Top 10 Company Sell Cheap Genuine Electrical Equipment HCM

You are looking for a reputable address to buy genuine electrical equipment at cheap prices in service of housing or construction work in HCM City? But there are so many companies that supply electrical equipment and you don't know where to buy it to get both quality and affordable products. To be able to easily select, you can refer List of companies specialized in providing genuine cheap electrical equipment Which we will introduce later.

Summary List Top 10 Companies selling Genuine Electric Equipment Cheap HCM

1. Dang Quang KT - Trading Service Co., Ltd

Top 8 reputable electrical equipment suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City

The company sells electrical equipment

Dang Quang KT - Trading Service Co., Ltd is a leading prestigious address in Ho Chi Minh City specializing in providing civil electrical equipment, genuine industrial equipment, with competitive prices. The products of this company are very Diversity of models and types With many prices for you to choose freely. 

Some of the best-selling products here are: Schneider, Himel's residential switches and sockets, MCB's aptomat switchgear, ELCB, Duhal's residential LED lights, etc. about electrical equipment, because when you come here, you will be consulted by an electrical technician here to buy the right product. 

Contact information

  • Location: 20A Street No. 2, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 028 6923 5579
  • Fax: 028 6282 2159
  • Website:

2. Hoang Phong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd

distribution, import and supply company of electrical equipment

Those who work in the field related to electrical equipment will be very familiar with the name Hoang Phong. This is a unit specializing in providing equipment and solutions in the field of prestigious electrical engineering, quality in Ho Chi Minh City. Always the first choice of many consumers and agents, businesses by:

  • The products have competitive prices, genuine.
  • There is an exchange warranty 1 change.
  •  Free professional technical support.
  • Free shipping to 63 province with a large number of products.
  • Abundant stock ready to immediately meet the needs of customers.
  • 10 times the order value if the equipment is not genuine.

Top 10 companies providing reputable - quality electrical equipment

With outstanding advantages on Hoang Phong company, it will definitely be a prestigious address to bring you the best and safest products.

Contact information

  • Office address: 94 / 46 Tan Huong, Tan Huong Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Sales office: Tay Son Export Processing Zone, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 028 6275 7198 - 028 3559 1792
  • Fax: 028 6275 7198
  • Website:

3. Le Nguyen Construction and Trading Co., Ltd.

The company sells electrical equipment

One of the companies specializing in the retail distribution of electrical appliances and industrial Genuine, soft prices in Ho Chi Minh City is highly appreciated by consumers Le Nguyen Construction and Production Trading Co., Ltd.

When you come here, you will be supported by technical staff and skilled experts so you can buy electrical equipment that suits your needs.

Lam Hong Electrical Company is a unit specializing in supplying electrical equipment at wholesale prices in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to electrical equipment, this work also provides additional products such as: Electrical appliances, decorative lamps, interior equipment such as tiles, sanitary equipment, accessories ... Le Nguyen will is the unit that helps to beautify your home space.

Maybe you need to find an address specializing in the purchase of home appliances in HCM? Top 5 Best Shopping Address Home Appliances In Ho Chi Minh

Contact information

  • Location: Tan Chanh Hiep 36A, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: (0286) 685 7977 - 0976 632 966
  • Website:

4. Dat Binh Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd.

Top 10 stores that supply household electrical equipment at wholesale prices in Ho Chi Minh City

Dat Binh Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the places to buy electrical appliances trust of many consumers and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City. This unit specializes in distributing genuine electrical equipment with reasonable prices.

Company providing electrical equipment in Ho Chi Minh City

Dat Binh specializes in distributing products of brands such as: ANV, CIKACHI, HANYOUNG, AP: Timer, cruise switch, relay, push button, etc. Capacitors: (Shizuki, Ducati, Shihlin, Samwha, Mikro... ), Switchgear SHIHLIN, MCB, ACB, Inverter, Contactor, MCCB,… HAITAN: (Locks, electrical cabinet hinges),… There are many other quality products, please come to Dat Binh for advice and advice. Buy the best electrical equipment.

Contact information

  • Location: 44, Đường 50, Phường Tân Tao, Bình Tân District, TP. HCM
  • Phone: (028) 3762 80 81 - 3762 80 83
  • Fax: 028 3762 8063
  • Website:

5. DHL Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company

Chan Quang is an address specializing in providing electrical equipment products

Electrical Equipment - List of companies providing Equipment

DHL Vietnam is one of the pioneers in bringing the brand of Busway and Zucchini transformers into Vietnam market and at the same time is the exclusive distribution 2 this product nationwide.

In addition, the company also offers a wide range of products of European origin such as: Legrand Switches, Axolute / Bticino Italia sockets, Arteor, Mosaic, Legrand floor boxes, Legrand wall cabinets, switches , ... The products at DHL are genuine, affordable and quality guaranteed, so this is always the trusted address of many people in Ho Chi Minh City.

