5 Ways To Determine Your Skin Type For More Effective Skin Care

One thing is certain, almost to more than 95% of the respondents, what skin type you are will definitely not know. As the old saying goes "knowing people know me, a hundred battles a hundred wins", then you need to know How to determine skin type? exactly what type of skin you have so that you can have the most suitable skin care method, method, and product.

Not only women, but certainly men, everyone wants to have a beautiful skin. So, before you want to have a beautiful skin, you need to know which group your skin belongs to. Because for each skin type, different skin groups need to have How to care, products to take care of separately. So let's explore with TopnList your skin condition and skin type in the following article.

5 Ways To Determine Your Skin Type For More Effective Skin Care

Factors that determine skin type, skin group

To be consistent with everyone's skin in advance, everyone's skin type is not the same as anyone else's because your skin is made up of a combination of many different factors, and these factors are not the same. someone like someone else:

  • Genetic: Here, listening to this factor is enough to understand what was said briefly above, right? Genetic factors are a very important factor affecting what type of skin you have. The genes inherited from your parents will be the initial determinant of your skin type. For example, your parents' skin is beautiful and your skin is also beautiful or vice versa.
  • Weather and climate: Genetic factors are things that affect from the inside and basically, the weather and climate factors are external factors that directly affect your skin. Therefore, when you change your living environment and living climate, your skin will also be affected and there will be changes accordingly.
  • Hormones: The human body has many stages of development from birth to old age, and depending on that stage, the amount of Hormones in the body will also change. your skin.
  • Diet: Have you heard someone tell them to tell them about what you eat and drink every day, so they can guess your health status first step? That's right, what you eat and drink every day has a little impact on your skin type. Especially if your body is allergic, sensitive to certain foods, then every time it happens after eating or drinking, your skin will have a significant impact and change.
  • Drug: When you are being treated for certain other medical conditions and taking medications for a while, the side effects of some medications can make your skin more sensitive, drier, and drier than it originally was.
  • Skin Care: You have not identified your skin type, using topical or oral cosmetics to care for your skin improperly, this so-called skin care thing only adds to the imbalance and leads to a change in the structure of the skin. only you.
  • ....

The above are just the basic, most prominent factors that affect your skin type. And with skin types, there are many different skin types that can be called small branches but about Basically, there are 5 main types of skin: Normal skin, Sensitive skin, Combination skin, Oily skin, Dry skin

How to determine your skin type

Ways to determine your skin type
Ways to determine your skin type

1 Determine skin type by feel

Determining skin type by feeling is the most common and popular way to determine skin type today. With the method of determining skin type through feeling, in fact, the accuracy is not high, but it is not completely wrong, so you can apply it to determine your skin type at the beginning:

  • Combination skin: Skin type that appears oily in the T-shaped area (Forehead, nose, chin) but looks dry elsewhere. And more specifically, you see and feel on your face that there are many different skin states.
  • Dry skin: Your skin will feel tight and dry.
  • Sensitive stomach: If you have this skin type, you will often feel dry, itchy or irritated and red.
  • Oily skin: Oily skin will feel greasy and always in a shiny state.
  • Normal skin: The skin type you have will feel balanced (i.e. normal), neither too shiny nor too dry.

2 Determine your skin type after washing your face

The determination of skin type after washing the face is also quite accurate, but needs the subtlety and meticulous observation of the evaluator. That is, after the face has been washed, you need to dry it gently and do not apply any skin care products to your face and start observing your skin in its most natural state:

  • Dry skin: For dry skin, after washing and drying your face, your skin will feel tight, dry and in need of moisture.
  • Combination skin: After washing the face, combination skin often feels clean and cool, there is a feeling of dryness around the cheeks but no oily shine in the nose.
  • Normal skin: If you have normal skin, after washing your face, your skin will be clean and clear.
  • Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, you will find your skin clean but a little dry after washing your face. Facial cleansers can also cause mild itching and irritation.
  • Oily skin: After washing your face, oily skin will often feel clean, but after a while, the skin will quickly return to its usual shiny condition.

3 Determining skin type through pores

Determining your skin type by pore morphology means you will determine your skin type based on the size and ability of the pore:

  • Normal skin: Belonging to this skin type, you will not easily see, notice the pores on your skin.
  • Combination skin: There are often large pores and often clogged with dirt, especially around the nose, but smaller pores on the cheeks and other areas of the face.
  • Sensitive skin: People with sensitive skin will often have fairly large pores but this can vary depending on their skin's reaction to cosmetics or other irritants.
  • Oily skin: Oily skin, pores are often quite large and easily clogged by sweat and the amount of oil that the body secretes.
  • Dry skin: Dry skin will often have small pores and naturally tighten.

4 Determine skin type using blotting paper

With the method of determining skin type by using oil blotting paper, it is also quite accurate, applied in many women to determine their skin type when choosing cosmetics and care. . What you need to prepare is one of the types of paper such as: charm paper, oil blotting paper, tissue paper or poluya paper ... and a big mirror.

Determine skin type using blotting paper
Determine skin type using blotting paper

How to do it: You need 8 small pieces and then apply them to your cheeks, forehead, chin and two wings of the nose. Leave the blotting paper on your face for about 5 minutes and then take it out to check:

  • Oily skin: On the surface of all the pieces of paper with a lot of obvious oil, large pores, you have oily skin.
  • Normal skin: If there is no or very little oil on the paper, if you look in the mirror and see small pores and smooth skin, then congratulations, you have the ideal normal skin type.
  • Dry skin: When testing oil-free paper, rough, dark skin is dry skin.
  • Combination skin: If the pieces of paper in the nose and forehead area are greasy, and the cheeks are not visible, you have combination skin.
  • Sensitive skin: With this method, the identification of sensitive skin will be very difficult and the accuracy is not high.

5 Determining skin type by dermatoscopy

To have a correct and accurate skin type determination result, you should use modern dermatoscopy technology. Because with this technology, through magnified images of your skin, through specific indicators, doctors and skin care technicians will specifically and accurately analyze your skin type, Which skin group, the degree of aging, melasma, acne on your skin, .... Determining your skin type by this dermatoscopy technology will be done and consulted for free at skin care centers, spas, and beauty salons.

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✅ 5 Skin Types ⭐ Normal skin, Sensitive skin, Combination skin, Oily skin, Dry skin
✅ Feelings ⭐ Accuracy is not high
✅ Pores ⭐ Accuracy is not high
✅ After washing your face ⭐ Accuracy is not high
✅ Use oil blotting paper ⭐ Accuracy is not high
✅ Skin scanning technology ⭐High Accuracy

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