Top 10 Best Beauty Spa Services Today

Spa services, prestigious beauty servicesWhat services are included in the most current services? And the job successful business, operation of spa, beauty salon or not depends a lot on the beauty spa services, the technology that at that place chooses. And below TopnList Share with you about some of the information The best beauty spa service today at Miss Tram beauty salon.

1 Cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows, eyebrows

For the work make up eyebrows, eyebrows there are quite a few different beauty services, specifically the technique is more accurate, so in Miss Tram there are techniques, Method to beautify eyebrows to suit everyone? And make beautiful eyebrows is one of beauty spa services not only Miss Tram that a lot of beauty salon, spa in Ho Chi Minh City in particular, and the whole country in general as a spearhead in the spearhead spa services mine.

Beauty spa services to beautify eyebrows at miss tram

Tattooed eyebrows

Tattooed eyebrows is the form of use cosmetic needles put a quantity of substance, color ink on the bottom eyebrow skin. You can imagine this is the same method as tattoo tattoo on the body. Professionals will draw eyebrow frame first, then use a specialized needle to put the ink deep through the skin to perfect it eyebrow mold.

Eyebrow Sculpture

Sculpture of eyebrows This is the most aesthetic eyebrow shaping method available today. Accordingly, the specialist will use a special engraving knife with Super small blade to bring ink to the skin, carve each strand meticulously and intertwine naturally like the real thing.

Eyebrow Spray

Eyebrow spray is an improved technology from Traditional eyebrow tattoo on. However, we need to distinguish Spray eyebrows only lightly touching the epidermis but not deep into the dermis like old method of tattooing eyebrows. Currently, there are many names as well as improved technologies from spraying such as Spray eyebrow powder, spray eyebrow ombre, Shading eyebrow spray,… But most people go Eyebrow tattoo spray Now everyone wants to consult about feng shui eyebrows then refer to the article feng shui eyebrow tattooing service at Miss Tram.

Hairstrokes Eyebrow

Hairstrokes is a technique that uses a nano-needle machine to go each microscopic hair, randomly arranged, not big, not hard and create soft, flying eyebrows.

In addition, hairstrokes also combine gentle shading into the gaps between the fibers to cover the imperfections on the eyebrows, creating a more natural eyebrow effect.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is the way create traditional eyebrows has existed for a long time. A form of using a machine head with a micro-needle to put ink into the skin. The specialist will put the needle tip according to the predetermined eyebrow shape to create each stripe line interspersed with real eyebrows yours.

Above is Generality CAC Popular eyebrow beautifying techniques, the hottest currently on the market. Methods to beautify eyebrows All are updated by advanced foreign technologies and machines and depending on how they are reduced, they will have different beautiful names. You can leave your information below to be consulted by the team Miss Tram fastest support.

In addition to beauty spa services, tattooing, Miss Tram has training in cosmetic tattooing classes, you can visit more articles evaluate the reasons to choose to learn cosmetic tattoo spray at Miss Tram. Or consult with the community and share your ideas with the community on the topic Is Miss Tram's Eyebrow Tattooing Good or Not? in Community Q&A 1080

Suggest you more addresses, locations of the beauty spa services, beauty salonsn specializes in tattooing, cosmetic eyebrow sculpting through articles: Top 07 Quality Prestige Eyebrow Spraying Establishment In HCMC

2 Beauty services for lips

With beauty spa services This is also a lot of people who will only think this is for women, right? Yes, but it's not enough, because men use it now lip beautifying methods This is also a lot and is as popular as the sisters. That's why there are so many lip beauty techniques was born to be able to fully and fully meet, suitable for each object, each specific case of lips. The Today's popular lip beauty method will:

Beauty services to beautify lips at Miss Tram

Traditional Lip Tattoo Method

Usually for small provinces, not located in big cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Can Tho, Da Nang This method is used quite a lot, because with the updating of knowledge, techniques and investment in machinery in the provinces, spa and beauty salon owners are almost absent. With Traditional lip tattoo, the specialist will use a needle to pierce the stratum corneum, then apply it evenly tattoo ink or dip the tip of the needle into the ink first and then roll it onto the skin. Color after Lip tattoo will be darker, tattoo ink is not very natural, when looking at it is easy to detect aesthetic traces.


