Top 10 Uy Tin Foot Salts Shop in Ho Chi Minh City

The reputable foot massage salt stone address in Ho Chi Minh City are you looking for? Then read the article below for specific reference and more necessary information.

List of Prestigious Foot Massage Salt Stone Shops In HCMC

Salt stone foot massage is a product with great effect in the medical treatment as well as human health care. Because when using rock salt to massage feet, the acupuncture points in the foot will be opened and effectively relieve the pain in the foot.

In addition, rock salt foot massage also helps treat cold feet as well as helping to warm the feet. Therefore, the daily use of rock salt foot massage will be a perfect healthcare solution for people. So where is the reliable address when customers want to buy rock salt foot massage? Look for answers with top 10 reputable salt foot massage shop in HCMC below.

1. Himalayan Salt Stone – DamiLama

When coming to the store Himalayan Salt Stone – DamiLama then surely you will be very satisfied with salt foot massage products here. This is a leading place in the field of trading, importing rock salt in Vietnam. That's why the quality of foot salt stones massages at the store.

Top 10 Uy Tin Foot Salts Shop in Ho Chi Minh City

Salt stone shop set foot cheap

DamiLama where salt foot massage prestige will make customers extremely satisfied by:

  • The source of himalaya mineral rock ensures 100% pure 100, imported directly from Pakistan.
    The finely ground stone surface is very convenient for foot contact.
  • Besides, massage salt stone products are also very well designed with very affordable prices.
  • In addition, the policies to support customers to buy rock salt massage here also makes a lot of people feel satisfied and assured.
  • When buying foot massage salt rock here, customers will enjoy the support policy of safe delivery to the provincial Export Import factory.

Address specializes in selling rock salt foot machine

Where to sell Himalaya Salt Stone cheap, reputable, the best quality

Himalaya salt rock how much it guarantees quality

Himalayan rock salt fever: Miraculous rumor, people start trading with silver

For the above reasons, Himalayan Salt Stone Shop - DamiLama always deserves to be a reliable address for those who are looking for a place that sells reputable foot massage salt stones.

Contact information Himalayan Salt Stone:

Google Maps….

In this article, TopnList is presenting you about reputable places to sell foot salt stone. So, do you know anything about the use of himalaya rock salt? What is the himalaya rock salt for and more specifically, is it good? If you do not know or do not know enough then our recommendation you should see the article Top 15 True Benefits Of Decoded Himalayan Pink Salt

2. Himalayan Rock salt, Ngoc Trang

This is also one of the prestigious places selling foot massage salts that are trusted and selected by many people living in Ho Chi Minh City. Salt stone products massage feet at the store Himalayan Rock salt, Ngoc Trang are imported from Pakistan, so customers can be assured of their origin and efficiency.

Decipher the miraculous use of Himalayan rock salt

The foot massage salt box here is made of solid pine wood together with a safe and closed electrical system. You will be consulted carefully from the mistress.

Besides, this is also an address to supply wholesale salt almost retail nationwide so surely the name Himalayan Salt Rock Ngoc Trang has been supported by many people and the new option has been successful as it is now.

Himalayan rock salt: Myth of the miracle Himalayan salt rock imported from Pakistan

Contact Information Himalayan Salt Foot Massage Prestige Ngoc Trang:

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Most of the products of himalaya salt rock on the market today, most of the prestigious foot massage salt box products will be the main ones, which are more sought and more purchased. So is the salt ice box on foot good? How to use it effectively and salt himalaya rock set foot god as rumored. If you want to know, please refer to the TopnList suggestion: What Is Foot Massage Salt Stone Lamp, Is It Good?

3. Love Stone salt shop

When it comes to reputable foot massage salts in Ho Chi Minh City, the shop cannot be ignored Love Stone.

Prestigious foot massage salts at Love Stone are carefully selected and shipped according to a very methodical process from Pakistan to Vietnam, and the store preservation process is also noted. extremely important.

Use Himalayan rock salt with foot necrosis and dangers

Customers can be assured of the quality and origin of the foot massage salt stone here all have vouchers of very clear origin.

In addition, the enthusiastic and knowledgeable consultant team of rock salt at Love Stone will answer all customers' questions as well as make them satisfied during the purchase of foot salt stone massage at this store.

Contact information of Love Stone Salt Shop:

  • Address: 36 / 70 / 4 D2 Street, 25 Ward, Bình Thạnh District, TP.HCM
  • Website:

When it comes to a product, there are quite a few things to consider and consider, such as the address, place of sale, origin and price. Price also reflects issues such as quality and reliability. So with reputable foot salt rock massage products will cost much money is reasonable. Please refer to the article Himalayan Salt Salt How much money Safe Quality Prestige There will be more specific information.

4. Qaisar Co.Ltd

Company Limited Qaisar is also one of the units that sell foot massage salts that have received a lot of trust from customers. The salt stone foot massage products at Qaisar are of excellent quality because they are shipped directly from Pakistan.

