Top 05 Eyebrow Designs Fit Each Face

Wondering about a suitable eyebrow shape for the face, should eyebrows be suitable for the face? An eyebrow shape suitable for the face will help your face become more elegant, harmonious and sharp.

Therefore, eyebrows are considered an important highlight on your face.

Suggest a List of Eyebrow Types Matching Face Standard, Most Specific

Therefore, choosing for yourself a suitable eyebrows is very important. Check with Topnlist for reference eyebrow designsWhich eyebrow shape is suitable for each face Come on and from there will know how to draw, How to trim eyebrows suitable for round faces, long, oval,….

1 Round face

Eyebrows fit round face

To work Create eyebrow shape suitable for face wall then it is difficult and with Round Face is a face whose face length and cheekbones are almost equal. In this case, you should choose for yourself a curved eyebrow shape that will be most suitable

With this eyebrow shape, it will help the face become slimmer, overall, therefore, more harmonious. The higher the arch of the eyebrows, the longer the face will be.

But need attention arched eyebrows but there is still a sharp fold line from the middle of the eyebrow down to the tail. This way of shaping helps to create angular up and down strokes for the face, making the face less full and feeling longer. To be eyebrow shape suitable for round face then when drawing should look to be proud of being absolutely beautiful.

Have you really chosen for yourself the eyebrow style that suits your face? If not, you should go to the facilities and salons specializing in eyebrow sculpture for the best advice.

They are experienced professionals who will definitely advise and choose for you the most suitable eyebrow shape for your face. And you can check out the article Top 07 Quality Prestige Eyebrow Spraying Establishment In HCMC to select the appropriate address.

2 Heart-shaped face

Types of eyebrows that match the oval shape

Shaping eyebrows with a heart-shaped face (Artwork)

Heart-shaped face is a face with a broad forehead and a chin too small Which eyebrow shape suits your face, or how will you trim your eyebrows best for a heart-shaped face?. To overcome this drawback, you should choose for yourself an eyebrow with slightly rounded shape.

The curve is drawn gently, gracefully, avoiding sharp, sharply curved lines because it will make the face more angular. Besides, draw the eye line shorter than the standard eyebrow, the eyebrow shape is tapering down and slightly horizontal. With this way of drawing eyebrows, it will make your face become more balanced and harmonious.

3 Square face

How to trim eyebrows suitable for square faces

Shaping eyebrows with square faces (Artwork)

The characteristic of a square face is a wide forehead as well as a large chin, which makes the face angular, hard and not soft. At this point, you should choose for yourself an arched eyebrow shape to balance the facial contours.

And one thing you need to pay attention to is that the width of the head, middle and tail of the eyebrows should be equal to avoid creating the feeling that the eyebrows are too small or too sharp for a square face shape.

In addition, the curvature of the eyebrows is closely related to the angled jaw of this face. Accordingly, the more square the face is, the higher the top of the eyebrow and vice versa.

If you are confused about the problem make beautiful eyebrows, Which eyebrow design suits your face If so, you can check out the sharing and consulting services how to choose the shape of the eyebrows, eyebrows suitable for each face in the following link:

4 Oval's face

How eyebrows fit the face

How to draw eyebrows that suits the face (Artwork)

Considered a pretty easy face because it can be combined with most eyebrow shapes. However, in order to enhance the softness and elegance of the oval face in an absolute way, you should not keep your eyebrows too straight, but should be horizontal with a slight curve to balance the two sides.

Besides, you should also regularly trim the hair below the eyebrow tail, so the curve of the eyebrow will be clearer as well as more creased.

What type of eyebrow do you find out about your face? At the same time you are also interested in Tattoo spraying and sculpture then Topnlist suggest you should see about the key Studying Eyebrow Sculpture

5 Long face

What is the most beautiful eyebrow shape?

You always look good with a long face (Illustration)

Contrary to the round face, the girls who own long faces have the same length of face length than the width and the width between forehead, cheeks and chin are similar. To overcome this point, thin and straight eyebrows are the most accurate choice.

This style of eyebrows will help cut the eyes of the opposite person, thereby making the face wider and narrowing the length of the face. When drawing horizontal eyebrows for the face, you should go for definitive lines, avoid sharp curves and use the brush to make the eyebrows more natural.

What kind of eyebrows you like, the type of eyebrow that fits your face TopnList and everyone. And above is a list of the top special eyebrow styles for you, you know, have done and currently have.

Explore and share more tips and tutorials on how to draw eyebrows that match your face by commenting below.

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  1. Are there any articles that introduce and share about male eyebrow styles?
    Let me see it, thanks a lot

  2. Tran Thi Thanh Hien

    I have a long face, pointed chin and thin, should use sculpture style eyebrows most beautiful game. Can you give me some more advices? Thank you very much, admin

    • Hello Thanh Hien
      You can refer to this article link Here, there is an introduction to the list of establishments and beauty salons specializing in spraying and tattooing of reputable eyebrows in Saigon. You can contact one of the salons in the list for advice.
      For example, here are beauty salons:
      1 Kangnam Eyebrow Cosmetic Surgery Hospital
      Thu Cuc Saigon Beauty Factory
      3 Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center
      Mailum Beauty Salon
      Dan Tran Artist 5
      Mailumebrows Beauty Salon
      Moc Lien Beauty Salon Enterprise
      If you are in Saigon, I think you should come directly to consult more convenient.
      And if in other provinces, you can call the hotline number of the above article link above to call and advice for more appropriate home
      Thank you for sharing with TopnList

  3. It's as simple as this:
    – Shape your eyebrows according to your face

    + Oval face: suitable for most eyebrows, especially arched, slightly arched eyebrows.

    + Heart face: The shape of the eyebrow has a low arch then arches at the tail.

    + Round face: high arched eyebrows for a more delicate face.

    + Long face: choose a horizontal eyebrow shape to help balance the length of the face.

    + Square face: triangle eyebrows with soft peaks.

  4. If my face is both long and round, it would suit the type of eyebrow kaka

  5. This depends on the face too