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Terms of content publishing and commenting

TopnList is built with fairness, objective and healthy criteria so when any visitor, member or unit accesses TopnList.cpm to exploit or comment on the content, there will be a Specific binding numbers are as follows:

Copyright terms on publishing:

Articles at TopnList will absolutely not publish the content of other pages with the same ideas and content, but if posted, you must quote the source, referencing links. The information and articles on the TopnList page are free to use for the purpose of advertising products, services and other purposes.

Sharing Terms:

All content on TopnList.com is owned by TopnList, so all content sharing in any form must be approved by TopnList, otherwise it is illegal.

+ You are allowed to share the content at TopnList, but you must specify the source, link and absolutely not edit the article when sharing at TopnList.

+ All content at TopnList.com is not used for personal commercial, printing.

+ All articles on social networks and other channels when sharing at TopnList must leave the article source.

Comment terms on TopnList

TopnList accepts comments, comments about personal opinions, not comments about defamatory, hateful, humiliating comments on posts at TopnList because TopnList follows the main listing. so this is absolutely not allowed. TopnList has the right to use all your comments on TopnList.com.

Note other Prohibition issues:

+ Comments and comments using vulgar words and words, loss of culture, fine customs and traditions

+ Commenting, commenting on vulgar, obscene, and slanderous comments, defaming other people's products or services, or committing illegal acts.

+ Discussing about politics

+ Sage honor, dignity of others

+ TopnList reserves the right to change any terms and policies at any time that it deems reasonable in the development situation, the direction of TopnList has been set.

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