Health, cloth masks that must meet the standards specified in Decision 870/QD BYT are usually distributed at pharmacies, or from official suppliers.

Dony antibacterial cloth mask from 3 classes. In which: The outermost layer is water-resistant to help prevent saliva, the middle layer filters dirt, microorganisms and the inner layer is antibacterial.

In general, antibacterial cloth masks have a structure quite similar to medical masks. However, medical masks can only be used once. Cloth masks can be used many times after washing and can be reused up to 30 times (this number is symbolic, the official number needs to see the actual test results from the product).

2 What is antibacterial fabric?

This is a fabric that is coated with antibacterial substances on the surface by different methods such as spraying, pressing or coating. This fabric can kill up to 90% of bacteria within 1 hour of exposure, but the ability to kill bacteria will decrease with the number of washes. Depending on the technology and materials used by the manufacturer, the mask retains its high antibacterial ability after many times of washing.

3 Can antibacterial cloth masks be used after 30 washes?

It is known that the microfiltration layer of medical masks when soaked in water will be damaged and lose its effectiveness. But for cloth masks that can be washed many times and still retain the ability to kill bacteria and filter dust. However, after each wash, the antibacterial ability will gradually decrease.

With a careful production process of each stitch, meticulous from packaging to quality, Dony produces antibacterial cloth masks that meet 870 standards of the Ministry of Health. Dony antibacterial cloth mask is composed of three layers to prevent saliva, prevent dust, and kill bacteria.

With optimized product quality, Dony cloth masks can be reused up to 60 times (certified to be tested with 60 washes, the antibacterial effect is still 99,9%).

Dony's antibacterial cloth mask can be reused up to 60 times, easy to breathe, does not cause ear pain when worn for a long time. This has been widely recognized after the Dony cloth mask underwent the global INTERTEK test. This is considered a strong point of Dony that is completely outstanding compared to other cloth masks on the market.

- Antibacterial Cloth Mask: Can It Be Used After 30 Washes?

Proofs of Dony Mask's high standards

4 How should antibacterial cloth masks be washed to last longer?

If properly washed and stored, antibacterial cloth masks can be used longer. It is recommended to machine wash at 60 degrees for 30 minutes and dry to sterilize or hand wash and dry in the sun.

Thus, the reuse of cloth masks is completely possible. Dony's antibacterial mask can be used after 60 washes. Providing health safety and convenience, the fabric is close to the face, breathable, easy to breathe and does not cause ear pain when worn.

You can see more information about Dony antibacterial cloth masks at the youtube link:

To help people in the US prevent the Covid 19 epidemic that is constantly spreading in the community, Dony donated 100.000 antibacterial cloth masks worth 10.5 billion VND on the Medical Supplies Presentation Day.

Passing the rigorous quality testing process, only the Dony Mask antibacterial and anti-droplet cloth mask was selected to be presented to the US government. Through that, the quality of Dony masks is more and more appreciated by partners for international export quality.

- Antibacterial Cloth Mask: Can It Be Used After 30 Washes?

To accompany other countries to fight against the Covid 19 epidemic, Dony has exported tens of millions of anti-bacterial cloth masks with anti-droplet resistance to the US, France, Germany, UK, Middle East, and Saudi Arabia markets. , Nigeria, Singapore, Japan,... All Dony Mask products supplied on the market are certified to meet standards from FDA, CE, certified from Intertek, REACH, ...

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