Top 8 Address Teaching Eyebrow Tattooing, Embroidery, Sculpting Eyebrow In HCM

The current beauty trend is very popular, in which, Eyebrow tattoo spray Many are chosen by the efficiency and convenience that it brings. Therefore, pursuing this industry will help you get a job with a great income along with future development.

List of Prestigious Beauty Academy Teaching Teaching Sculpting In HCMC

However, the selection Eyebrow embroidery spray training facility, learning eyebrow sculpture It is not easy to ensure quality, because there are now many training institutions that make it difficult to assess. Notice this, today Topnlist will suggest some facilities to you, Quality eyebrow embroidery training center in Ho Chi Minh, help you make the right choice.

1. Miss Tram Academy

If you intend to find one Eyebrow embroidery spray course then Course: Transmission Tradition of Tattooing, Embroidery, Cosmetic Sculpture at Miss Tram Academy is the course Topnlist Recommend not to be missed. With the motto Knowing what to teach, Supervising practice, Ethical training and professional manners eyebrow sculpture course This is very much appreciated by students.

Master Dong Bao Tram - 1. Miss Tram Academy
Master Dong Bao Tram

With years 17 experience in beauty care and training, Master Dong Bao Tram have trained a lot of excellent students, achieved success and been appreciated both at home and abroad. Especially in the field of human resource training cosmetic tattoo spray in general and learn how to sculpt eyebrows in particular.

With modern equipment, specific curriculum and continuous improvement, believe that by completing the course here, you will master the knowledge and techniques in a stable manner to ensure efficiency as well as security. safe.

How much does an eyebrow sculpture course cost?

The reasons you should choose apprenticeship in cosmetic tattoo spray, eyebrow sculpture study at Miss Tram Academy:

  • Experienced instructors directly teach and tutor each student in Cosmetic tattooing course.
  • Be guided and supervised practice on real people (free hands-on modeling).
  • Guaranteed HANDICAPPED GLOVES after the course.
  • There are accommodation arrangements (luxurious, clean, convenient) for remote students.
  • Associate & support certification with Training center legally in the United States, Australia.
  • Get the right to graduate PRACTICE / Intermediate / GOVERNMENT COLLEGE OF GOVERNMENT , and 100% guarantee use to be ASSURANCE Legal business registration with business content: CLEANING SERVICE.
  • Get the right to graduate HEALTH CERTIFICATE Hygiene and safety - prevention of blood sugar - biological fluids.
  • Be entitled to graduate examination TEACHER CERTIFICATION to become TEACHER Advanced teaching at Miss Tram.
  • Graduation receipt CERTIFICATE completed vocational training PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SPRAY.
  • Vietnamese Qualifications issued by Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training grant value nationwide.
  • There are classes on eyebrow sculpture, cosmetic tattoo spraying on demand: for students preparing to leave, need to open a shop urgently, overseas Vietnamese to return home, study in groups, tutoring, online learning, studying for degrees - certificates, ...
  • There are classes for people who have studied in tattoo sculpting teaching centers different but not yet done.
  • Teaching and textbooks in languages ​​of foreign languages ​​(at the request of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese.
  • Trained skills CRISIS SETTLEMENT with customers.
  • Be directed to the address provided professional aesthetic equipment, tools and devices with good quality, best price after graduation.
  • Funding the whole set of equipment and tools throughout the course - no need to purchase additional equipment. Along with many other interesting gifts.
  • SPECIAL: After the interview, dedicated students will receive a scholarship up to 10 - 30 million and work officially at Miss Tram Academy.

There have been many satisfied learners about the quality of training Miss Tram Academy After completing the course.

Learning how to sculpt eyebrow how long will graduate

You can leave your consultation information in the form below:

Miss Tram Academy contact information:

- Top 8 Addresses to Teach Eyebrow Tattooing, Embroidery and Sculpting in HCMC Graduation ceremony of eyebrow sculpture course at Miss Tram

Let's discuss and review the latest review and assessment of eyebrow tattoo and sculpting course in Miss Tram here

The Notes When Learning Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing You Need to Know

Meticulously skillful

In fact eyebrow tattooing in particular or Spray cosmetic tattooing in general, it does not require you to be very meticulous, very skillful, but the core important issue here is that you need to determine that when learning you need to practice meticulousness and ingenuity in the techniques to best apply in practice.

Tattoo spray tools

This note is not recommending that you have tattoo tools No, because when you decide to study cosmetic tattoo spray or art tattoo spray, tattoo spray tools are something you must have. But here I want to share that the tattoo auxiliary tool is something that comes into direct contact with the customer's body and skin, so keeping the customer's hygiene and safety is also protecting and affirming the view. Respect your customers, your professional attitude.

Genuine and suitable tattoo ink

As mentioned above, the tattoo sprayer is something that comes in direct contact with the customer, the tattoo ink is what is put directly into the customer's skin, so the tattoo ink must be good ink, the main standard ink. firm, safe with clear origin. This is also your reputation with customers because the customer's healthy ink is guaranteed, your tattoo "work" will be in beautiful, more even color -> Surely these things help you, center Your spa is more prestigious in the eyes of customers.