The biggest difference between lip spray and traditional lip tattoo is the depth of impact on the skin epidermis. If lip tattooing is a deeply invasive tattoo needle process, lip spray uses a sprayer with a needle tip with a depth of 0,2mm, on top of which an ink bulb is attached to gently spray on the lips.

Collagen Lip Spray – Stem Cell Lip Spray

Spray lip collagen is a combination of crystal lip spray technology and natural collagen essence to give Collagen essence inside the lips, helping you own smooth, soft lips.

- Similarly, stem cell lip spray is the process of adding stem cells into the ink and the spraying process helps in cases where the lips have been repeatedly made or cracked or bleeding, aging lips help regenerate youthful lip skin, increase elasticity. restore and color standard, youthful.

Spray the Korean Crystal Technology

- The lip color is natural, keeping the color quite stable

- The shape of the lips is gently balanced with the face

- The cost is quite low, affordable.

Let's take a look at the specific reviews and reviews with collage lip spray service at Miss Tram Tr. Or you can also participate in comments, comments, and questions in the Q&A thread: Miss tram lip tattoo spray is bad or a scam


It is a technology that uses a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to bring the ink in an arc to spread particles on the combined skin Micro-lip injection create smoothness and fast color adhesion. This is a modern technique of creating lip color combined with correcting defects in lip shape, micro-pointing lip sculpting capable of quickly coloring and correcting.

Spray the Queen's lips

The most obvious difference of Lip Spray Queen is the quality of ink & warranty policy.

Spray the Queen's lips Using 100% organic ink from natural herbs, absolutely no chemicals or metals

– Color fastness of Queen's lips up to 5 - 10 years, known as the super-sticky micro-touch lip spray method. Satisfy the desire to have Natural lip color - Painless - Durable - Safe An of even the most demanding guests.

Here, you like the most and want to choose lip beauty method do yourself at beauty spa services Miss Tram? It must be very difficult, right? Obviously you need someone to consult, quickly fill out your information below to receive the earliest advice.

For more reference, have a look and get advice from many spa services, beauty facilities For more on lip beautification methods, you should see the article: Top 06 Quality Prestige Lip Tattoo In Ho Chi Minh City

3 Spa services to treat acne

Above was introduced about cosmetic tattoo spray eyebrows, lips then right? But surely many of you will not care as much spa services where is this right? That is Acne treatment How is the safest, best quality for the skin as well as Suc Khoe mine. Because today's society develops and so many things in the air are polluted, but the skin "enjoys" in the most direct way every day, every hour, so acne is very easy to be born. So how to get to spa services and choose correct, standard acne treatments to avoid losing money buying disability? Peace of mind Miss Tram VietNam Here are some suggestions for you.

Acne treatment service suitable for each type of acne, skin type at Miss Tram

Apply acne cream, take antibiotics

This method has the advantage of helping to reduce acne quite quickly if your skin is suitable for acne cream or your body adapts to antibiotics.


+ After stopping the cream or stopping the course of taking medicine, acne will come back worse than the original.

+ Skin is gradually resistant to acne cream if applied for too long

+ Taking antibiotics makes your body tired, hot body temperature, dry lips peeling and affects your health if you take antibiotics for more than the prescribed time.

+ Note: One of the causes of acne is that the skin contains and accumulates too many toxins, so the Release toxins from the skin very important. Miss Tram with detox treatment So how do you rate the process? Is it good? Friends for reference here.

Acne treatment with Fractional CO2 Laser Micro-Activation Technology

For this method, there are quite a few advantages to mention?

