7 Food Causes Gold Tarnish For Teeth

There are many causes of yellowing teeth. One of the major causes of this condition is the daily eating habits. Here, you along Topnlist Check out the foods we should limit, or use properly to protect your teeth always bright white.

1. Green tea

- 7 Foods That Cause Teeth Yellowing

Green tea is a healthy drink, but there is 1 in the tea called tannin, which can stain tooth enamel, leading to discoloration. Drinking too much tea can erode tooth enamel and cause other colored foods to stick, damaging your teeth even more.

If you like tea, the best solution is that when enjoying green tea, rinse your mouth with water to remove the plaque of tea on your teeth.

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2. Types of carbonated soft drinks

- 7 Foods That Cause Teeth Yellowing

Carbonated drinks and energy drinks contain phosphoric and citric acid, along with acid sugar, a coloring agent that contains ammonia, which erodes tooth enamel, leading to stains.

For these foods should be limited as possible, we can replace with natural beneficial water such as coconut water, sugarcane juice.

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3. Red and white wine

- 7 Foods That Cause Teeth Yellowing

Like green tea, wine has many health benefits, but the polyphenols and tannins in red wine will gradually stain your teeth. White wine also has acid properties that are not good for teeth.

If you regularly drink wine, you can rinse your mouth clean to knock away the plaque of wine still clinging to your teeth.

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4. The coffee

- 7 Foods That Cause Teeth Yellowing

Drinking coffee has become a habit of many Vietnamese people. At any given time, we see cafes full of people. Coffee is probably the biggest culprit causing yellowing in our Vietnamese people.

So to protect your teeth are always shiny, you can limit drinking these drinks, or having to clean your teeth after drinking.

5. Sauces

- 7 Foods That Cause Teeth Yellowing

Foods such as tomato sauce or curry are easy to cling to the teeth, making them gradually become dull, yellow, maybe even turning brown.

According to experts, to keep your teeth bright, you should limit the consumption of the above-mentioned sauces, or before you eat the sauce, you can eat green vegetables like lettuce to create a protective film before the teeth.

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6. Dark candies

- 7 Foods That Cause Teeth Yellowing

Hard candy, or chewing gum, is often high in sugar, if you eat a lot, it can cause tooth decay. In addition, the plaque candy when attached to the teeth will be very uncomfortable and cause yellowing for teeth.

So you should eat less of these candies only. If eating, remember to clean teeth after eating and minimize candy in the evening.

7. Ice cream and fruit juices

- 7 Foods That Cause Teeth Yellowing

When you eat ice cream will negatively affect tooth enamel, while fruit juice has a slight acid content, which can easily cause dull teeth. Especially the dark fruits like blueberries, blackberries, lemon ... peach dull teeth very quickly.

Certainly on hot summer days, ice cream and juices are our favorite food. But if you want a teeth always shiny should be limited, if not resist then remember to rinse your mouth with clean water to remove the food plaque left on the teeth.

Above are the common foods, which perhaps for many people indispensable every day. But they are the culprits that cause stains. So to ensure you always have a bright white teeth, you must know how to control your eating habits offline. More importantly, focus on oral hygiene after every meal.

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* Tip: Good habits help you always have a bright and strong teeth:

It can be said that to keep your teeth strong, you need to have daily and proper dental care measures. Refer to the following good habits:

+ Brush your teeth before going to bed: Every day you should brush your teeth at least 2 times / 1 days, after waking up and especially before going to bed. In order to get rid of all bacteria and plaque build up all day long.

+ Learn to brush your teeth properly: You learn to brush slowly in a circle through each tooth, about 3-4 minutes each time.

+ Use toothpaste containing Flour: Choose reputable, quality, and fluoride toothpaste. Flour is an important indispensable ingredient in dental protection, effective in preventing tooth decay.

+ Dental floss should be used: Flossing is more difficult than using toothpicks. However, dentists recommend flossing to make teeth safer.

+ Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables will provide many vitamins and fiber good for teeth. In addition, the fruit has many beneficial natural acids that help whiten teeth.

+ Drink lots of water: Water is a very good drink for the body including our teeth, water will help eliminate food plaque and reduce the harmful effects of food plaque on teeth.

+ Visit the dentist periodically: Lastly, you should visit your dentist regularly to detect timely dental problems. It is best to visit the dentist 2 times / year.

+ So which foods are good for teeth health? You see this article offline: Top 5 Foods Good For Oral

Wish you always have a healthy teeth and bright white

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