Frequently asked questions about Cemboard Thailand?

1./ What is a Cemboard?

Cemboard - Abbreviated from English name: Cement Board, is the common name on the market for a lightweight sheet material made from Portland cement, fine sand and wood chips or cellulose fibers. High quality fireproof, water resistant.

2./ Price of Thai Cemboard Sheet How much?

You can access the article or contact Thanh Thinh distributor at phone number 090 900 5530 or email for advice.

3. / Construction of cemboard floor should choose which unit?

Depending on where you are currently, you will find a suitable unit. But if you are in Ho Chi Minh City or neighboring provinces, you should find out and contact Thanh Thinh Construction Design Co., Ltd for advice.

4./ What material is Cemboard made from?

Cemboard is made up of a mixture of wood fibers or cellulose fibers, Portland cement, superfine silica sand, and contains a number of other inorganic compounds.