Fractional CO2 laser micro-point activation technology is a technological breakthrough in the field of acne skin recovery and treatment - pitted scars. With a wavelength of 10.600 nm, it is able to penetrate deep into the dermis without causing invasion of the surrounding healthy skin.

+ Eliminate bacteria that cause acne, regulate sebum on the skin and antibacterial.

+ CO2 laser helps to stimulate collagen proliferation tissue to fill acne scars, and at the same time improve facial skin problems, help firm skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smooth and younger skin ..

+ Not only treats acne, dark spots but also helps white and pink skin smooth, tighten pores and regenerate healthy skin.

+ The level of acne recurrence is low and minimizes inflammatory acne when it comes back.


+ The effectiveness of treatment depends a lot on the machine generation of each facility and the treatment product after micropoint activation.

+ Treatment costs are quite high compared to conventional acne treatment.

Acne treatment with Green Laser/Blue Light technology, Oxy Jet Technology, Nano Skin Technology, Bio Light Technology


+ Solve acne in a short time, biological light helps destroy acne, kill bacteria, clear clogged pores - the source of acne, reduce inflammation.

+ Easily control newly formed acne spots

+ The cost of treatment is quite cheap, suitable for all ages

Disadvantages: It only solves acne on the surface of the skin. You should maintain regular skin care to control new acne as soon as possible.

+ Note: In addition to the above procedures, with Miss Tram there is another "unique treatment" that is the snow crystal acne treatment? So what is this course? Is it really effective and good? Let's Review through this article.

You should remember, the above is just acne treatments of spa services Miss Tram is good to use, safe and popular but, if you want really effective treatment, you need to know where you are. Which group of acne? What level are you in?… To be able to use the most appropriate method. So how can we know? It's very simple, you can immediately fill in your information below, the consulting team below Miss Tram will contact you shortly....

If you do not fill in the above information to get help from a consultant team, you can contact the beauty spa services Others specialize in acne treatment at the article Top 5 Reputable Acne Teaching Address In Ho Chi Minh City

4 Spa services to treat back acne

Back acne treatmentIf you read this far, you will ask why not include it Acne treatment on? Not because back acne treatment it becomes a different array than Acne treatment The above is about acne treatment on face already. Then let's find out how many ways, technology to treat back acne, beauty spa service Miss Tram what?

Spa services to treat back acne

Acne Control – Folliculitis With Bio-Omega Light

Today, the development of modern medicine and technology has produced many Back acne treatment - folliculitis fast. Inside, back acne treatment by biological light Omega light was FDA (USA) certified for effectiveness and safety.

Acne Control – Folliculitis With Fractional CO2 Laser

The method of absolute removal of acne, folliculitis, dark spots, is highly effective, even for long-standing back acne. Fractionla Co2 laser technology is FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness for those who need treatment.

Effectively regenerates the skin, stimulates collagen growth, rejuvenates the skin to help the skin naturally white and pink. The course of treatment for acne, dark spots and folliculitis is much shorter than other methods. No abstinence, no downtime after treatment.

Acne Control – Folliculitis With Non-Needle/Needle Technology

The non-needle and needle-rolling method is the use of micro-sized needles to create microscopic false lesions on the back skin, these micropoints will stimulate the skin's natural healing mechanism, from The skin is regenerated, collagen production is increased 1000% times, as well as helps the skin absorb nutrients up to 3000% times compared to conventional skin care treatments.

Non-needle, micro-needle also contributes to stimulate epidermal regeneration, proliferation of Keratinocyte (the stratum corneum of the skin) and stem cells. At that time, the Keratin layer is pushed upwards and forms a layer called the epidermis that protects the body under the influence of the surrounding environment.

Because of these outstanding regenerative advantages, the non-needle and microneedle microneedling procedures are applied to the acne treatment regimen of the face, back and other skin areas on the body to help the skin regenerate and tighten pores and increase self-protection.

The method effectively treats dark spots, evens skin tone quickly after the acne on the back is no longer inflammatory acne. Quick effect, clearly feel the smooth white back area after each implementation.