Surely boredom will be a common mentality for everyone when starting to study with any profession for a while (about 1/3 of the way). But please be patient with your choice of eyebrow tattooing. Because the potential and opportunities for growth in this profession are huge. You want to have a stable income, you want to have your own spa, tattoo salon, then be abstained and meticulous, skillfully apply all that you have learned into practice for others, you will deservedly rewarded.

2. Studying eyebrow sculpture at Xinh Xinh beauty vocational school

Established since 2005, vocational school Xinh Xinh Beauty is a pioneer in teaching the most advanced beauty technologies and methods for professional skin care, spa management, eyelash extensions, learn aesthetic embroidery spray with modern equipment and experienced instructors. This is the address that has successfully trained more students who have jobs right after the end of the course.

- Top 8 Addresses to Teach Eyebrow Tattooing, Embroidery and Sculpting in HCMC

Eyebrow Sculpting Course At The Reputable Xinh Xinh Beauty Salon

The benefits that you get when registering an eyebrow embroidery course here:

  • Is learning these Eyebrow embroidery technology The most advanced today
  • Be guided to practice on real people
  • Students have high-income jobs right after graduation.
  • Certification after completion. Nationally recognized.
  • Professional trainers in the US Master, Dermatologists are directly in charge.
  • The latest updated training curriculum.
  • Teachers are doctors and lecturers with long experience in the profession.
  • The learning environment is clean, hygienic and comfortable.
  • There is an intensive tattoo class for students who have little time, a class for students preparing to leave or open a shop, overseas Vietnamese to return home.
  • Accept teaching at home for one student or group of students but the price of tuition does not change.
  • Consult equipment, tools, instructions to open Spa salon.
  • Teaching and syllabus in 2 language: Vietnamese and English.

Contact information Xinh Xinh Cosmetology Vocational School

3. Eva Xinh Beauty Academy

Taking quality of training to the forefront, with long experience in the field of skin care, cosmetic tattoo training with more than 6 establishments across the country and 18 courses completed, studied Beauty salon Eva Xinh is the leading address for teaching tattoo spray today.

You will have access to Curve spray tattoo curriculum The latest is now compiled by the academy itself Eyebrow tattoo sculpting technique latest today. Make sure after graduation, you can work immediately without fear of technological backward.

- Top 8 Addresses to Teach Eyebrow Tattooing, Embroidery and Sculpting in HCMC

Learn how to sculpt eyebrows at beautiful eva

A special highlight when you join the eyebrow sculpture course here:

  • Always updated with the most modern and advanced technology in the leading aesthetic countries in the world
  • Signing a regular training program for beauty care industry - spa, middle Beautiful Eva Beauty Academy and vocational colleges
  • Issuing national standard diplomas and certificates issued by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs
  • Beautiful Eva is also the first beauty academy Cosmetology training online to help those who live far away without any conditions to be able to follow a standard apprenticeship like at the academy.
  • Modern facilities
  • A team of enthusiastic, professional teachers with years of professional experience
  • Students living far away are free accommodation, right at the academy
  • Free school supplies for students
  • Students have jobs immediately after graduation
  • The latest updated training curriculum.
  • The learning environment is clean, hygienic and comfortable.
  • There is an intensive class for students who have little time, a class for students preparing to leave the country or open a shop or overseas Vietnamese to return home.
  • Beauty Academy first based in america (usa)

Topnlist Believe that this will be the address to help lift your dream in the field of eyebrow embroidery.

Contact information for Eva Xinh Beauty Academy:

4. Phi Beauty (Phi Beauty International Beauty Salon)

One of the names that cannot be ignored in this list is International Beauty Salon African Beauty. Each Professional training school Together with experienced, enthusiastic and modern facilities, these are the words used to describe the training courses here.

It is the success of the students after graduation training This is the best testament to the quality of training African Beauty. Therefore, many people believe in choosing this place to learn about Eyebrow tattoo spray, sculpture eyebrow is understandable.

- Top 8 Addresses to Teach Eyebrow Tattooing, Embroidery and Sculpting in HCMC

Learning to sculpt eyebrows in International Beauty Salon African Beauty

Choice African Beauty a place apprenticeship spray tattoo sculpture eyebrowsYou will be train Phibrows European eyebrow sculpting technique World 1 number, this is European aesthetic tattoo spray technique The most advanced in the world today.

Besides, there is knowledge about measuring eyebrows in the golden ratio and suitable for each face. At this point, you will be a team of experienced teachers with the dedication to convey your knowledge, skills from basic to advanced and most intensive.

The friendliness, enthusiasm and constant updating of new techniques, the thorough and thorough guidance both in theory and practice will help you have a solid luggage when stepping into the aesthetic path ahead. .

If you are still wondering whether to choose learn eyebrow tattoo spray, learn how to sculpt eyebrows Where you choose African Beauty will definitely help you realize your dreams.