List of Top Address Himalayan Salt Sell Prestigious HCMC

In addition, the process of preserving rock salt here is also done very strictly so that the products to customers are always the best products.

In addition, when coming to buy foot massage salt stone at Qaisar, customers will be consulted enthusiastically about how to use it to achieve the highest efficiency.

Contact Qaisar Co., Ltd:

  • Website:

5. Hong Phat Salt Stone Company

Hong Phat Salt Stone Company We are always committed to providing customers with the most prestigious and quality foot massage salt rock products from the salt quarry of Pakistan. In addition, salt foot massage stones here enter the air through intermediaries, so the price will be cheaper than other units.

Salt lamp tphcm - wholesale & retail supply of Himalayan salt rock

In addition, the role of enthusiastic and dedicated staff for customers of the company cannot be ignored. Thanks to that, the reputation of Hong Phat salt stone company always makes many people believe.

Contact information of Hong Phat Salt Stone Company:

  • Address: 67 Đường Số 8, Phường 13, 6 Quận, Hồ Chí Minh.
  • Website:

6. Viet An rock salt

Prestigious foot massage salt stone products at the store Viet An salt rock Currently very famous in Ho Chi Minh City market because raw materials imported from Pakistan have clear origin and effective quality.

Address Sells Himalayan Salt Stone Lamp In Saigon Cheap

At the same time, a reasonable price with a salt foot massage device with high quality pine wood from the US and a safe electrical system also helps customers feel secure when choosing Viet An store.

In addition, the product of rock salt foot massage here has a very reasonable warranty and return, so the confidence of customers in massage salt stone is also increasingly strengthened.

Viet An salt rock contact information:

  • Address: 98 Đường Đường 11, Phường 13, Quận 6, Hồ Chí Minh
  • Website:

7. Rock salt Foot massage Skin

One of the reputable places that provide foot salt stone massage, which has received a lot of trust from customers in Saigon is the store. Rock salt Foot massage Skin. As well as other prestigious addresses, the origin of the foot massage salt rock here is also Foot Skin massage salt stone.

Where is the Saigon Steam Sauna, how much is it?

In addition, thanks to that direct import process, when buying rock salt foot massage here, you will buy it at a very preferential price. At the same time, all your questions about this product will be shared with the most enthusiastic staff.

Contact information of the Foot Massage Salted Stone Shop:

  • Address: 29 Nguyễn Xí, Phường 26, Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh

8. Huong Xuan Salt Stone Shop

When to buy rock salt foot massage at the Shop Xuan Huong Salt Stone then customers absolutely can not worry about the problem of poor quality products or unknown origin because this is a place specializing in importing rock salt lamps from Pakistan, so it will have very good quality and cheap prices. Besides, rock salt massage models here also have high aesthetics.

Shop Himalaya Salt Stone Cheap Price In HCM

So that customers wishing to buy for use or as gifts are very suitable. When coming to Huong Xuan shop, if you have any concerns related to the salt rock massage products, customers will be consulted and answered very accurately and enthusiastically by the staff. In addition, the shop also has a warranty that makes many customers assured.

Contact information for Huong Xuan Salt Stone Shop:

  • Address: 413 / 56 / 8 Le Van Quoi, Binh Tri Dong A, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Email:
  • Website:

9. Hong Ngoc salt stone shop

Salt stone products massage feet at the base Ruby stone salts are imported directly from Pakistan and have relatively cheap wholesale prices. In addition, the team working in the store with a lot of experience, in-depth knowledge of rock salt also plays a very important role in the process of preserving salt foot massage at the store so that the product always maintains the quality. best when it comes to customers.

himalaya salt rock hcm himalaya salt rock wholesale price himalaya salt price

The return and exchange policy at the store also ensures the rights of users. In addition, the store also supports fast delivery service for customers far away.

Contact information of Hong Ngoc rock salt facility:

  • Address: 359B Nguyễn Xí, Phường 13, Bình Thạnh District, TPHCM
  • Email:
  • Website:

10. Tan Phat Company

Tan Phat Company is a well-known place specializing in foot salt rock business in Ho Chi Minh City. The salt foot massage products here make customers feel secure because they have the packaging, labels and clear origins.

himalaya rock salt genuine buy salt rock in Ho Chi Minh City salt rock himalaya good or not

At the same time, the company also committed not to use chemicals or sulfur in the process of processing, so the product quality is always safe for health. Tan Phat Company also has a promotion program when customers buy 3kg rock salt or more will be free ship with the promotion of buying 5kg gift 1kg.

Contact information for Tan Phat Company:

  • Address: 22 / 21 street 21, 8 phường, Gò Vấp District, HCM
  • Website:
  • Gmail:

With top 10 reputable salt foot massage shop in Ho Chi Minh City has just been Topnlist presented above, hoping that those who are looking for a reliable address to buy salt foot massage stone will choose a suitable place to buy.

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