Top 10 Ways To Clean Glass Dining Tables Always Shiny

The society is developing more and more, the life is improving, and especially young families in modern style will choose smart and stylish glass-top dining tables instead of choosing many traditional table styles. But with dinner table The glass surface in every kitchen is also furniture To beautify your kitchen, if you want to keep them fresh, clean and shiny, you need to have the following tips to clean glass dining tables.

Pocket how to maintain, clean the glass dining table is always like new

Glass dining table with the name you already know what to do, right? Of course, with a dining table, there should be a lot of parts, but talking about the main part will be made of tempered glass but with different thicknesses according to the needs and prices of customers in the market. And often the glass surface, if you do not know how to preserve and clean, your family's dining table will quickly become old and not shiny. Let's find out in detail....

1 Use Javen bleach to clean the glass dining table

Javen solution has the function of removing plaque, stains and fingerprints quite well. Homeowners should mix it with a ratio of 1:3, that is, 1 part bleach to 3 parts clean water. Then take a clean cloth dipped in the solution and wipe it evenly on the stains.

Javen bleach has the effect of removing stains and disinfecting very well. However, the smell of javen is quite strong and slightly unpleasant, so you should wipe it thoroughly with clean water and spray fragrance for the table.

- Top 10 Ways to Clean Glass Dining Tables Always Shiny
How to clean and maintain all types of glass dining tables as clean as new

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2 Use cornstarch to treat stubborn stains

Cornstarch is a cooking ingredient, but they can also clean the glass of the glass table quite effectively. The microscopic powder molecules when combined with a few other materials will make the glass surface more glossy.

You just need to mix cornstarch with warm water in the right ratio. Continue to add some javan bleach and rice vinegar. Shake the mixture well to create a slightly viscous solution. Then use a towel in combination with the mixed solution, wipe it a few times to see the stain disappear, but the glass of the dining table is still shiny.

3 Use all-purpose cleaners

The dining table is often a place where it is easy to get a lot of grease and dirt from food as well as stains, etc., which are difficult to clean. Therefore, we cannot just wipe with ordinary clean water.

Use a multi-purpose cleaner such as Sumo, Cif, for example. Pour a small amount of cream detergent directly onto the stain; Then use a dry cloth to wipe the stain. Then, you will see the stain removed immediately. After the stain has been removed, use a wet cloth to wipe it clean.

4 Clothes softener removes grease and odors 

Do not ignore clothes softener because they are also very convenient when cleaning the kitchen such as cleaning countertops, induction cookers, negative gas stovetops and other surfaces that need polishing.

Proceed to mix the solution with a ratio of 1: 4, that is, 1 part rinse water and 4 parts clean water. Then pour the mixed solution into a container with a spray nozzle. Take a bottle of solution, spray a little on a clean cloth and wipe the glass a few times to make it shine like new.

5 Use a rubber broom to clean the glass dining table 

To do this, dip a rubber broom into a bucket of hot water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Wet the glass with the water in the bucket, then start scrubbing away the stains on the glass. Next, wet the rubber brush, push the brush from the corner of the glass to the outside, wipe the glass from top to bottom. After a few times like this, the glass table top will become clean and free of any stains.

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6 Use the glass wiper to clean the glass

This is a pretty effective way to do it, but it's also easy for everyone. After finishing, make sure the glass dining table surface will always be shiny as new. Here are the steps for everyone's reference.

  • Step 1: Prepare a small glass wiper (priced from only a few tens of thousands of dong) and a specialized glass cleaning solution.
  • Step 2: Spray glass cleaner on the entire surface of the glass table.
  • Step 3: Proceed to use the glass wiper to wipe off the cleaning solution and dirt on the floor.
  • Step 4:  Use a damp cloth to wipe the tabletop clean and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Final, glass dining table Your house is also shiny and clean. You can also apply this method to clean other surfaces such as kitchen shelves, gas stove tables, glass doors, WC doors, ...

- Top 10 Ways to Clean Glass Dining Tables Always Shiny
How to clean and maintain all types of glass dining tables as clean as new

7 Nail polish remover removes stains 

If you do not know, nail polish remover also works very well when cleaning stained glass or long-term yellow stains. To solve this problem, apply a few drops of acetone directly to the stain and wipe immediately with a dry paper towel. Then wipe it with a damp cloth and the table surface becomes shiny again.

If the living room is the center of the house, the kitchen area is considered the place to keep the fire of every family. In particular, the dining table is always the position that housewives take care of every day with the desire to create a cozy atmosphere in the family.

However, if the dining table is not cleaned thoroughly, there will be stubborn stains, including glass dining table. For a long time on the table surface will appear many stains and stains; causing loss of aesthetics and original beauty. Therefore, when using dining tables of all kinds, we should know how to properly maintain and clean them.

In addition, to help limit the costs incurred such as replacing, repairing the dining table, we need to regularly clean it. Because when the dining table and chairs are properly cleaned and carefully preserved, the durability of the dining table will be guaranteed. When you don't have to hire an outside service, it means you have saved a lot of costs incurred in the process of using the product.

- Why do you need to maintain and clean the glass dining table?
How to clean and maintain all types of glass dining tables as clean as new

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In modern society, there are more people, so the housing area and land are also narrower, so unlike before, the kitchen and other utility rooms are located differently. But now the kitchen and living room will often share the same space. Candlestick The role of the glass dining table It's not just a simple dining table anymore, but there are many more features.

- Practical use of glass dining table
How to clean and maintain all types of glass dining tables as clean as new

Glass dining table These are the items that are preferred by most families today because of their luxury without being too picky. This is a beautiful dining table, compact and easy to clean after every meal. Therefore, they increasingly promote the role of keeping the fire in the family's kitchen.

Display glass dining table It will make the space more bright, luxurious and sophisticated. Everyone in the family will feel comfortable and cozy when eating together on a clean table. Food will also become more eye-catching and delicious when presented on the table.

Although they are quite easy to clean, to prevent the table from being damaged and dirty, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the glass surface. Although tempered glass is good at resisting heat, the bottom of the pot will have many sticky grease stains that are difficult to clean. Therefore, you should have a pot lining before placing pots and pans on the table.
  2. Absolutely do not use a brush or a stainless steel pot brush to clean. Because doing so will be very easy to scratch the table top, damage the glass and look very bad.
  3. If you want to take out the glass panel to clean the bottom, remember to put 2 towels below to prevent glass breakage.
  4. In the summer, it is difficult to clean the glass with a dry cloth. Therefore, homeowners should wipe once with a wet towel and then use a dry towel again so it will be cleaner.
  5. Do not place the dishes vigorously and drag the dishes on the table, but put them gently to prevent scratches.
- What to do to properly preserve the glass table top?
How to clean and maintain all types of glass dining tables as clean as new

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Article summary:

How to maintain and clean glass dining tables ✅ Use Javen bleach to clean the glass table top
✅ Use cornstarch to treat stubborn stains
✅ Use all-purpose cleaners
✅ Clothes softener removes grease and odors
✅ Use a rubber broom to clean the glass table top
✅ Use the glass wiper to clean the glass
✅ Nail polish remover wipes away stains

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