And if you have back acne, there are friends with worries about back back acne If you can't wear beautiful and sexy backless tops, why not hurry contact with Miss Tram by number 0899 194 519 For advice on the most suitable back acne treatment spa service for your specific case?

You should refer to more articles Top 10 Most Effective Back Acne Treatment Address In City. Ho Chi Minh City so that you can choose for yourself the nearest professional facility, convenient to travel.

5 Spa service to remove melasma and freckles

In addition to the problem of acne that makes a lot of brothers and sisters first melasma and freckles is the thing that makes the headache even more, isn't it? Because with more and more ultraviolet rays, dust, and air pollution, your facial skin will appear more and more. melasma, freckles. So how can we handle them in the most compact way now? Find out now…

The most effective service to remove melasma and freckles at miss tram hcm

Treatment of melasma - freckles with natural ingredients

This can be said to be the easiest way to use and anyone can do it. If maintained for a long time, creating habits is extremely good for the skin. Use natural ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, fresh orange or yogurt, aloe vera, papaya etc

Treatment of melasma - freckles with cosmetics

Currently on the market there are many different lines of skin care products with the effect of fading melasma and freckles. But the use of cosmetics to support these, it is necessary to know and determine which type is suitable for the skin, it is necessary to protect the skin more carefully when not in use because it is extremely easy to catch the sun, dirt, and dust. make the skin condition worse. With this method, you can also refer to melasma creams from Japan that will be quite good, find out specifically at Top 3 Favorite Japanese Melasma Cream

Treatment of melasma - freckles by peeling skin peeling method

In addition to the above two ways, Peeling skin to remove melasma is also a method that many establishments or individuals at home use quite commonly.

  • Advantage: Not only fade melasma - freckles quickly after peeling but also white and smooth skin
  • Disadvantages: This melasma treatment method does not eliminate the root of melasma because it only affects the surface of the skin. Many cosmetic facilities are not reputable or if you arbitrarily use harmful chemicals, it will lead to damage, thinning of the skin and possible scarring after treatment.


Nd-Yag Laser is a smart laser generation that uses 2 wavelengths of 1.064 nm and 532 nm simultaneously, combining the softpeel process of the Q-switched system to directly affect the melanin causing melasma.

  • Helps effectively treat up to 90% of melasma.
  • The impact laser energy stimulates collagen production to regenerate new white and bright skin - smooth, minimize wrinkles.
  • Acne, oily skin, large pores, dry skin are improved to return you healthy, bright, smooth, firm skin.
  • Safe - no pain - no skin damage - no need to rest.
  • Minimize treatment time and costs.

Please note, in order to successfully treat melasma and freckles, in addition to choosing the right method, you need to know how to take care of it after beauty. Therefore, it is very necessary to consult, support and answer your questions in the fastest and most urgent way. Wish you use beauty spa services in the smartest and most efficient way.

More suggestions for you about the list of Professional melasma treatment address in Ho Chi Minh City so that I can contact you to ask for advice spa services Then decide which side to choose.

6 Spa services for Deep Scars - Pimples - Acne Scars

Surely everyone wants to have a shiny, smooth and white face, right? But the problem here is that not everyone is like that, can be born or suffer from a certain problem that causes facial skin to have dark scars, pitted scars and acne scars? So how to return to the original condition like "baby skin"? So let's see the reveal about beauty spa services to treat dark scars, pitted scars and acne scars at Miss Tram Is there any standard method?

Spa services for Deep Scars - Pimples - Acne Scars

Treating Concave Scars in a Folk Way

Folks from the past often used to treat scars with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, lemon, turmeric, gotu kola, onion, coconut oil, garlic, etc. For this method, it is suggested to you because it is quite Easy to iron and the ingredients are easy to find, can be made at home in the best and standard way.