Contact information

  • Location: 135 / 17 / 23 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, Phường 22, Bình Thạnh District, TPHCM
  • Phone: 028 6288 1919 - 02888 2020 55
  • Website:

6. Khang Thinh Electrical Equipment Trading and Service Co., Ltd

Top 15 companies providing electrical equipment in Ho Chi Minh City

electrical equipment company in city Ho Chi Minh

Khang Thinh Known as a unit specializing in distributing genuine, low-cost electrical equipment chosen by many consumers and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Come to Khang Thinh, you will have a team of experts here support, advice about equipment and solutions in the power industry to suit your usage needs. This company provides electrical products from famous brands such as: Electrical equipment Phillips, Dien Quang, Rang Dong, Paragon... Come to Khang Thinh to get all kinds of electrical equipment, solutions and technical services. best art.

Contact information

  • Location: 1 Floor, PVFCCo Building, Mac Dinh Chi 43, Da Kao Ward, 1 District, HCMC
  • Phone: 028 6295 5457
  • Fax: 028 6289 6156
  • Email:
  • Website:

7. Nguyen Hoang Giang Trading & Service Co., Ltd.

Top 10 addresses providing quality and cheap electrical equipment in Ho Chi Minh City

Supply and installation of Korean hoists in HCMC

With more than 20 years operating in the field of specializing in providing industrial and civil electrical equipment, Nguyen Hoang Giang company has brought genuine quality products at affordable prices to many projects of domestic and foreign customers. Nguyen Hoang Giang Company is constantly innovating and updating new technical equipment to meet the needs of consumers. You will find electrical equipment of major brands such as: PANASONIC, PARAGON, DAPHACO, PHILIPS, CADIVI, ...

Contact information

  • Office Address: 151 / 1 Vo Van Tan, 6 Ward, 3 District, TPHCM
  • 1 branch: 67 – 67A Yersin, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Phone: 0283 8212 032 - 0283 9143 649 - 0283 9151 151
  • Fax: 0283 8215 390
  • 2 branch: Dien Bien Phu Import Export Factory, 08 District, HCMC
  • Phone: 0283 8206 355 - 0283 8207 176
  • Fax: 0283 8206 354
  • Website:

8. Golden Light Technology Trading Service Company Limited

lifting equipment in Go Vap district, hcm

Taiwan electric winch supplier in HCMC

With 8 years of experience, Golden Light Technology Trading Service Company Limited is one of the specialized wholesale and retail distributors of genuine and cheap electrical and industrial equipment in Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a team of skilled professionals, always ready to advise, support any feedback, technical customers.

In addition, this company also provides a variety of affordable products such as decorative lights, household electrical appliances of all kinds, design consultancy, supply and construction of civil and industrial lighting systems. … 

Contact information

  • Location: Nguyen Phuc Chu 67, 15 Ward, Tân Bình District, TPHCM
  • Phone: 028 6278 0399 - 0938 868 582 - 0935 456 085
  • Fax: 028 6296 4379
  • Website:

9. Viet Truong Thinh Trading Co., Ltd.

Dong An Equipment and Machine Co., Ltd

Viet Truong Thinh Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in distributing genuine and cheap electrical equipment products with clear origin and origin which are highly appreciated by consumers. This company operates based on 3 criteria: Price – Quality – Service.

  • Product prices: The products here have the most competitive prices on the market. 
  • Product quality: New, genuine, origin, true specifications that manufacturers and importers have provided information.
  • Services: There is a team of experts ready to advise customers with full information, how to use the product, with specifications and images, operating instructions. 

Thuan Phat Electrical Equipment Supply Co., Ltd

So customers will not need to worry if not knowledgeable about radio offline. All of us have Viet Truong Thinh.

Which company specializes in import and export services? Top 7 HCM Famous Import Export Service Company

Contact information

10. An An Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd.


Electrical Equipment suppliers always have very diverse modelsThe last company on the list we would recommend to readers is An An Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd.. Known as a supplier of genuine, cheap electrical equipment in Ho Chi Minh City. The products at An An are extremely diverse in models, types with international quality standards to bring peace of mind to consumers. 

Not to mention some outstanding, best-selling products here such as: sensors, inverters, switching devices, contactors, protective relays, magnetic starters, .. from famous brands such as: HITACHI, TECO, MIKRO, SHIHLIN, YOLICO, etc. Customers will be completely assured of the quality of the product, because here there is a high warranty, the experts here are ready to support customers when there is a problem. which birth occurred.

Song Uyen Electric Company Limited · Tien Dat Electrical Equipment

With its capacity, experience and reputation, An An will provide customers with quality products, competitive prices and the most perfect service.

Contact information

  • Location: 21 Đường số 156B An Dương Vương, Phường 16, Quận 8, TPHCM
  • Phone: 028 6260 6166
  • Fax: 028 6253 7298
  • Website:

Above is a list of companies specializing in selling genuine electrical equipment, cheap in Ho Chi Minh City that you should not ignore if you want to own good electrical equipment, affordable prices and long-term warranty.

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