TOP Outdoor Advertising Companies In Hanoi

Outdoor advertising is The "national" advertising channel reaches out to family members at the most affordable cost. Thanks to outdoor advertising campaigns, product/brand images are brought to a large number of customer groups.

If your business is interested in this form of advertising in Hanoi, do not miss the following article. Topnlist Generality TOP 7 quality outdoor advertising companies in Hanoi for your reference!

Top 7 Prestigious Outdoor Advertising Units in Hanoi
TOP Outdoor Advertising Companies In Hanoi

Top 7 Prestigious Outdoor Advertising Units in Hanoi

1 Advertising Sixth Sense Media

Six Sense Media is the company provides professional outdoor advertising solutions in Hanoi. With the spirit of creative work, constantly striving to improve service quality, the company has become a partner of many large domestic and foreign enterprises. 

Currently, Six Sense Media provides the following services: billboard advertising, vehicle advertising, advertising in public places, advertising on LCD and Frame...

Advantages of advertising services at Six Sense Media:

  • Completely free consulting strategy, outdoor advertising plan.
  • Carry out all stages of the advertising program.
  • Attractive prices, good discounts for large orders.

Location: 3rd floor, 6 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

Advertising Sixth Sense Media
Advertising Sixth Sense Media.


2 GoldSun Framedia

Belonging to Goldsun Group, GoldSun Framedia is the unit specializing in receiving advertising through LCD/Frame screens at elevators of buildings and airports; outdoor billboard advertising, ceiling advertising…

Using GoldSun Framedia's services, customers can experience:

  • Creative, attractive advertising campaigns that keep up with the trends of the times.
  • The staff is professional and dedicated. 
  • Commitment to comply with the contract.

Location: 19th floor Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, Pham Hung, Me Tri, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

GoldSun Framedia
GoldSun Framedia.

3 WeWin Media Advertising – Agency

As a leading unit in the field of OOH in Vietnam, WeWin Media provides professional and effective overall advertising services. Service packages WeWin Media Supply includes: outdoor billboard / billboard advertising, LED screen advertising, 3D Mockup advertising...

Benefits of customers when using WeWin Media's services:

  • Optimal advertising costs.
  • Professional working process, ensuring that the traditional campaign runs smoothly and smoothly.
  • Receive services throughout 63 provinces and cities, support coverage of widespread media campaigns.
  • Constantly creating and innovating to deliver impressive and outstanding media campaigns. 

Location: No. 1, 3D Link, Au Viet Kieu Village, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

WeWin Media Advertising – Agency
WeWin Media Advertising – Agency.

4 Media Advertising Nam An

As a total communication unit, service outdoor advertising of Nam An highly appreciated by many Hanoi customers because:

  • Exclusive advertising agency of many LCD advertising channels on taxis.
  • Incorporating technology, new trends into advertising campaigns to improve efficiency.
  • Strong and professional staff. 
  • Building an outdoor advertising plan through understanding businesses. 

Location: 14th floor, Metropolitan Building CT36B Dinh Cong, Hoang Mai, Hanoi.

Media Advertising Nam An
Media Advertising Nam An.

5 Northwest Advertising

Born in 2006, the company Northwest advertising has successfully made a name for itself with outdoor billboard and billboard advertising services. 

Advantages of Northwest advertising company:

  • Producing and printing billboards with modern machinery and advanced techniques to create publications of high quality, aesthetics and durability.
  • Young, enthusiastic staff, grasping trends to create attractive communication campaigns.

Currently, Northwest Trade and Advertising Co., Ltd is cooperating with many leading corporations in Vietnam such as Vingroup, VTV, Viettel Group...

Location: 90, Luong The Vinh street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

Northwest Advertising
Northwest Advertising.

6 Asia Media Vietnam 

Asia Media Vietnam was established in 2005, formerly known as Van Cong Advertising Art Co., Ltd. The unit has long-term cooperation with many large domestic and foreign companies: Ton Dong A, Honda, Vivo..

Asia Media Vietnam has been bringing creative, active and effective outdoor advertising campaigns thanks to:

  • A team of highly qualified design staff with good aesthetic thinking.
  • Professional printing staff, knowledgeable in the use of machines.
  • System of advanced and modern facilities. 

Location: 22/350 Kim Giang, Dai Kim ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.

Asia Media Vietnam
Asia Media Vietnam.


Adsngoaitroi providing outdoor advertising services throughout 63 provinces and cities nationwide, including Hanoi:

Adsngoaitroi advertising support at many locations: public transport, private vehicle, public place (airport, market, supermarket...), highway...

With many years of experience in the profession, Adsngoaitroi has successfully implemented many advertising campaigns for large and small domestic and foreign companies and corporations in different product fields.

When using the outdoor advertising service at Adsngoaitroi, customers can experience:

  • The optimal and fast working process to meet the progress and quality of work.
  • Get a full advertising service: strategize – find and hire a position – design and produce publications – apply for an advertising license – advertise – clean up, evaluate work performance.
  • The outdoor advertising campaign is new, creative, keeping up with market trends and has high virality.
  • Friendly staff, ready to assist guests 24/7.
  • Competitive price compared to the common ground in the market.

Contact: 0908.393.069 – 0823.050.092.


The article summarizes the Prestigious and effective outdoor advertising company in Hanoi. Hope the above information will be useful to you, wish you a successful advertising campaign!

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