Top 8 Notes When Sauna Room Design

With the benefits of beauty, health and spirit, saunas are increasingly being applied in spas and hotels. For the design of a sauna with good functionality and aesthetics, TopnList Please suggest to you the important notes in the following article!

 Attention When Designing Sauna Room

1. Identify target customers

When designing the interior of the sauna, the owner should first identify the target customer that he or she targets. Need to determine who your customers are, gender, age, consumer psychology and habits ... from which to choose the sauna design accordingly. The more you analyze the customer object, the more you will understand the psychology and habits of the customer to have a better execution plan.

Steam room design

2. The priorities required

Before determining the construction of the sauna, you need to arrange the priorities you need in the design of the sauna from the most urgent to be replaceable. These preferences are probably based on the market research or customer preferences you want.

This is closely related to the budget and needs to be discussed early with the designer before making a detailed drawing or if it is late before construction. Talk to the designer about trading off what you want with what you need to have in the sauna design.

3. Balance the costs

Once you've identified your target audience, you'll need to balance your budget. Preparing a fixed capital to invest in infrastructure, premises, steam machines, furniture ... And having a mobile source to cover monthly expenses such as staff, sauna materials ...

You need to choose sources of construction materials with reputable sources, reasonable prices to optimize costs. It is not advisable to purchase raw materials according to sensory characteristics to avoid spreading investment and unnecessary arising leading to loss of control costs.

4. Choose a steam room design

Saunas have three types:

  • Steam room.
  • Saunas: use stone, infrared or yes Himalayan rock salt.
  • Multifunctional steam room.

Depending on the purpose and needs of use, you can install different types of saunas. Consequently, the construction and design are also different. The items and designs needed in each sauna room also require different thoroughness.

Note when designing the sauna - Top 8 Notes When Designing Sauna

5. Select the area of ​​the sauna

Whether you plan to design a sauna at a Spa, a Hotel, a Beauty Salon or at home, the first thing to think about is dividing the sauna area accordingly.

Depending on the location of the sauna, you will make a decision about the area of ​​this room. But one thing that should give priority to this space is to design in a most beautiful and liberal position.

Avoid designing saunas that are too large to waste space. But that does not mean making a sauna too tight because it will create a sense of mystery and discomfort. Please design a sauna with an area appropriate to the needs of use.

- Top 8 Notes When Designing Sauna

6. Materials used in saunas

The durability of a sauna depends on your original material choice. Materials with reliable origins should be chosen. Usually the sauna uses mainly wood, while the steam room is made of tempered glass and ceramic tiles.

Sauna room interior design - Top 8 Notes When Designing Sauna

7. Equipped with a steam lamp

The steam lamp helps to observe the surrounding, while creating a soft fragrance that brings a pleasant feeling to customers. A space full of relaxation, full of fragrance and tranquility will surely make everyone happy. Moreover, choosing the sleek steam lamps also helps decorate the sauna more beautiful and attractive.

- Top 8 Notes When Designing SaunaUse beautiful sauna lights for the room

8. Feng shui in the interior design of the sauna

Oriental people often book saunas in the West. Westerners also book saunas in the east. This is because the East and the West have the concept of feng shui is not the same.

Depending on where you want to build the sauna to design according to the feng shui concept in that location. If you are in Vietnam, follow the feng shui perspective of the East to match the spirit of the customer.

Interior design of a sauna is simple but not easy. With 8 notes when designing the sauna room above, Topnlist hopes to help you in the design of the sauna.

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