Top 8 Shops/Brands of Cordyceps in Binh Phuoc

With many health benefits, Cordyceps are bought by a large number of people to use and give as gifts. However, the quality of cordyceps is only guaranteed when provided by a reputable unit.

Cordyceps market in Binh Phuoc With a variety of products from many brands and suppliers, customers do not know where to trust.

For those who are looking for this product line to take care of themselves, their families, acquaintances… let's consider the recommended addresses. Topnlist suggested below.

Prestige Cordyceps Selling Address – Good Price In Binh Phuoc

1 Agro-Forestry Cordyceps Cordyceps

Linh Chi Nong Lam research, manufacture products Nong Lam cordyceps Quality with high medicinal content, ensuring purity, freshness and taste.

Here, you can choose to buy Nong Lam Cordyceps/JP Militaris, capsule form, honey cordyceps, Cordyceps bird's nest juice...

selling price of cordyceps in Binh Duong
Agro-Forestry Cordyceps Cordyceps

Why choose Nong Lam Cordyceps?

  • System of more than 200 agents nationwide.
  • Produced from purebred seed source level 1: creating healthy cordyceps with high medicinal content.
  • Strict, sterile growing process, ideal like growing in the wild.
  • The price is cheaper than many other brands thanks to the direct, self-contained production.
  • 24/7 professional advice.
- Top 8 Shops/Brands of Cordyceps in Binh Phuoc
Quality certificate at Linh Chi Nong Lam


  • Address: No. 14, N1, Kp 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District (inside the University of Agriculture and Forestry in Ho Chi Minh City).
  • Hotline: 093 887 7743 - 096 807 7743 - 090 973 7743.
  • Website:

Binh Phuoc Branch – Agent of Salanganes'Nest Kim Lien

  • Address: 61 DT 741 Street, Thac Mo Ward, Phuoc Long Town, Binh Phuoc.
  • Phone: 065.1377.9999 - 0943.459.999.

2 Golden Diamond Cordyceps Cordyceps

Golden Diamond is a brand of cordyceps culture censored by competent authorities. Currently, the unit has many types of cordyceps with different prices for customers to choose from.

selling price of cordyceps in Binh Phuoc
Golden Diamond Cordyceps Cordyceps


  • Committed to providing pure fresh / dried cordyceps, certified by Certificare Organic, ISO.
  • Check labels, expiry dates... carefully before delivering to customers, product warranty within 7 days.
  • The price is competitive but the quality is still guaranteed, selling at the listed price of the whole system.

Contact information:

  • Address: 94 Vo Van Tan, Tan Binh Ward, City. Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc.
  • Phone: 0942 88 53 53.

3 Cordyceps Takichi

Having extensive experience in the field of research and production of cordyceps, Takichi provide good quality, safe and reasonably priced products.

Buy good quality cordyceps at Binh Phuoc
Cordyceps Takichi


  • Cultivated from purebred seeds with ideal substrates: ensuring the right harvest with the best medicinal properties.
  • Licensed by Food Safety Department - Ministry of Health.
  • Product variety: soft capsule, hard capsule, fresh block, dried fiber, powder.

Contact information:

  • Address: 848 Phu Rieng, Dong Xoai Town, Binh Phuoc.
  • Phone: 091 810 6886.

4 Vietfarm Cordyceps Cordyceps

Vietfarm Cordyceps Cordyceps is cultured from the genome of natural cordyceps, researched by leading experts on medicinal mushrooms.

The effect of cordyceps
Vietfarm Cordyceps Cordyceps

Reasons to choose Vietfarm Cordyceps:

  • Apply modern technology in culture, processing and preservation.
  • Diverse products: fresh, dried, wine...
  • Beautiful and luxurious packaging.

Contact information:

  • Address: Dong Tam T-junction, National Highway 13, Loc Thinh Ward, Loc Ninh Dist., Binh Phuoc.
  • Phone: 096 171 6466.

5 Binh Phuoc Cordyceps Cordyceps

Binh Phuoc Cordyceps Cordyceps is also a reliable choice for you by quality products and affordable prices. You can choose to buy fresh, dried, honey or cordyceps tincture.


  • Professional consultants: help customers choose the right type of cordyceps.
  • Product performance commitment.
  • Product packaging is beautiful, buy to use or give as a gift.

Contact information:

  • Address: 285 Le Quy Don, Tan Xuan Ward, City. Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc.
  • Phone: 0989 855 488.

6 Cordyceps Hector

Hector Cordyceps is researched and produced according to modern, closed processes transferred from Europe. This brand has many forms of cordyceps, meeting the needs of consumers: drinking water, capsules, dried cordyceps...

agent providing the best quality cordyceps
Cordyceps Hector

Why choose Hector?

  • Commit to the content of pharmaceutical substances in the product and ensure food hygiene and safety.
  • Consulting products according to needs, health status.
  • Affordable selling price.

Contact information:

  • Address: After Dien May Xanh Minh Hung, TT. Chon Thanh, H. Chon Thanh, Binh Phuoc.
  • Phone: 0888 91 98 99.

7 Long Chau Pharmacy

Long Chau Pharmacy is also a reputable supplier of cordyceps at reasonable prices in Binh Phuoc province. As a famous pharmaceutical retail chain in Vietnam, Long Chau Pharmacy only distributes genuine and highly effective products. Some forms of cordyceps you can choose to buy here: capsules, cordyceps bird's nest, cordyceps juice...

The best cordyceps supplier in Binh Phuoc
Cordyceps, Long Chau Pharmacy


  • Guaranteed origin and efficiency.
  • Be consulted by pharmacists to buy, use properly and according to needs.
  • Returns are available within 30 days.

Contact information:

  • Address: 20 Street 6/1, Thac Mo Ward, TX. Phuoc Long, Binh Phuoc.
  • Phone: 1800 6928.

With Top Sellers/Brands of Cordyceps in Binh Phuoc Just now, hopefully you will have more reference sources to choose from when you need to buy good quality cordyceps.

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