Treat Scars With Medicines Or Creams

This is also a common treatment for concave scars. Depending on the extent of the scar and the patient's condition, the doctor will prescribe different drugs and creams. When you use drugs or creams for treatment, you should remember to know specifically about the drugs and creams that have any allergens or irritants for your skin, not the condition does not improve. Anything heavier is not good. And as mentioned above, you need to visit a medical doctor for specific advice, prescription, and best prescription.

Scar Treatment With Needle Roll Method

In the past years, when modern technology to treat pitted scars - acne scars has not been applied, the technology of needle rollers directly affecting the facial skin is popularly done at centers and facilities for pitted scar treatment. 

Treat pitted scars, acne scars, dark scars with Fractional CO2 Laser technology

Fractional CO2 Laser technology is a modern and highly effective beauty technology. The laser affects the epidermis without invasiveness of the surrounding skin, promoting pitted scars to heal in the shortest time.

Fractional CO2 laser is currently being applied in many countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, Germany. This method is extremely safe, using a laser with a wavelength of 10.600 nm to affect the damaged skin tissue, stimulating the self-filling mechanism on the skin.

If your face is suffering from various types of acne scars, dark scars, pitted scars You should see a doctor and get treatment as soon as possible. And if you can't choose, find a suitable method or place for advice, please Contact Miss Tram beauty salon for specific advice.

If you are a person currently living and working in Phu Nhuan or nearby districts and are in need, want to find specialized spa services About the treatment of pitted scars, dark scars of all kinds, you can refer to the following article The Best Scar Treatment Salon in Phu Nhuan District.

7 Hair removal spa services

Coming to Ham Ninh - where is known as the oldest fishing village of Phu Quoc, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes made from Ham Ninh flower crab. Ham Ninh is also the place having the most delicious flower crabs in Phu Quoc. Although Ham Ninh crab is not too big, its meat is richly fragrant, fresh and firm. Many delicious dishes can be processed from crabs such as steamed crabs, stir-fried crabs, fried tamarind crab, spicy and sour crab hotpot … hair removal services and needs Surely there must be a lot of sacredness about women, right? This is a factual statement, for example, if you have 10 people, 9 of them will be female hair removal service already. Because in order to be able to wear short skirts with thin white chopsticks, wear an open back shirt with a smooth "spleen area", right? Then these hair removal method Which standard is currently on the market about spa services?

- Top 10 Best Beauty Spa Services Today

Hair removal with IPL . Technology

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal technology works based on the intense light emitted by the Flashlamp bulb. The essence of IPL is a beam of broad spectrum from 420nm - 1200nm. The wavelength of IPL commonly used for hair removal is in the range of 610 - 950 nm, which can kill hairs and destroy and prevent hair follicles from growing.

Hair removal with Elight Technology

Uses Elight light to burn hair follicle cells, making hair follicles smaller. In fact, Elight light is a combination of IPL waves and bipolar RF rays.

Hair removal with  Laser Diode Technology

Diode Laser is an RF (Radio Frequency) hair removal technology with wavelengths from 808nm - 810nm. This technology has the ability to destroy and block nutrition from hair follicles to hairs. Due to inadequate nutrition, the hairs gradually weaken and fall out naturally.

Hair removal with  OPT – SHR . Technology

Is a technology that uses light that passes through a filter of wavelength 650-950nm with a fast emission frequency of 1-8 hz to continuously and stably generate hair removal. Light energy converts to heat after penetrating and staying in the skin for about 3 weeks to destroy the nutrition source to each hair, making the hair weaker, softer and slowly falling out naturally.

Everyone has beauty needs, right? And especially the women. So how do you want to have a smooth and hair-free skin? Can only call contact with Miss Tram Get specific advice on the area of ​​hair you want to remove, the cost of hair removal as well as the most suitable method. You can see the specifics hair removal spa services at Miss Tram here:

8 Natural skin rejuvenation spa service

Is your skin aging? Over time, society develops, inversely proportional to your skin aging faster and younger age. So how? Why don't you just go for surgery? No no… The secret for you natural skin rejuvenation beauty spa service from Miss Tram as follows:

Natural skin rejuvenation spa service at miss tram beauty salon

Skin rejuvenation with chemical peels

Chemical peels are another way to resurface the skin. Cosmetologists use a solution and apply it to the skin for a certain period of time, after which the outer skin peels off and stimulates new skin cells to appear.