Phi Beauty contact information

5. Cali Beauty Academy

An address training eyebrow spray, learn how to sculpt eyebrow Worth your choice Topnlist Would like to introduce is the name Cali Beauty Academy. It offers cosmetology courses of international standards with the desire to train generations of skilled and successful trainees on the path of cosmetic tattoo spray.

With the motto of training professionals in the field of beauty, Cali Beauty Academy Constantly updating the latest beauty trends and technologies in the world. Besides, there is a team of experienced trainers, highly specialized in work teaching eyebrow sculpture with the enthusiasm to convey the knowledge I have gained.

At this point, students will receive theoretical training combined with practice to ensure you can go to work immediately after completing the course. Cali Beauty Academy pledge to accompany you until you have mastered the job and supported the job right after the end of the course.

Contact information Cali Beauty Academy

6. Mailisa beauty salon

Founded in 1998, Mailisa Not only is it known by many people in the field of high-tech skin care treatment and cosmetic tattoo spray, but it is also a highly appreciated address in the field of professional aesthetic vocational training, in which eyebrow sculpture courseembroidered eyebrow spray is a pretty prominent area here.

There have been many generations of students studying and graduating at Mailisa. And most of these students are successful on the path of professional aesthetics today. Besides, you will have the opportunity to work at beauty salon's centers Mailisa If you have good workmanship.

With a team of good teachers, dedicated, experienced, enthusiastic and educated abroad and domestically, Mailisa Commit to giving you a professional learning environment, creating the best conditions for you to be easier on the road to your dream. Cosmetic tattooing profession.

Mailisa Beauty Salon contact information

7. Thu Cuc Beauty

Referring to the field cosmetic eyebrow embroidery training could not help but mention the name Thu Cuc aesthetic. As one of the most prestigious aesthetic addresses in Vietnam, Thu Cuc aesthetic organize classes Vocational training to learn eyebrow spraying, aesthetic sculpture professional with the goal of providing highly qualified human resources for the market.

With a team of highly qualified, experienced teachers and a well-designed, thorough curriculum, guaranteed when you come to Thu Cuc will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to become one Professional tattoo sprayer.

Especially at class learn Thu Thu aesthetic tattoo spray organizes training sessions on anti-anaphylaxis skills when applying anesthesia to customers – this is valuable knowledge for you only at hospital standard tattoo training facilities. In addition, you are also trained in standard prevention methods to prevent transmission of dangerous diseases when carrying out tattoo spray for customers.

This content includes some basic parts such as: hand hygiene, how to use personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, gowns, ...), procedure for tattoo spraying equipment According to the safety regulations of the Ministry of Health, medical waste management after use, ... This knowledge will be an expensive luggage to help you cope or avoid bad situations that may occur in the process. your practice.

Contact information Thu Cuc Saigon

8. Thuy Tien Beauty Salon

Is one Address prestigious leading aesthetics in Vietnam, Thuy Tien Beauty Salon Bringing beauty to millions of customers at home and abroad. Besides the appreciation of the beauty services , and cosmetic embroidery spray, Thuy Tien Beauty Salon also known as training address Vocational training is very popular with students.

- Top 8 Addresses to Teach Eyebrow Tattooing, Embroidery and Sculpting in HCMC

Studying eyebrow sculpture in Thuy Tien Beauty Salon Is it good?

Here, the number for each eyebrow sculpture course maximum of only 10-12 students, so any student will be guided by the teacher wholeheartedly. Hours learn how to sculpt eyebrows here only 2 hours for the theory part, the rest of the time is for students to practice the operations from simple to complex, so after finishing the course will ensure your skills. In addition, students are guided to use and manipulate high-tech machines and equipment, etc. until they are proficient.

The teachers here are experts who not only have good professional knowledge and pedagogy, but also have a lot of practical experience, they all have the process of working and interacting with customers on. 5 years.

Therefore, during the teaching process, you will be taught by the lecturers skills in each operation as well as experience in handling real situations. learn how to sculpt eyebrows Here will have many advantages for you.

Thuy Tien Spa contact information

So with this article, this post of TopnList Do you have a basic idea about going to school tattooing, sculpture sculpture eyebrow in any of the list of schools specializing in tattooing cosmetology in HCMC above?

This is the result based on the sharing, statistics on popularity and customer comments, on the correlation of service, training quality of all beauty schools and institutes mentioned above.

There may be more newer, better, and more standard schools and institutes, so everyone can share, update, and post your comments right below. .

By doing so, you will not only share your personal opinions but also share them with everyone who wants to learn and enter tattoo industry.

Top Training Courses Spray Tattoo Sculpting Aesthetic Quality Prestige
Miss Tram Academy Xinh Xinh Beauty Vocational Training School
Eva Xinh Beauty Academy African Beauty
Cali Beauty Academy Mailisa beauty salon
Thu Cuc Beauty Thuy Tien Beauty Salon

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