Skin rejuvenation with PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Also known as the rejuvenation method of autologous blood collection. In blood plasma platelets contain stem cells that have the ability to renew themselves and stimulate the production of new cells. The plasma, after being separated from the blood by a centrifuge, is stimulated to produce more stem cells. After that, the plasma will be implanted into skin cells by the method of microneedling.

Laser skin rejuvenation

Laser is a common method in many cosmetic facilities today when using light waves to impact the skin such as CO2 laser, Toning laser, Fraxel Repair laser ... to help remove the outer skin layers, stimulate the lateral skin. The bottom produces collagen, making the skin firmer.

Skin rejuvenation with HiFu S+ (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) Technology

Hifu Technology is the only technology currently using wavelengths that can penetrate to a depth of 3.0-4.5mm below the surface of the skin. This is considered the area that produces the most collagen and elastin – the cells that keep the skin firm, plump and youthful. After going deep into the dermis, high-intensity focused ultrasound waves will disperse energy and tighten muscle tissue.

Let's rejuvenate the skin as naturally as possible because it can make your skin more sustainable, much more standard. You can find out more details at

9 Eyelid spray spa service

You want to have beautiful eyes, beautiful eyes and attract the eyes of many people? But in fact do not have and you are looking to beautify by spraying eyelids? And here's what TopnList sees on Miss Tram's side for you:

- Top 10 Best Beauty Spa Services Today

Korean 3D water eyelid spray technology

3D water eyelid tattoo spray is the eyelid makeup technique Korean technology. The essence of this method is Use an embroidery machine Modern technology has a micro needle tip of 0.2 - 0.3 mm with meticulous and gentle manipulations, taking the customer's real eyelashes as the standard, drawing a fine line at the bottom of the eyelashes to the outermost lashes to Create a clear, natural and beautiful eyelid border, combined with a light tail pull to create a sharp, delicate, natural beauty for your face to make your face more attractive.

Eyelid Spray Technology

Spray open eyelids is the trend to beautify eyelids in the most gentle and natural way among technologies. Updated by Korean aesthetic trends, the eyelid opening is done with a slight touch of the eyelashes, the thin and closed line at the tail of the eye helps the eyes to be bigger and deeper, the eyelid border is attractive with the eyes always glittering, the eyelashes look thick. and natural charm.

Sharp fishtail eyelid spray technology

Spray fishtail eyelids with bold, curved and thick eyelids at the tail, is the choice for girls with strong personality who like to own big sharp, bold eyes.

Natural Liner Eyelid Spray Technology

Spray eyeliner This is a micro-touch embroidery technique that uses an ultra-thin needle to create a black or dark brown border right next to the lash line to help sharp and natural eyelids, contributing to the eyes becoming big and attractive depth. Customers can choose Spray natural Liner eyelids no tail or add a light tail to help create sharper, more youthful and modern accents.

So if I was born naturally without inheriting the most beautiful things for my eyes, I need to find it myself, right? And on TopnList also shared with you the methods, natural and safe eyelid beauty spa services okay then. But the above is just a generalization, and the specific facts you can see here:

Moreover, in addition to Miss Tram, there are many other establishments that also have spa services this so you can see and refer to the article The Most Beautiful Eyelid Tattooing Address in Ho Chi Minh City to choose the most convenient location.

Above is a summary of some the hottest beauty spa services, the best quality is now coming to you. And all spa services The above is being implemented by a lot of parties, so in such a large number of gold prices, you need to have a delicate choice with prestigious standard spa services, good quality. Further Topnlist share some beauty spa services other than at beauty salon Miss Tram are also very attractive to customers today such as: Strike back your eyebrows - Eyelash extensions - Safe mole removal - Tattoo removal without scars

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